Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Jelly Bean update already available?

by: Chris SmithAugust 18, 2012

Asus is currently the maker of some of the hottest Android tablets in town, Google Nexus 7 included, and it looks like the company is ready to roll out the appropriate Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates for some of its Transformer tablets.

The Asus Transformer Pad TF300 is apparently the first to get the Jelly Bean upgrade, with certain users already reporting to having received it. The official Asus support page is yet to list details about the Jelly Bean update, so you should go ahead and manually check whether Android 4.1 is available for your TF300 or not.

In addition to the Transformer Pad TF300, we’re also waiting for Asus to roll out the Jelly Bean updates for two other Android tablets, the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 and the Transformer Prime TF201.

The Jelly Bean update should be available as an over-the-air (OTA) download, and we’re certainly looking forward for your feedback on the matter: is your Asus Transformer Pad TF300 running Android 4.1 yet?

  • I think is only available for North America users..

  • aaronZona

    My TF300 has updated to Jelly Bean, all good!

  • cian

    mines updated too, in London

  • link

    Mines updated Johannesburg South Africa

  • anon

    mines updated too in MA

  • no update for me :-( Denver, CO 8/18/2012 9:08pm mountain time

  • Wiking

    Mine has not updated. Aalborg, Denmark.

  • Steve Hynes S

    if you root your tablet will you still able to get this update

  • Michael L.

    Got mine yesterday morning in Kentucky!!

  • ak

    just got my update i’m rooted and it crashed during the update i might have to unroot but am not sure if its worth losing root and flashplayer

    • Steve Hynes S

      if you unroot it will your boot loader still be unlocked?

  • ak

    lost my update when it crashed i had some apps quarintined not sure if thats why it crashed

  • Steveb

    Mine downloaded and installed last night with no problem. There is no Flash Player for it yet.

    • Steveb

      I just found a minor glitch. The weather on the home screen will only display in celsius. I changed it to fahrenheit in settings but the screen will only show C.

    • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) will be the first Android OS not to support Flash, and Google and Adobe are not planning on supporting it in the future updates either.

      • kc.koellein

        well what the hell…!!!

        how do I DOWNGRADE back to Android 3…? It worked fine for me!

  • frank

    I dont like this update, I use my android tablet/

  • Got it on Saturday and it works great..The only “quirky” thing that happened is that I lost some of my “Gallery” photos…Had to clear it and re-sync…Also includes Google NOW..

  • kjwray

    Mine updated a few days ago and keeps turning itself off, anyone else having this issue? Also, lot of the apps on play store say not supported.

    • kc.koellein

      yes. Mine is borking on a regular basis. tf300.

    • David S

      yes, mine too! Seems they may not have tested it very well on the TF300 :(

    • Andy MacDonald

      me too, goes to sleep and won’t wake or reboots

    • EDf

      me too. same problem. As my Tf201 goes to sleep it reboots!
      is there any way to downgrade to ICS???

      • kjwray

        I had geek squad for mine and was able to bring it back and get a new one, however as soon as i loaded the new one the first time it updated itself to jellybean. So there is no way to downgrade unless you find someone to root your device with it.

    • bookgal

      I just updated 2 days ago. Since then my tf201 goes to sleep randomly right in the middle something I’m doing. Sometimes I can only use it only a minute or two before it does it again repeatedly. So annoying and it almost renders it useless. Any suggestions? Wish I had not updated, darn it.

      • kjwray

        My husband had the brilliant idea to go into the settings and turn the sleep off, you have to push the button to make it sleep but it wont shut off on you like it did…best o luck!

  • David S

    how do you downgrade from JB back to ICS? it sucks terribly on my ASUS T300. Crashes the default browser and the chrome browser is very slow to respond, plus! it no longer supports flash, which my wife relies on heavily on several sites she frequents. I want back to ICS!

  • David S

    please someone post a link on instructions for downgrading back to ICS, and where I can get the pim files. thanks.

  • exbrooklyn

    can anyone give instructions for getting Flash on this thing? There are still alot of sites with video that hasn’t updated to HTML 5 and that’s a drag. I have never rooted a device so instructions would be much appreciated.

    • infiniteEVO

      google search for the apk and install.

  • gelle09

    good thing i haven’t updated my tf300!

  • helloasus

    I upgraded my tf300 and not only the stock browser but a also dolphin, opera etc get useless. All browsers crash during a session, sooner or later. Must be some memory allocation problem. Tried many factory reset, cold boot etc.Nothing helps. Asus support only directs me to the download page for ics but can not tell me how to downgrade.

  • Turkey

    My tf300 updated and it got useless. Crashes regularly.

  • No1Mickie

    Just to name a few problems. Facebook does not allow me to comment on statuses. Calendar will not sync now, and the backspace on my keyboard does not work correctly. My Asus t300 is useless with new update.

  • kent

    Wtf. How can i cancel the update? I just thought that that’s gonna just fine. But i read what u guys post and now,I’M SO FREAKIN OUT

  • Why would anyone buy an ASUS. It crashes all the time and there is no info on their website to fix it or even admit to the issue. I will never waste my money with this company again. You should not either.

  • Asususer

    Mine and shut off on its won since i got the update. Just did it again and now wont turn back on at all even cold boot wont work.