ASUS to Release Eee Pad Transformer Successor in October

by: Elmer MontejoJune 30, 2011

After having made a big hit since it released the the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, Asustek Computer now has its eyes set on a next-generation upgrade to the Eee Pad Transformer.

DIGITIMES reports that ASUS will load its upcoming tablet (which we shall refer to as the “ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2” for now, for lack of an official name) with the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and the unifying version of the Android operating system–Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The release date for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 has not yet been specified, but sources say that it may come out in the fourth quarter, most likely in October at the earliest.

ASUS hit big sales in the first half of this year by shipping over 400 thousand units of the entry-level ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. Sources say the success of the Eee Pad Transformer spurred further demand for the tablet. ASUS plans to ride high on that demand wave.

DIGITIMES sources say that, although the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer ships with “above-standard components,” its US$400 price is just about break even with the device’s production cost. ASUS’s profit engine is the separately sold keyboard docking station for the Eee Pad Transformer, which most customers buy along with the Transformer anyway, as it extends the device’s functionalities.

You can expect the Transformer 2 to be compatible with the keyboard docking station of the current Transformer. The price will most likely be around the same point as the Transformer. But, unlike the Transformer, the Transformer 2 just might be slimmer, lighter, and faster–just as ASUS promised. Do you want to wait out a bit for this one?

  • ummyssalu

    How could the tablet be slimmer, and still be compatible with the keyboard?
    It wouldn’t fit so nicely IMHO, or the tablet would have a large “bottom” with the rest slimmer, which wouldn’t be so nice IMHO.

    • Christo

      Thank you… This was exactly the first thing I thought when I read this. The second thing I thought was “Way to slap the early adapters across the face, ASUS”

  • Jon Garrett

    Why release a “2” Just 6 months after the first? makes no sense at all. If I had bought a Transformer (instead of the Tab 10.1) Id be very suspicious of this move by Asus.

    • msrTransformer

      No need for suspicion, smart vendors will be the first to market with the quad cores.

  • G

    I think, the asus transformer 1 was a test run… knowing they have a good product on thier hands, they are going to hit the ipad 2 hard..

  • maxmax

    Well I for one was really looking forward to buying a transformer (1) in september for university … But now I will wait a bit until the transforemerone price drops because of transformer 2. Then i will buy it.

    I mean i don’t need the tegra 3 monster. I would use it to play videos (not even 720 but webrips or w/e) nd take nots in class. So the transformer 1 is perfect for me with the dock .

    I mean the republic of gamers laptop i have is just not designed for using it in class and carying it around with me everywhere :)

    As for future value: Tegra 2 will be able to run ice cream sandwich and and that is what is important for me so that i wont be stuck in a dead end os version … like so many samsung phones ….

    • max

      By the way i am in canada just an fyi where the trasformer with docjkis currently availible for 500$ +t tax which in my province is 15% so a total of 575$

      • Guest

        Are you saying the T1 will not be able to update to Android v4?
        Ps. like the spelling… not

  • ALD

    I think a quick (if not rushed) release of a successor to ride the momentum of sales for the original and correct the few flaws, making a real iPad competitor in time for the holidays is essential. This is asus’s first entry in the tablet world and from my knowledge, android OS. Some consumers are weary of buying a company’s first installment in a market. And I don’t think there would be any problem docking into the same keyboard if the 2 is thinner. The port and hinge slots are smaller than the bezel, and the original protrudes further back. This protruding back could be reduced to make it thinner overall without affecting the bezel. And even if it had to be a little thicker on hinge side to make a snug fit (i don’t own, so can’t tell), this might be a functional feature providing ergonomic grip for one handed portrait use and a slight angel for viewing on table in landscape. Also, for the love of god Asus, give us a flash for the camera(s).

    • Asd

      Could you please explain why would you have a flash in the camera on a tablet :)? Serously now, the camera is all right the way it is now, if you want to take an artistic picture, grab a camera which would be way more handy and you could still send the pic through a BUILT-IN USB :). If “just a picture” is what you’re looking for I don’t see a point.

      PS. And it is quite heavy though.

      • George

        A camera on the back can be great if you’re taking notes in class. If a diagram or similar is displayed, it’s faster to take a quick picture than trying to jot it down in your notebook.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never understood the need for the rear camera on a tablet. Why would you want to hold up 10 tablet to take a photo. I agree with Asd. Just use a camera for taking pictures.

  • Stu

    I will be buying the new Transformer and keyboard dock..great new that it will be out this year

  • Anonymous

    I’m leaning more and more towards getting the Asus tablet. It’s been the front runner in all my tablet research.