Hyundai Android Auto app 5

It looks like Google is finally letting car makers create their own vehicle-specific apps for Android Auto.

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Later today at Google I/O, Hyundai will reportedly show off a new Android Auto app that brings a ton of vehicle-specific functionality to Google’s in-car phone projection system. Hyundai is the first automaker to show off an app of this type for Android Auto.

The app, called MyHyundai, won’t allow you to control anything like heating or cooling, but will give you access to other ancillary functions. MyHyundai will supposedly allow you to access Hyundai’s roadside assistance and a monthly report to let you know of any service issues. You’ll even be able to access Valet Alert, Hyundai’s smartphone notification system that lets you know if a valet takes your car out of a set boundary.

Why should you care? Before this, Android Auto was the exact same on every Android Auto-compatible car out there. Same user interface, same features. If you wanted to have access to a vehicle-specific feature, you’d need to exit out of the Android Auto interface entirely and jump to that separate application. This is the one major drawback I’ve found with using Android Auto, and it now looks like Google is loosening its grip on car makers.

MyHyundai will be available later this year.

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