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Calendar apps have been on mobile devices since the beginning of mobile devices. It is one of the most basic tools that we have for organizing our lives and trying to get everything scheduled. Many people have moved on to specific tools like to-do list apps, but a lot of people still use their calendar apps every day. Here, we’ll check out the best calendar apps to help you stay organized!

aCalendar best calendar apps for androidaCalendar

[Price: Free / $4.99]
First up is aCalendar. This is one of the most popular and feature-heavy calendar apps on the list. It’s free to use with no ads but you can get even more features if you get the $4.99 version. Some of the features include per-event color schemes (48 color selections overall), various types of views, various widgets, moon phases, and, of course, and a lot more. If you fork out for the pro version, you’ll get some additional control features and gesture controls. It’s a solid app and has been for many years.

acalendar best calendar apps for android

business calendar best calendar app for androidBusiness Calendar

[Price: Free/$4.99]
Business Calendar is oriented more toward people who use their calendar for work and business purposes. It comes with a variety of features including various views (month, day, year, and event), a multi-day view to see how your next few days stack up, support for recurring events, and a lot more. There is a pro version for $4.99 that will remove ads, import and export other calendars, app theming, and the ability to delete, copy, and move multiple events at once. It’s a little cluttered, but it works quite well.

Cal - Calendar by best calendar app for androidCal Calendar

[Price: Free]
Cal Calendar made a few waves when it first hit the scene for it’s unique, flowing design and ease of use. It comes with a variety of features, including support for Exchange and Google Calendar, widgets, voice entry, and predictions for things like people you may want to invite along for an event. It has direct integration with To-Do List which makes the two apps in tandem a decent one-two punch. This one is also free with no in-app purchases, which is also nice.

best calendar apps for androidCalendar Widget: Month

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Sometimes people don’t need a bunch of calendar apps but would rather just have really good looking calendar widgets. Calendar Widget: Month fills that niche perfectly. It has some cursory calendar features but its real bread and butter is its re-sizable month-view calendar widget with over 80 available themes (most of which are in app purchases). The app design is very good, the themes are well constructed, and there are options for pretty much any theme your phone may be rocking. The only downside is the app isn’t overly feature heavy so prepare yourself for that.

calengoo best calendar app for androidCalenGoo

[Price: $5.99]
CalenGoo is one of the up and coming calendar apps that’s been doing it right for a long time but hasn’t really had much publicity. The interface is a tad bit antiquated but it is still very much effective and comes with various views, event colors, etc to help you organize your busy life along with a ton of other features. You can choose various designs to make the app look a little more how you want and also comes with support for Evernote and Google Calendar. It also supports Android Wear if that’s your thing.

calengoo best calendar apps for android

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digical best calendar apps for androidDigiCal Calendar and Widgets

[Price: Free/$4.95]
DigiCal Calendar is much like Cal Calendar in a sense that it focuses on design as much as functionality. With this calendar app, you can sync all of your calendars and view them in seven different ways or by using one of five different widgets. Along with the basic features, it comes with support for Google Calendar, Outlook, and Exchange and it includes some interesting, unique features like keyword image matching, a dark theme, and it’ll even show you a 3-day weather forecast. There is a lot here and it’s worth a shot for people who really love to use calendar app.

digical best calendar apps for android

google calendar best calendar apps for androidGoogle Calendar

[Price: Free]
Google Calendar is the official calendar of Android devices and, hilariously, it’s the one you may be trying to get away from because it is pre-installed on most Android devices. Google has iterated their calendar quite a bit over the years and this one now comes with Material Design, advanced event features, direct integration with other Google services (such as Reminders support on Google Now), and it even comes with Exchange support. You could do worse than choose to stick with Google Calendar.

jorte calendar best calendar app for androidJorte Calendar and Organizer

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Jorte is definitely one of the most flamboyant calendar apps on our list and that’s perfectly okay because sometimes you just need more colorful. It does by being the only app on the list that has a store where you can go get backgrounds and icons for the calendar app to customize it how you please (this includes font support for otf and ttf formats). It also has a proprietary sync service that allows you to sync your calendars between devices. Along with those things, it can also do pretty much all of your standard calendar stuff. It’s free so if you want something a little different, this is a good option.

solcalendar best calendar apps for androidSolCalendar

[Price: Free]
SolCalendar is another up and coming calendar application with a lot going for it. It likens itself an all-in-one scheduling solution and has features to cover to-do lists as well as calendar and it’ll even show you the weather for specific days. It has Google Calendar and Tasks support, widgets, a lunar calendar, and it even has Foursquare support. There is a lot of stuff here and it works very well as an all-in-one solution. It’s also free with no in-app purchases which is only frosting on the cake.

today calendar best calendar apps for androidToday Calendar

[Price: Free / $2.99]
Today Calendar is one of the most beautifully done calendars on this list. It was among the first to really embrace Material Design and remains one of the few to do so going into 2016. It also features bold colors, simple controls, and a lot more. It’s not as feature heavy as others, opting instead for a more minimal experience that just works and looks good doing it. If you liked Google Calendar but wanted just a little bit more, then this is the application you want to try.

today calendar best calendar apps for android

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