Best Buy says some Galaxy Tab 10.1 buyers thought they purchased iPads, returned the Android tablets

by: Chris SmithJuly 27, 2012

Things continue to look not-so-good for Samsung in its complicated patent-based lawsuit against Apple. The two giants are going to face each other off in courts starting with July 30 in the U.S. case, the most important one of for both companies – and they’re fighting it out in over 50 cases in 10 countries.

Earlier today, we heard that Google warned Samsung that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looked too much like the iPad, which is what Apple was able to get apparently from Samsung documents.

Now we hear that the iPhone and iPad maker scored other similar documents that reveal internal Samsung discussions regarding similarities between its products and Apple’s. One of the interesting tidbits, which Samsung will have a tough time fighting, is the fact that Best Buy customers returned Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices after realizing they were not iPads, which is what they though they were buying in the first place:

Samsung was forced to release a bunch of documents it had been keeping under seal that show the likeness between its products and Apple’s. Examples outlined in the documents include comments from Samsung workers discussing similarities with Apple’s products, and reports Samsung got from retailer Best Buy that Samsung tablets were being returned because customers thought they were getting iPads. Samsung still has a pending motion to prevent all of this information from being included at trial.

So far, Samsung did not have such a great time in courts, where Apple has won more favorable rulings than the South Korean company did, with the most recent one being scored in the U.S. case – the jury was instructed to take into account that Samsung did not preserve documents that could have been used by Apple as evidence in court.

We are thoroughly following the Apple vs Samsung battle because it’s one of the most important legal fights out there for the mobile business, so we’ll be back with more details from the U.S. case that’s about to begin.

Meanwhile, if any of those Best Buy buyers that returned Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices after realizing they were not iPads are reading these lines, then let us know what happened back then and why you made such a mistake.

  • That is complete BS! Who can be so stupid as to go to a Best Buy and buy a Galaxy Tab thinking they are taking an iPad. I mean, wouldn’t the box tell you it’s an iPad? You would have to be EXTREMELY stupid as to buy a Galaxy Tab thinking it was an iPad. Unless Apple paid you to do so and thus blackmail Samsung on purpose…

    • balthuszar

      people that were set up by apple to buy one thing thinking it was the other

    • DOA

      Have you seen the new Apple commercials? Appearently Apple seems to think their customers are that stupid.

  • mikeGsays

    Perfect, nice going Best Buy…. your sales people are that stupid that they can’t tell the difference between the tablets when a customer asks for an iThing, and Samsung gets the heat for it? They aren’t out on the shelves, someone has to retrieve them for customers – I was just in a BBY today, that’s how it works. So if someone says Tablet A and you give them Tablet B (B stands for BETTER in this case), how is it Samsung’s fault???

    • balthuszar

      the apple lawsuit is because samsung’s products look too much like apple’s products…so yes, in this case, as the case apple v. samsung…samsung should get the heat for it…not saying it isnt stupid…just saying

  • j

    I guess some Best Buy customers can’t read

  • Rath Mam

    US Judges are blindful by Apple money. Just look at all cars are the same 4-wheels and no body buy licensing to made cars, why are US judges made Apple so special and descriminated against Samsung of foreign company.

  • blusasuke

    how much you wanna bet Apple is paying off these judges and Best Buy to help them in this case? because nobody that has anything resembling a brain would confuse the 2.

    If Apple isn’t paying Best Buy to say these things i bet you i know what happened. Grandparents came in to buy a birthday or Christmas gift and seen the 2 and said “OOO this one is the same size and $100 cheaper so lets buy that one” and the little snot nosed shit that got it had a cow and made them return it.

    • totally agree with you on that.

    • coololcatz

      Apple paying off Judges? Is that what happens in Takeshitincanstan where you come from?

  • ben

    i think those customers are being paid by the APPLE, or maybe an APPLE die-hard fans… BS!

  • tom

    How could you possibly mistake an Apple Box for a Samsung Box???

  • cause those are cuple of noo

  • Peterson Silva

    “Let’s see, I want an iPad… Where’s the search box in this goddamn Best Buy… Oh yeah, here… I… P… A… D… Go. Hmmm… Samsung Galaxy Tab. Yay, cheaper than I’d thought, who knew? Yeah, that’s the one! iPad, here I go!”

    Seems legit.

  • bobomb

    Lets play the “Stupid or Liar” game.

