Amazon Fire Phone arrives to AT&T

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by 2 hours ago

The Amazon Fire Phone has now officially landed on AT&T’s network, priced at $200 with contract. Can Amazon Prime integration and the new 3D interface be enough to win over consumers?

The absurdity of global data roaming charges is back

Pretty soon, all our online and real-world purchases could be paid through our carrier bills. Bill shock, anyone?
by 4 hours ago

For years, carriers have been charging consumers with massive global data roaming fees.

Adam Savage, former co-host of Mythbusters, was given a $10,000 bill by AT&T for his trip to Canada. A Chicago Bears fan watched his team play while on a cruise ship on the AT&T network and it cost him nearly $28,000. A Portland family got a $20,000 bill from AT&T after he used an AirCard while traveling into Canada.

Possible Moto X+1 preproduction model leaks out

moto x+1 leak  (2)
by 6 hours ago

Don’t take it without a serving of salt just yet, but we may be looking at the first actual image of the Moto X+1. These photos allegedly show the successor of the Moto X sporting a metal (possibly aluminum) frame and a wooden backplate.

After Sprint CEO made $43 million last year, Sprint to lose 900k subs this quarter

by 7 hours ago

KansasCity Last week, it was reported by FierceWireless that Sprint is likely going to report significant subscriber losses for the second quarter. In fact, Sprint is expected to report close to 900,000 handset subscriber losses for the second quarter. The losses of Sprint are mostly due to terrible service from questionable coverage, call quality and network speeds. Now, an adviser service is signaling their opposition to Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse’s $49 million pay package for 2013. “Institutional Shareholder Services said it is challenging the pay package because Hesse’s special equity award of $18.7 million was “entirely time-based, lacking connection to any performance criteria.” Institutional Shareholder Services also said that Sprint…

Verizon to throttle 4G LTE users with unlimited plans starting October 1

by 7 hours ago

  According to droid-life, Verizon will begin throttling 4G LTE customers on unlimited data plans starting on October 1, 2014. Before this change, Verizon only throttled 3G connections of those with unlimited data plans. Verizon likes to dress up this as “Network Optimization” which according to them means that a customer will only be throttled if: Top 5% of data users (you use 4.7GB of data per month or more) Enrolled on an unlimited data plan or feature Have fulfilled their minimum contract term Are attempting to use data on a cell site that is experiencing high demand As droid-life…