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Why would Samsung want its own GPUs?

Samsung is hiring for an in-house GPU design team, but why would the company want to develop its own graphics processors for smartphones?
by Robert Triggs12 hours ago

Steam Link Android app review: PC gaming goes mobile

Can a phone app rival Valve's own dedicated TV streaming hardware?
by Robert TriggsJune 22, 2018

5G: When will your smartphone get it?

5G is the next big thing in mobile communications. So when will consumers actually get to use 5G?
by Robert TriggsJune 17, 2018

The OnePlus 6 boasts nifty Dirac audio enhancements

Not only does the OnePlus 6 have a headphone jack, but it has under-the-hood audio enhancements to boost both speaker and headphone quality too.
by Robert TriggsJune 14, 2018

It’s 2018 and USB Type-C is still a mess

USB Type-C was billed as the one-stop solution for all our future cable needs, but cable compatibility and a growing feature set have made the standard overly complex and unwieldy.
by Robert TriggsJune 10, 2018

What the Pixel 3 leaks tell us about Google’s hardware strategy

Google Pixel 3 leaks are coming thick and fast, but what does this upcoming handset reveal about Google's hardware strategy for 2018 and beyond?
by Robert TriggsJune 8, 2018

How did Lenovo go from high-flyer to failure so fast?

Lenovo is refocusing its efforts on China's budget handset market after declining sales, but how did the once high-flyer end up in this situation?
by Robert TriggsJune 8, 2018

Dear Huawei, please fix your camera software

Huawei has produced some excellent smartphone photography hardware lately, but it needs to put the same amount of work into its camera app.
by Robert TriggsJune 6, 2018

13 things you didn’t know you could do with Google Home and Chromecast

Looking to buy a new Google Home or Chromecast or just want to make the most of one you already own? Here's the best hidden Google Home features.
by Robert TriggsJune 3, 2018

Arm Mali-G76 GPU deep dive

The Mali-G76 is Arm latest GPU design based on its Bifrost architecture, promising notable gains over the G72 and console-like performance. Here's a closer look.
by Robert TriggsMay 31, 2018
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