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T-Mobile is now the third most popular wireless carrier in the US, as it surpassed Sprint to gain that spot in 2015. It currently has 72.6 million customers as of April 2017. While that’s well behind the subscription numbers of the number one and two US carriers, Verizon Wireless and AT&T, T-Mobile has been aggressively going after both of them with new promotions, such as T-Mobile Tuesdays, and changes to its plans.

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Indeed, T-Mobile is currently the only carrier among the top four in the US that only has unlimited data plans for post-paid smartphone customers. If you want to get a phone on a T-Mobile Plan, you have to sign up for one with unlimited data. If you have already purchased a phone in full, T-Mobile also offers pre-paid plans that include options with limited data.

Without further ado, let’s jump in and look at the very best T-Mobile plans you can buy!

T-Mobile plans – Unlimited One, One Plus, and Plus International plans

T-Mobile plans

The Uncarrier has a ton of unlimited plans to choose from.  With T-Mobile you get four postpaid options – One, One Unlimited 55+, One Plus, and Plus International.

T-Mobile One

The basic T-Mobile One unlimited plan charges $70 a month for one line, $50 a month each for two lines, $37 a month each for three lines, $40 a month each for four lines and $25 a month for each additional line. It offers unlimited talk and text in the US, and unlimited talk, texting and data while you are in Canada and Mexico. T-Mobile One also includes unlimited mobile hotspot data, but it’s pretty slow, with only 3G speeds available.

If you are traveling on a plan with Gogo internet service, T-Mobile One offers unlimited texting and 1 hour of free Wi-Fi data on those flights. Finally, if you want to stream video, T-Mobile One offers unlimited streaming, but just at 480p resolution. The standard One plan is perfect for both individuals, as well as families, who want the benefits of unlimited high-speed data, but can live without some features for a cheaper price.

T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+

A recently launched plan from T-Mobile is specifically for customers that are 55 years of age and older. The plan, which is geared towards older and retired couples, charges $50 a month for the first line, but just $10 a month for the second line. That means two people that meet the age criteria can get unlimited data for a total of just $60 a month (with the Autopay billing setup).

T-Mobile One Plus

If you want some extras, you can sign up for the T-Mobile One Plus plan. It costs $80 a month for a single line, $60 a month each for two lines, $47 a month each for three lines, $50 a month each for four lines and $35 a month for each additional line. In addition to all the benefits of T-Mobile One, the Plus plan boosts video streaming up to HD resolutions, and you can get free unlimited Wi-Fi access on any Gogo-based flight. Finally, mobile hotpot data is boosted to 4G LTE speeds for the first 10 GB on your billing cycle, before going back to 3G speeds.

T-Mobile One Plus International 

If you are a person who travels a lot to other countries, or just contacts many people overseas, there’s the T-Mobile One Plus International Plan. It offers everything in the One Plus plan, but throws in unlimited LTE Wi-Fi hotspot speeds (no going down to 3G on this plan) along with unlimited international calling to landlines in over 70 countries , along with unlimited calls to mobile numbers in over 30 countries.

How to get Netflix with T-Mobile One

Recently, T-Mobile announced that T-Mobile One Family plans with two or more lines would be able to get a free standard subscription to the Netflix streaming video service, which normally costs $9.99 a month, for streaming TV shows and movies on up to two devices at the same time. Current T-Mobile One family plan users can open the T-Mobile app, visit MyT-Mobile.com, a retail store, or call customer service to add the free Netflix subscription.  If you’re a new customer, you’ll need to visit a T-Mobile store, go to T-Mobile.com, or call 1-800-TMobile to activate this plan.

Once the promotion is activated on your account, you’ll receive a URL to link your T-Mobile account with your Netflix account. It’s worth noting that if you’re an existing Netflix customer, it may take 1-2 Netflix billing cycles for your billing to transfer to your T-Mobile bill. Also, if you have signed up for the more expensive Netflix Premium subscription, which lets you download to four devices simultaneously and offers 4K video streaming on some TVs, T-Mobile will still cover the cost up to the standard fee, but you’ll have to pay the difference through your T-Mobile bill.

Keep in mind this deal is just for regular T-Mobile One Family plans with two or more lines. The recent T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ plan, which also offers two lines for couple that are 55 years of age or over, does not offer the Netflix freebie; those customers will have to switch to a standard T-Mobile One plan to get the promotion.

Adding tablets, connected devices, and other things you should know

T-Mobile allows customers to add a tablet to any of its One unlimited plans for an extra $20 a month. If you have a smartwatch or other connected wearable, it can also be added to any One plan for an extra $10 a month. All of the One plan prices include the use of the $5 a month discount when using AutoPay to pay off bills.

T-Mobile says that if a person uses over 32 GB of data before their monthly bill cycle ends, he or she may experience speed throttling if their cell tower is congested.

You will also have to purchase a T-Mobile SIM card kit for $25 if you don’t already have one. T-Mobile says that if a person uses over 50 GB of data before their monthly bill cycle ends, he or she may experience speed throttling if their cell tower is congested. This will likely only affect a very small fraction of T-Mobile’s users.

The company has bragged in its promotions for T-Mobile One that its prices include no hidden monthly regulatory fees and sales taxes; all of them are included in the quoted prices. However, they may not include some other fees such as extra data passes, late or restore fees, device upgrade support charge, calling from foreign countries and more, so be aware of that.

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T-Mobile Simply Pre-Paid plans

If you only have one phone and don’t want to spend money on data that you know that you won’t use, the uncarrier is still offering pre-paid T-Mobile plans for customers who already own their own phones, or purchase them from the carrier without a contract.  There are only two options for customers who sign up for one of the company’s Simply Pre-Paid plans. One costs $45 a month and offer 4 GB of high-speed data, while the other costs $55 a month and includes 6 GB of high-speed data. Both plans also offer unlimited calls and texting inside the US. For $5 more, you can add unlimited calls, text, and the data amounts in Canada and Mexico for either plan.

The Uncarrier also offers a T-Mobile plan for customers who are using feature phones, or if they only use their smartphone features rarely. The T-Mobile’s Pay as you Go plan starts at just $3 a month and it offers 30 minutes of calls and texts in any combination. Any calls and texts beyond that 30 minute limit cost $0.10 each. Calls to over 70 countries can also be added to the Pay as you Go plan for an additional $15 a month. If you want data, for things like sending emails or surfing the net, you will have to purchase a data pass from T-Mobile.

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T-Mobile Data-only plans

If you just want to connect an LTE-based tablet or smartwatch to one of T-Mobile Plans, the uncarrier has your back! There’s no unlimited data here, but depending on how much you are willing to pay, you can get up to 22GB of LTE data. The base plan is $20 a month for 2GB, bumping $15 for 6GB ($35), bumping another $15 for 10GB ($50), and the trend of bumping by $15 continues through the 16, 18, and 22GB plans. This last plan will set you back $95 a month.

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T-Mobile’s decision to ditch limited T-Mobiles plans for its post-paid customers was a bold move, and it’s one that many people might love. However, the move towards only offering unlimited plans may turn off some customers who feel they may not use enough cellular data on their smartphone to justify the higher cost of purchasing an unlimited plan.

We want to hear from you on this subject – Do you like T-Mobile’s decision to go (mostly) all-in with its One unlimited plans? Do their plans make you want to switch over from AT&T and Verizon? Would you rather see T-Mobile have at least a couple of limited post-paid plans? Let us know what you think in the comments!