    Either these people are far too stupid to use any kind of tablet, or they’re full of shit and trying to help out Apple’s case.

    So which is it?

    • Nizo

      I suspect a bit of both in this case.

  • Ridiculous, because it has a black frame it looks like an Ipad? This is what’s wrong with the world.

  • kurt hinds

    I guess there are retarded people who can’t read and sales reps who can’t do their jobs!

    • Pete Perry

      Oh there’s no shortage of those at Best Buy!

  • The problem is the term “ipad” is now used like kleenex or bandaid. To some people all tablets are “ipads” and so they assume when their spouse, kid, stalker wants an “ipad” they mean any ole tablet, not necessarily the iCrap.

    The fault for this is squarely on the BBY sales force for not properly qualifying the customer’s need.

    • Terrence Greene

      Finally some one gets it.

      As sad as it is and as dumb as it sounds you are right. These people are brainwashed into believing that any and all tablets are called IPADS. Infact i know some people that get confused when i refer to the IPAD as merely a tablet. Its ridiculousness but may be the only possible truth in this story.

      But even funnier is the still somewhat lingering confusion between a Droid and a Android device.

  • joey

    this is an apples attempt to get an edge, looking stupid apple

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Apple is going to use this in the case and if Lucy Koh is the judge you know that apple is going to win. They will talk about how similar the galaxy tab looks, but forget that the boxes are different, the name “Samsung galaxy tab 10.1” is on it, the colours are different and the pictures on the boxes does not look like each other. Samsung will talk about the box and how the UI’s are not comparable, but the judge won’t listen to them. If you decied to buy a product without looking at the specsheet or the box you are a complete idiot and should get help when you buy products. You don’t go to a clothing store, close your eyes and pick a shirt and then complain when you get home because it is not your size. I have tried several Apple products and Android powered products and I can say that there are basucally no similarities. Sadly most Judges in the US and Germany don’t see it that way.

  • I wonder if it was bought in store. If so I find it hard to believe that a mistake could easily be made considering the iPad sits on its own clearly branded iPad display area with 2-3 other iPads. Well at least at the Best Buy I visit in Honolulu. It may be different elsewhere. On the Best Buy website typing ‘ipad’ for the search will give ONLY iPad listings. Went to and typed ‘ipad’ the first thing upon the site loading completely. There is something wrong with someone mistaking purchasing an iPad with any other tablet. I will however give the benefit of the doubt that the search index was only recently changed to specify ONLY iPads be listed when typing ‘iPad’.

  • David J

    One word…Bullshit!

  • Tim

    Why is Apple doing this? Do they think we don’t know what is really going on here? Samsung was just trying to make a product and never intended to fool complete idiots into thinking they were getting an ipad when they were delivering their device. But stupid is as stupid does and Samsung is being blamed by Apple for their stupid customer’s ignorant mistakes.

  • Tim

    This is like when someone gets a bump from another car in traffic leaving no damage to their car but they still try to sue the other driver for all they are worth claiming false back injuries. Shame on you Apple!

  • rick a


  • balthuszar

    is it me, or does this scream of an Apple set up?

  • Abdulrahman Aljassar

    I didn’t thought that isheeps are way to stupid LoL

  • Abdulrahman Aljassar

    I didn’t thought that isheeps are that stupid LoL

  • I’ve had a bit of time to think about this and it really doesn’t seem like much of a problem depending on what percentage of purchasers for the Galaxy Tab actually mistook it for an iPad. Say 100k unit were sold, it would take 1000 people making the mistake to even make 1%. What percentage would be significant enough to be a valid problem?

  • This clearly shows how Apple is desperate and reading some of the comments below I totally agree that Apple is paying Best Buy to say ‘mmm… yes people mistake Galaxy tab over iPad because it’s so similar’. It stands on the package SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 10.1 not Apple iPad in big letters.

  • eddie cooper

    So why doesn’t Apple put an Apple logo on the front of the iPad? They can’t seriously be allowed monopoly of the most generic design ever. What about the box it comes in too? Can’t these retards read the packaging? Can’t they look on the back of the device? They should be banned from buying any tech.

  • Pete Perry

    Yeah I accidentally bought an iPad thinking it was a Galaxy Tab 10.1! Can you imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find the App Draw! I was horrified by the experience and had to disinfect my hand for 10 days to get the stink off!