Android app developers do amazing things.  They cook up useful or fascinating — sometimes useful and fascinating — Android apps that answer numerous mobile needs.  To be a developer is no easy task.  It requires not just programming skills but also, more importantly, an understanding of human needs and wants.  With the latter being a neverending stream, the flow of new and fresh Android apps also flows ceaselessly.

In this September 21 edition of our weekly roundup of new and fresh Android apps, you’ll get to know about a/an:

  • feature-filled stopwatch and timer;
  • personal virtual coach for quitting smoking;
  • simple-yet-beautiful high-definition battery widget;
  • sieve for filtering unwanted SMS;
  • automatic Facebook album creator and photo uploader that also detects whom you are with;
  • friend-maker and socializer, especially for the shy ones;
  • cloud-based file sharing with a social touch;
  • radar for finding like-minded folks near you;
  • ICS-themed barcode and QR code encoder/decoder;
  • helper for digging through hundreds or thousands of call logs or SMS messages;
  • interactive math-teaching app for kids;
  • letter and number teacher for kids;
  • timer that stops music playback automatically, especially when you’re going to sleep;
  • diagram and flowchart creator; and
  • animated weather radar.

What are you waiting for?  Try these new apps today and let us know what you think of them.

StopWatch and Timer Pro

Our Android smartphone has a default stopwatch and timer that lets you monitor time. But, if you want to use a stopwatch and timer with even more features, you can use StopWatch and Timer Pro on your mobile phone. This app carries neat features such as a voice prompt and shake gesture support.

The app is just like the ordinary stopwatch app. You can monitor time and break it into laps. The app also has the feature that allows you to chronologically sort the laps. If you visit the Statistics tab, you will find the number of laps and see which one is the slowest or the fastest.

You can also control the app by shaking your phone to start and stop the time. Set the shake settings to split the time into laps, reset the clock, and much more. The app also allows you to hear a voice prompt according to the duration of time you set on the Settings menu. If you want to change the stopwatch into a timer, just head over to the Settings menu and enable the Timer mode.

You can download the ads-free StopWatch and Timer Pro for about a dollar from the Google Play Store.

Exsmokers iCoach

Studies suggest that smoking is bad for the health, but why do people still want to inhale those toxic fumes? Experts say that a stick of cigarette contains a concentrated dose of nicotine that triggers a rush of dopamine and other neurochemicals that washes over your brain’s pleasure centers. It also overrides the brain’s rewards system so smokers think that they need to smoke in order to survive. No wonder it’s hard to stay away from those tempting little sticks.

Some may even spend a lot of money for the smoking cessation meds to control their addiction. You can also do it naturally, but it would be a hard and slow process. If you’re planning to start a smoke-free life, you can try the Exsmokers iCoach app.

The Exsmokers iCoach is an app that will help you take your first step in stopping your smoking addiction. But, before it does that, you will be taken to the assessment stage where you will answer a couple of questions about your smoking habits. This will allow the app to assess your smoking background and determine which phase you are in stopping your addiction. Once the app has determined your phase, it will then display a couple of tips and some advice for you to follow. It even has a saving calculator feature that calculates the amount you will save when you stop smoking.

The ads-free Exsmokers iCoach app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Beautiful Battery HD

Our Android device, however useful, won’t be of much use if it doesn’t have enough battery power. That’s is why it is important to constantly monitor your battery level on your notification menu. But, for some, the battery icon may be too small that you can’t easily see your battery status when you unlock your Android handset. Thankfully, there are several battery widgets from the Google Play Store that allow you to display your battery status right on your homescreen. One of those apps is Beautiful Battery HD.

This app is a battery widget that allows you to display your phone’s battery level right on your homescreen. What’s great is that the widget features a nice display that suits your HD-screened device, such as the Galaxy S3. You will also notice that the color changes when the battery level goes down further. Green will indicate a good battery level, yellow will be your battery’s half value, and red for your almost-drained battery. You will also see your battery level as a percentage.

In order for this app to remain free, it needs to be supported with lots of ads. The app will warn you that it will be putting some stuff on your handset, such as a search shortcut on your homescreen, a bookmark in your browser, and a browser search homepage. The app will also push ads to your notification menu.

Easy sms filter

We receive a variety of text messages on our Android phones. We may sometime receive personal messages from our loved ones or general messages from our friends. But, sometimes we don’t want to receive a text message from someone or promo messages from your local phone network. If want to stop those annoying text messages from reaching your notification menu or your inbox, you can use the Easy sms filter app to silently filter your unwanted SMS messages.

What this app does is that it blocks the SMS messages from the contacts you added on the list. You can also select a message from your inbox so the app can block it the next time the sender sends a message to your phone. I was able to test the app and it successfully filtered the messages from the contact I added on the list. You can view your filtered messages on the Log tab in the app.

The ads-free Easy sms filter app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. I was amazed that the app was ads-free, considering that this is a free app. The app’s user interface is also simple and easy to use.


Have you ever experienced taking lots of group pictures on your Android phone but failed to share them with your friends? It is easy to take a lot of pictures but time-consuming to upload them for your friends to see. All your photos will just be “gathering dust” on your Android phone. Thankfully, we have Evertale to do the uploading job. This app doesn’t only upload photos but also detects your nearby friends and creates an album of pictures from all your mobile devices.

In order to enjoy these features, you and your friends must have Evertale installed on your mobile devices. You will also need a Facebook account to use this app. Once the app detects your friends, you can now take pictures and automatically generate a group album.

The app will also determine which friend you are with and automatically shares the album with that friend. The app’s permission requirements suggest that the app uses the phones GPS in order to determine which friends you are hanging out with.

The app will also notify you when an album has been created so you can view it at Evertale.com. You will also need an active Internet connection for the app to upload and post your group pictures.

The ads-free Evertale app can be download for free from the Google Play Store. The app is still in beta, so expect that it might have some flaws on some mobile phones.

Carl Parker
We're all multi-talented and multi-faceted here, but, perhaps, Carl is the most multi-faceted in the bunch. Among Carl's many interests, Android holds a special place. He's particularly fond of reviewing Android apps and writing step-by-step guides for fellow Android fans.