AT&T is currently the second largest wireless phone provider in the U.S., just behind Verizon. Thinking about giving this GSM-based carrier a try? There are a lot of reasons to like AT&T, chief among them being the carrier’s great network that works across the vast majority of the US and the carrier’s great selection of phones. 

However, before you get started with AT&T, you first need to know what kind of plan is going to best work for you. Don’t worry, Android Authority has your back and created this best AT&T plans feature for that reason. 

AT&T Mobile Share Plans

For those who don’t need unlimited data, AT&T’s mobile share plans are what you are looking for. All of the Mobile Share Advantage AT&T plans include unlimited talk and text in in the U.S., along with unlimited texting to 120 countries. You also get a limited amount of shared data which you can share with multiple lines. The exact amount depends on your exact data plan choice. One downside to the Mobile Share plan is that video streaming is limited to 480p resolution for all users.

Pricing for data allotments can be seen below, but keep in mind that’s not including the Device Access Charge. If you are connecting a phone, mobile hotspot, or LTE-powered laptop, it’ll cost you an access fee of $20 per line. For those that want to connect a tablet or wearable, it’ll cost $10 per line for these device. A max of 10 devices can be added to a single Mobile Share plan.

So what other perks can you expect with the AT&T Mobile Share plan? Here are the biggest extras and considerations:

  • Any members of the military, along with qualified veterans, can also get a 15 percent discount on any of these plans.
  • All the above plans include rollover data — meaning that if you don’t use it all in one month, it’ll carry over to the next.
  • Free unlimited 2G data if you use all of your high-speed allotment. It’s slow, but it’s enough for basic emails, etc.
  • Those with 10 GB+ plans can add a wireless home phone for $20, or pay $30 for wireless home phone and home internet access.
  • Those with 10 GB+ plans get unlimited talk/texting to Mexico and Canada, along with no roaming charges for calls, texts, and data when you are in Mexico.
  • International texting to 250 countries — more details here!

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AT&T Unlimited Plans

New AT&T customers subscribers can choose from two unlimited plans, and you can also add DirecTV service with one of the AT&T plans. (AT&T acquired DirecTV for $49 billion in 2014.) All of AT&T’s unlimited plans are generally geared towards families and friends rather than individual users.

AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced plan

The AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced plan is the cheapest of the carrier’s stand alone smartphone plans with “unlimited” data. The company charges $65 a month for just one line, $120 a month for two lines, $140 a month for three lines and $160 a month for four lines. Each additional line after that can be added for $30 a month, for up to 10 lines.

Even though you are supposed to have unlimited fast data with the Choice Enhanced plan, AT&T says it could cut down data speeds at any time during busy times. Also, video streaming is limited to just standard resolutions at 1.5 Mbps with this plan. On the plus side, you do get unlimited texts from the US to 120 countries, and unlimited calls and texts from US to Canada and Mexico, plus unlimited roaming in Canada and Mexico. You can cut off $15 a month from your DirecTV Now bill if you have signed up to use the live TV streaming service. Finally, you can get free access to HBO when you sign up for AT&T Unlimited Plus or Choice.


AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced plan

You get more options with the AT&T Unlimited Enhanced Plus plan, but you will also have to spend more money for that privilege. AT&T charges $80 a month for one line, $150 a month for two lines, $170 a month for three lines and and $180 a month for four lines. The price goes up $30 a month for each additional line, up to 10 lines. There are no download speed limits on the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan, but you still might get hit with slower speeds if you exceed 22 GB of data before the monthly bill cycle ends.

Video streams go up to HD quality on AT&T Unlimited Plus, and you also get 15 GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data per month. You still get unlimited texts from the U.S. to 120 countries, and unlimited calls and texts from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico, plus unlimited roaming in Canada and Mexico. You can cut off $15 a month from your DirecTV Now bill, plus $15 off your DirecTV bill if you are signed up to use the satellite-based TV service. Finally, you can get free access to HBO when you sign up for AT&T Unlimited Plus or Choice. Keep in mind that the prices for these plans includes discounts for the use of Autopay and paperless billing, which is $5 a month on single lines and $10 a month for multi-lines.

Special offers for different cities

If you live in a certain US city, you will get some extra benefits when you switch to one of AT&T’s new unlimited plans. If you live in New York City, you  can get one year of DirecTV Now for free if you switch to either of the new Unlimited plans. If you have signed up for the DirecTV Now streaming service, NYC residents will get a $35 per month credit on their bill for 12 months. Customers can either use the credit to pay for the “Live a Little” package or use it toward a package with additional channels.

In Chicago, anyone who switches from a different carrier to one of AT&T’s unlimited plans gets free home internet on plans up to 50 Mbps “for life.” You must maintain a qualifying service on either of the new plans and a matching eligible service address. Customers get $30 a month in credit to pay for the home internet, which can be used toward tiers with faster speeds as well.

Finally, Los Angeles residents will be able to buy a smartphone and get a second one for free if they sign up for one of AT&T’s unlimited plans, if both are purchased on AT&T Next.

DirecTV Bundle


If you want to bundle your wireless service with TV, you can do that as well with the AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced – DirecTV deal. It costs $110 a month for one phone line, and adds 150 TV channels via DirecTV, with the monthly equiment fees included if you get a home DVR.

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AT&T Data-only Plans

if you just want to access the network on your tablet, laptop, or other non-smartphone connected device, you’ll want to check out AT&T plans that are designed with data-only customers in mind. You can add up to 10 of those devices for each data-only account. The plans also charge $20 a month for each notebook and mobile hotspot on the account, along with $10 a month for each tablet and gaming device.

One pretty big thing to keep in mind is that these data-only plans are not available to purchase online at AT&T’s website. Customers who want to sign up for them must call an AT&T sales representative, or visit an AT&T store to apply for one of these plans. AT&T does not offer an unlimited data-only plan.

AT&T International Plans

If you are an AT&T customer and will be traveling outside the U.S., the carrier has a couple of options to keep you connected. One is the AT&T Passport International roaming plan, which will work in over 200 countries and offer unlimited texts. For $40 a month, you can get 200 MB of data and $0.25 per MB for any amount over that limit, along with voice calls for $1 a minute to any country. For $60 a month, your data limit goes up to 300 MB, with $0.20 per MB for any overages and $0.50 a minute for voice calls to any country. Finally, for $120 a month, you get 800 MB of data and $0.15 per MB for overages, plus voice calls for $0.35 a minute.

A better option for travelers who are only spending a few days overseas is the AT&T International Day Pass, which is available in over 100 counties. It costs $10 a day, and offers AT&T customers a way to use either their current Mobile Share plan or Unlimited plan in other parts of the world. The daily charge includes unlimited calls from those countries back to the U.S., along with unlimited texting throughout the world.

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AT&T plans — Conclusion

AT&T Plans

Needless to say, the many AT&T plans give new customers a ton of different choices and bundles to choose from when picking out one they want to use. Again, the AT&T Plans for unlimited users are the best for any accounts that have two or more people signed up, while the Mobile Share Advantage plans are best for people who just have one or two phones that don’t use a ton of cellular data.

Which of these AT&T plans do you think will be best for your needs? Let us know what plan you would pick in the comments!