ASUS Transformer Prime 32GB Now available at Office Depot (Updated)

by: AlexanderDecember 31, 2011
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The ASUS Transformer Prime has been a pretty hot topic over the last few months. Since the original ASUS Transformer was such a hit in the Android community we all had high hopes for the Transformer Prime, and boy did it live up to it. But thing was when could we get our hands on it? Well we can get our hands on it now, unless you live in the UK then you’ll have to wait until January 12th, but many of us may not want to pay that $700 and up price tag it brings with it on Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers. Well now you don’t have too. Office Depot is selling the 32GB version for just $499.

So if you’re looking for 64GB’s of Transformer Prime goodness you will have to go elsewhere since Office Depot only has the 32GB version. But on the bright side if you use coupon code 856155942 Office Depot will throw in a free digital camera. Oh and don’t forget ASUS did say that the Transformer Prime will be getting an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, but did not say when.

Update: Office Depot seems to be sold out of the ASUS Transformer Prime now. Expected with a major price drop like this, but I apologize to everyone who was not able to get one at this great price.

Are you heading to Office Depot to pick up your ASUS Transformer Prime? If so let us know how much you love it, in the comments.

  • AppleFUD

    Really would like to see Google get the Chrome browser ported over to Android–then Android could be a real competitor to replace a desktop for most users. I would think the Tegra 3 could handle it.

    • It was rumored to be part of ICS, but it didn’t happen. It’s really surprising that Chrome is not part of Android, I mean iOS uses sarfari, Windows phone uses Internet explorer, so why doesnt Google put Chrome in Android?

  • Thanks for posting this info! Really useful! I will buy it! Thanks for convincing me.

    • Al

      This info WAS correct, but it is sold out again. I ordered a prime last night from Office Depot, with expected arrival next Tuesday the 6th.

      • rizzell

        the 6th is friday. i ordered one this morning too from office depot and the 6th is my delivery date too.

  • Anonymous

    Uhmmm, no.

    It’s out of stock. Sold out like everyone else.

  • Al

    This was not a “price drop”. The retail price for the prime is $499 for the 32GB. A retail outlet with a relationship with Asus (I think) is not allowed to sell it for more than this. The $700 options are just coming from a third party seller that probably got it from Amazon directly for $499 when it was released and are now just selling for a gain.

    I hope no one is paying the inflated prices even if you really want it that bad. Just hold out and wait for a real retailer (Amazon, New Egg, Best Buy) to get them in stock

  • Clayborp

    I went to BestBuy today first thing in the morning because one of the spokesmen told me they had it shipping yesterday. I went and it wasn’t there! The guy lied to me. However, I did get an associate to show me his database of availability and you wont believe it but I saw it for myself, there is not ONE Prime in any BestBuy in Canada right now. Not even ONE. The screen was filled with zeroes from Vancouver to Calgary to Toronto. However, there are 600 in the warehouses waiting to be shipped, but they arent in transit. Why are they just sitting there?? Dammit BestBuy ship already!!

  • Anonymous

    Transformer Prime will stay sold out through probably March. If you get a chance to buy one, snap it up.

  • Lorne Hull

    I got mine and I’m happy swith it but the keyboard is back ordered which is a pain. Now I’ve heard Ice Cream Sandwitch maybe delayed also.

    Business trip this Tueday – the keyboard will be missed.

  • Shops County

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  • Weakenfalls

    thanks to office depot i ordered mine on Jan 13th and received it on the 17th due to the holiday…….beautiful device and nice metal grey color, i got the message to upgrade to ICS right after the device was charged and turn on. my wifi works great no issues whatsoever, for the gps hmmm i haven’t used it as yet so im not really aware of any issues + i dont need the gps for directions so thats not really an issue to me. Office depot get a ***** for fast service since others have to wait for months to get it…..every other so call big time fancy name didnt have but office depot did, so glad i got mine from them. The Asus prime is the best right now so get yours and u’ll understand what i’m saying to u folks. Thanks Office depot