How far have we come since the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Robert Triggs May 29, 2020 646 shares

Google Pixel 5: Everything we know right now

C. Scott Brown May 28, 2020 124 shares

The OnePlus 5/5T just got Android 10, which is a big deal (but it shouldn’t be)

C. Scott Brown May 27, 2020 896 shares

RIP LG G series: Waving goodbye to a true innovator

Robert Triggs May 24, 2020 2282 shares
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The best prepaid plans and no contract plans in the US (May 2020)

Thinking of getting a new prepaid plan? Here is a look at the best prepaid plans you can get in the US market.
Ryan HainesMay 22, 2020852 shares

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S20 goes up for pre-order today

You can now pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20 on Verizon. Head here for the details.
Dave LeClairMay 21, 202095 shares

Verizon has the fastest 5G, but there’s a catch

Speed doesn't mean much if you can't stay connected.
Hadlee SimonsMay 21, 202061 shares

Android 11 will make 5G even more confusing

Android 11 introduces new network icons for 5G, but they're not exactly easy to understand.
Adamya SharmaMay 21, 2020129 shares

Verizon 5G gets a big boost in 34 cities starting today

These cities will see large boosts to their upload speeds, which will come in handy for video chats and sharing large files.
Dave LeClairMay 20, 202066 shares

AT&T tattles on Verizon for making fuzzy claims on 5G. Pot, meet kettle.

AT&T reportedly brought complaints about Verizon's 5G ads to the Better Business Bureau. Ain't that cheeky?
C. Scott BrownMay 15, 2020100 shares

Family plans — which carrier is the best for your family?

Many wireless carriers offer family plans for their customers, but which family plan is the best one for you? Read on.
Ryan HainesMay 5, 2020

Here are the best Verizon Wireless plans right now

Interested in switching to one of the Verizon plans? Here are the best Verizon wireless plans worthy of your consideration.
Ryan HainesMay 5, 202062 shares

Here are the best Verizon prepaid plans right now

Big Red doesn't do much to promote its Verizon prepaid plans, but it does have some good prepaid choices.
Ryan HainesMay 4, 2020506 shares

The best internet providers in the US (May 2020)

Searching for the best internet providers in the US can be quite difficult. Her's list of the best you can pick from.
Mitja RutnikMay 3, 202069 shares
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