Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus, and S10 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and its brothers (the S10 Plus, S10e, and S10 5G) are awesome phones that pack a huge number of features into a stunning design. But to really complete the package, the discerning user might also choose to invest in some of the numerous Galaxy S10 accessories that Samsung announced to go with them. So what have they got for us this year?

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Buds
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  3. Samsung Galaxy Fit
  4. Samsung Wireless Charger Duo
  5. Samsung Wireless Charger Portable
  6. Samsung cases and covers

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Buds in an opened case on top of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The standout Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories this year are of course the Samsung Galaxy Buds. These little earbuds are completely wireless and boast sound by AKG, dual microphones, and a 30% size reduction over the Gear IconX buds from last year.

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The Galaxy Buds take on the mighty Apple AirPods, but stop short of completely mimicking the design. There is no jutting out “stem” here, just tiny buds that will sit snugly in your ear holes and deliver those sweet tunes. There’s also a little more variety available in terms of colors here, with black, white, and Canary Yellow (to match the Galaxy S10e) options available.

If they’re completely wireless though, then how do you charge them? That’s the neat trick: you charge them wirelessly, meaning that you can use the Galaxy S10’s new reverse wireless charging feature. Just pop the buds on top of your phone wherever you have a flat surface and they’ll begin topping up! The sound quality is great, offers a solid connection, and fits really well. The Samsung Galaxy Buds are priced at $130.

Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Samsung Galaxy Fit, and Samsung Galaxy Fit e.

Samsung didn’t just announce four new smartphones (and the Galaxy Fold) at its Unpacked event — it also took the wraps off three new wearables: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Samsung Galaxy Fit, and Samsung Galaxy Fit e.

Paired up with your new Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Watch Active is the ideal companion for the fitness conscious. The latest watch sports an optical heart rate sensor, a built-in GPS, an NFC chip for Samsung Pay, a 5ATM water resistance rating, as well as a MIL-STD-810G rating. It also supports Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi, though there is no LTE option. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Watch Active doesn’t come with a rotating dial like other Samsung watches. Users will have to rely on touching and swiping the display to navigate around the software interface.

Alternatively, the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e offer a lower cost entry point to the fitness wearable market. The watch offers a much smaller, rectangular AMOLED display and an even smaller PMOLED panel on the Fit e. You’ll still receive a heart rate monitor, gyroscope, and accelerometer onboard. There’s no GPS or NFC chip and just a 5ATM water resistance rating.

The Galaxy Fit series runs on Realtime OS. Samsung says this will provide an easy-to-use software experience, with support for smartphone notifications, alarms, calendar alerts, and weather.

Wireless charging dock and battery pack

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad

Wireless charging is at the heart of not only the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series but also the Galaxy Buds and Watch Active. Samsung really wants you to cut the cables this year. To that end, the company is selling a range of wireless charging Galaxy S10 accessories.

The Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad offers two charging docks, one for your phone and another space next to it for your Galaxy Watch Active. Both can be juiced up over the air at the same time.

Samsung has you covered on the go too. The Wireless Battery Pack stores up to 10,000mAh of juice and offers Fast Wireless charging to your Samsung devices. Alternatively, you can use the battery pack with a cabled connection for your other gadgets as well.

Official Samsung Galaxy S10 cases and covers

Samsung Galaxy S10 cases

As ever, Samsung has a slew of different Galaxy S10 cases on offer to help protect its new creation while also adding a touch more color.

First, there’s the Clear View Cover. This allows you to view notifications and control your music without needing to open the case. Then there’s the LED View Cover. This cover lights up to alert you at a glance with your choice of custom LED icons. There’s also an LED Cover with custom “mood lighting”, a Silicone Cover for extra protection, or a classic Leather Cover for a more traditional style.

Finally, Samsung is offering a range of Protective Standing Covers. These are designed to protect against drops and falls and also feature a little kickstand to prop up your phone at two different viewing angles. This includes an LED Wallet cover and the S-View Flip cover. Finally, you can also get a Rugged cover that comes with a built-in kickstand.

The cases come in a range of different colors for each of the three different device versions. There is even a yellow case with holes punched in it.

More Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories to come

Keep in mind that you’ll also be able to use a number of older accessories with the Samsung Galaxy S10 line. That includes wearables like the Samsung Galaxy Watch – which will also be able to benefit from the shared wireless power. Then there are the numerous third-party Samsung Galaxy S10 cases and other accessories already available.

That’s all the Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories unveiled so far, though we have no doubt that there is much more on the way. Stay tuned to this page where we’ll be updating with any interesting new accessories as they’re revealed.