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The top wearables we hope to see in 2023

Spoiler: We really want better battery life

Published onDecember 30, 2022

A watch box houses a variety of leading wearables from Apple, Garmin, Google, and more.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

It’s hard to believe we’re another year down in the world of wearables. In 2022, we saw a lot of improvements across the market, from durability specs to women’s health tracking and plenty in between. Some of the best device lines added niche features and new models. A few of our favorite fitness trackers got facelifts. Google finally launched its first-ever smartwatch.

But while we wrap up a successful year, we’re already looking ahead at what we expect to see coming down the pipe. Find out the top wearables we hope to see in 2023.

Garmin Venu 3

An open watch box displays a variety of Garmin wearables including a Venu 2 Plus.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Garmin had a heck of a year in 2022, leaving us with a lot to like. From the feature-packed Fenix 7 to the solar-powered Instinct 2 and the polished Venu Sq 2, each launch proved as successful as the one before it. However, the very first device to catch our attention was the Venu 2 Plus, all the way back in January. We called the model “the best smartwatch Garmin has ever created.” That said, we’re always looking for more.

A Garmin Venu 3 is one of the top wearables we are hoping will launch in 2023. Building on the success of the current model, we anticipate a well-rounded device with phone call support, accurate fitness tracking, and access to assistants. We would love to see the company improve the line’s battery life to more than a week with normal usage. The Venu 2 Plus averaged about five days during our review. Finally, we wouldn’t be opposed to an LTE model. While it’s nice that Garmin is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, a standalone device could be an asset.

Google Pixel Watch 2

A Google Pixel Watch rests on a desktop calendar.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority
Pixel Watch

When it comes to hype and long-term anticipation, few devices can compete with the build-up to the Google Pixel Watch. When Google acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion, rumors of a powerful, Fibit-Wear OS mashup grabbed our attention… then strung us along for three years. Now that we finally have the device on hand, we’re already itching for a sequel.

The first generation brought a lot to the table, including a sleek design, effective Fitbit integration, and smooth performance. It fell short with missing health features, limited sizing, and truly frustrating battery life. Simply put, the Google Pixel Watch is a compelling start to what we hope becomes a reliable lineup. As the first of its kind, there is no prior upgrade schedule that might indicate when we can expect a Pixel Watch 2. However, given that the device aims to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, we’re hoping it follows an annual timetable.

Fitbit Sense 3 and Versa 5

A Fitbit Versa 4 rests on a desk alongside a Fitbit Sense.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

We haven’t been shy about saying the latest smartwatches from Fitbit aren’t a dream come true. Both the new Sense 2 and the Versa 4 dropped key features that made their predecessors such well-rounded devices. Among these missing tools are Wi-Fi connectivity, Google Assistant support, music storage, and a third-party library. Especially in light of the Google Pixel Watch, it’s hard not to feel as if Fitbit’s latest were kneecapped from the start. In short, we’re pretty bummed.

But we’re also willfully optimistic. Fitbit devices still rank among our favorite wearables, and we were very impressed by the upgrades to the Fitbit Inspire 3. In 2023, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a Sense 3 and Versa 5 that put these smartwatch lines back on track. Between Fitbit’s stellar Sleep Profile program, user-friendly companion app, and Daily Readiness Score, the company offers a great platform. A device that leverages all these tools while offering a well-rounded smartwatch experience with good battery life would be a valuable addition to the market.

Apple Watch Series 9

A stack of Apple wearables, including a Series 7, Series 8, SE 2022, and Ultra model represent a pattern of success we hope to see repeated in 2023.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

It’s pretty safe to assume we will see an Apple Watch Series 9 launch in 2023. Like clockwork, the company consistently releases a new generation every year. At present, the Apple Watch Series 8 is the best smartwatch you can buy. Its smartphone integration is seamless and the ecosystem’s app support is unmatched. If you are an iOS user, the series is a no-brainer. However, for the last two years, upgrades have been somewhat minute, with the most advancements made to software-related features.

Here’s to hoping for more robust changes in 2023. While we were thrilled to see the Series 8 add a temperature sensor to the line’s tool kit, there is still room for more improvements. For starters, better battery life seems quite overdue. We’re not holding our breath for that specific upgrade, but we’re confident the Series 9 will bring something new, be it big or small, to the table. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Ultra is an absolute delight and we wouldn’t complain about a second-generation launch of that device either.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8

A Xiaomi Mi Band 7 represents a budget wearable of which we hope to see the next generation in 2023.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Xiaomi delivered an excellent budget tracker with the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. The increased display size was a sight for sore eyes. The comically-wide range of sport modes made us want to pick up new hobbies. We were also impressed when the company launched the Smart Band 7 Pro, further increasing screen real estate and throwing in built-in GPS. In 2023 we’re hoping to see a Mi Band 8 that keeps Xiaomi’s momentum going.

The Mi Band line offers great value at an even better price. A new model that builds on the already great Mi Band 7 would be a home run. While maybe a long shot, we would love to see built-in GPS make its way down from the Pro iteration to the base lineup. We’re also hoping Xiaomi will add NFC support to the global model as well as voice assistant support. If Xiaomi could clean up the confusing app situation, well, that would be icing on the cake.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Pro

A watch box stores a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, a wearable line we hope to see upgraded in 2023.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

It would be impossible to leave a potential Galaxy Watch 6 series off this list. Launched in August 2022, the Galaxy Watch 5 series proved Samsung can build on its own success. The Galaxy Watch 4 series was the company’s first foray into Wear OS territory. The 5 series brought small but significant improvements to the line, including a tougher build, better battery life, and a new temperature sensor. Though pricey, we were particularly impressed by the new Pro model with even better durability and more niche features for outdoor adventuring.

In 2023, a Galaxy Watch 6 is one of the top wearables we hope to see, and frankly, it’s pretty likely. Our wishlist for the lineup includes more accessibility for nonsamsung phone users and the return of the beloved rotating bezel. We’re also hoping to see a better implementation of the temperature sensor.

That wraps up the top wearables we hope to see in 2023. Let us know which wearable you’re most looking forward to next year by voting in our poll.

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