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Volkswagen announces availability of Android Auto in most 2016 models

by: Edgar Cervantes3 hours ago
Today's announcement informs us that most 2016 Volkswagen models will come with this new technology, especially those from the SE Trim and above.
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Meizu M2 announced: awesome deal for under 599 Yuan ($96)

by: Edgar Cervantes4 hours ago
The Chinese manufacturer has just announced the Meizu M2, a phone that is to launch soon for only 599 Yuan, which would translate to about $96 USD!
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AT&T will soon require working FM radio chips in all Android smartphones

by: Jimmy Westenberg6 hours ago
AT&T will reportedly require Android smartphone makers to include active FM radio chips in their phones from 2016 onwards, and is also urging OEMs to turn on this feature in as many current devices as it can.
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KFC’s new Memories Bucket might be your next Bluetooth printer

by: Jimmy Westenberg7 hours ago
Not only does KFC's new Memories Bucket provide all of your fried chicken-holding needs, but it's also able to wirelessly print photos from your smartphone via Bluetooth.
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Share your availability with ease with Boxer’s new Calendar app for Android

by: Jimmy Westenberg8 hours ago
Boxer, one of the best email clients available on Android, yesterday released a new application that aims to make your email experience much easier.
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Alcatel OneTouch brings the low-cost Elevate and Conquest smartphones to Boost Mobile

by: Jimmy Westenberg10 hours ago
Alcatel OneTouch has just announced two new budget-friendly options for Boost Mobile, one of which is already available for purchase.

Vivo X5Pro review

by: Phil Vierno10 hours ago
Does Vivo's latest mid-ranger stack up against other popular smartphones in this space, or does the device blend into the crowd? We find that out, and more, in our full review of the Vivo X5Pro!
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High-speed, affordable internet is coming to Sri Lanka via Google’s Project Loon

by: Jimmy Westenberg11 hours ago
Announced earlier today, Google is planning to soon cover every inch of Sri Lanka with seamless access to affordable, high-speed internet.
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Google location cards now tell you what times restaurants are at their busiest

by: Andrew Grush12 hours ago
Google location cards for select businesses now show popular days and a break down of the times that generate the most foot traffic.
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This phone is called Homtom and it has a 6,250 mAh battery

by: Bogdan Petrovan12 hours ago
have you ever wondered what kind of battery capacities we could have if anorexic designs and feature overload didn’t stand in the way? Well, wonder no more, because the Homtom HT6 is here and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.
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