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Pocophone F2: The one we’re waiting for, but can lightning strike twice?

Tristan Rayner January 26, 2020 323 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: All the rumors in one place

Phillip Prado 12 hours ago 216 shares

I quit the internet for nine days. Here’s how that went.

David Imel January 26, 2020 240 shares

Vote with your wallet: If you love the headphone jack, buy from LG

C. Scott Brown January 26, 2020 775 shares
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OnePlus 8 may be sold by Verizon with 5G support

The OnePlus 8 could be the first smartphone from OnePlus that would be sold by the biggest wireless carrier in the US.
John CallahamJanuary 10, 2020198 shares

Here are the best Verizon Wireless plans right now

Interested in switching to one of Verizon's plans? Here are the best ones worthy of your consideration.
John CallahamDecember 7, 201962 shares

Best Verizon phones to spend your money on (December 2019)

We take a look at some of the very best Verizon phones available right now from various brands.
Team AADecember 3, 2019850 shares

My Verizon Wireless nightmare: Failure to activate

My attempt to switch from AT&T to Verizon Wireless has been a complete disaster. The industry needs to do better than this.
Eric ZemanNovember 5, 201992 shares

Here are the best Verizon prepaid plans right now

Big Red doesn't do much to promote its Verizon prepaid plans, but it does have some good prepaid choices.
John CallahamOctober 5, 201986 shares

What are your best options for phone insurance?

We take a look at a number of current smartphone insurance plans available for Android device owners.
John CallahamAugust 2, 2019312 shares

Verizon not working? You’re not alone. (Updated)

If you're a Verizon customer and happen to be experiencing internet issues, you're not alone.
Jimmy WestenbergJuly 30, 201998 shares

Putting Verizon’s nascent 5G network to the test

Verizon Wireless and Samsung have 5G up and running in Chicago. We checked it out.
Eric ZemanMay 31, 201979 shares

Alcatel Avalon V hands-on: Alcatel finds a new partner in Verizon Wireless

Alcatel's latest entry-level Android phone has a better chance of success thanks to the company's latest retail partner, Verizon Wireless.
Eric ZemanApril 18, 201987 shares

Rush to 5G: Carriers act like children in pointless race to scream ‘first!’

Wireless network operators in the U.S. are shouting hysterically about which company is first to 5G.
Eric ZemanApril 6, 2019380 shares
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