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10 best GPS apps and navigation apps for Android

Google Maps isn't your only option, here are some other navigation apps you might find useful.

Published onMarch 21, 2024

best gps apps and navigation apps for android

Navigation apps have become necessary for those on the move, offering precise maps and real-time traffic updates for efficient travel. These apps, powered by GPS technology, share standard features like location tracking and turn-by-turn guidance, with many also providing extras such as traffic data and street view imagery. They also help you discover new destinations commuting routes, and locating specific places like restaurants or gas stations. This article explores navigation apps and highlights the popular options in the market.

The best GPS apps and navigation apps for Android

Petal Maps 

Price: Free

Umme Aimon Shabbir / Android Authority

Petal Maps offers turn-by-turn guidance, real-time traffic updates, and customization options. It’s known for accuracy even in low-signal areas and respects user privacy. However, it’s limited in availability and not accessible in all regions. Being a newer app, it may lack features of established competitors like Google Maps. Fewer users on Petal Maps can affect the accuracy of real-time updates and community features. While offering customization and privacy, its limited availability and smaller user base should be considered when choosing the navigation app. Overall, Petal Maps shows promise but faces challenges related to its newness and user adoption.

Yandex Maps and Navigator

Price: Free/ In-app Purchases $2.99 per item  

Umme Aimon Shabbir / Android Authority

Yandex Maps and Navigator offer accurate and updated maps sourced from various inputs, extensive global coverage, real-time traffic updates, multilingual turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance, and offline map functionality. Users can also contribute to the community by reporting traffic conditions and hazards. It also provides information about the local transport system. Nevertheless, it is less popular than Google Maps, potentially leading to fewer user-generated data in some regions. While generally comprehensive, it may lack coverage in rural or developing areas. Certain premium features require a subscription, and privacy concerns have arisen due to Yandex being a Russian company. Despite these drawbacks, it remains a valuable navigation app.


Price: Free /In-app purchases ($0.99 – $59.99 per item)

MapFactor screenshot 2020
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

MapFactor is low-key one of the most popular navigation app options. It includes primary navigation and GPS features. It uses OpenStreetMap. That means you can get free offline maps updated monthly if you want. There are additional map options as well, but they may cost money. Other features include voice directions, cross-border routing, 2D and 3D modes, day and night themes, and more. This GPS app also has support for dozens of countries around the world. 


Price: Free

MapQuest is one of the best GPS apps

MapQuest has undergone many redesigns over the years. However, it’s the same sturdy service we’ve known about since the good old days. It employs the standard turn-by-turn directions. Other features include live traffic updates (where available), re-routing directions based on traffic, and a service to find cheaper gas. You can even call a tow truck if you break down. However, the frequent ads in the application can get a bit annoying at times.


Price: Free

Google Maps screenshot 2021

Waze is a community-driven GPS navigation app that helps drivers reach their destinations quickly and safely. It uses real-time data from millions of Wazers to alert drivers about traffic jams, accidents, police presence, and other hazards. Waze also provides turn-by-turn navigation, estimated travel times, and alternative routes. Waze is a popular driver choice because it is accurate, up-to-date, and easy to use. It is also free to download and use.


Price: Free

MapsMe screenshot 2023 is another free navigation app and GPS app. It features offline maps, turn-by-turn directions, and updated maps via OpenStreetMap. Bookmarking locations, offline searching, traffic data (where available), and worldwide support exist. It’s about as close to a Google Maps competitor as it gets. It should work for most people most of the time. Some have reported some issues here and there, but nothing overly worrisome. The app is entirely free, with no in-app purchases. There are some ads, but they aren’t a big deal.


Price: Free / Up to $8.99

OsmAnd is a different type of navigation app. It caters directly to people who want offline maps. You can download a bunch of online maps; most are pretty good. The free version of the app has a download limit. You can purchase additional downloads through in-app purchases. Some other features include turn-by-turn navigation, an offline search, maps for things other than driving, and more. It’s probably not as good as HERE or Google Maps for online use, but it’s among the best offline GPS apps available.

Polaris GPS Navigation 

Price: Free / $0.99

Polaris GPS screenshot 2022

Polaris Navigation tries to be the all-in-one navigation app and succeeds in most cases. Its most significant feature is its access to Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest maps, and Cycle Route Maps. So, whatever source you want is the one you get. It also features multiple coordinate formats, trail recording, a unique waypoint management system, and your standard stuff like turn-by-turn directions. There are also a handful of features for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. But like other apps on the list Polaris does not have an offline map download option which can be a problem in areas with poor or no cell service.

Sygic: GPS, Navigation, and Offline Maps 

Price: Free / $13.99 / $17.99 / $29.99

Sygic GPS Navigation screenshot 2023

Sygic is a popular navigation app with over 50 million downloads. Like others on this list, it provides downloaded maps for offline use, except this one uses TomTom maps. It has the usual features like turn-by-turn, voice-guided directions (which include voice-spoken street names so you can concentrate on driving), alternate routes, and even a speed limit display. You can unlock additional features like real-time traffic updates, head-up display and speed camera alerts by purchasing one of the three premium versions. The $13.99 option gives you basic features, the $17.99 option adds real-time traffic updates and the final price tier version gives you everything. These subscriptions can be expensive, especially for users who only need to use the app occasionally.

BikeMap: Cycling and Bike GPS

Price: Free /In-app purchases ($0.99 – $49.99 per item)

bike map
Umme Aimon Shabbir / Android Authority

The Bikemap app GPS offers many advantages, including the world’s largest database of cycling routes with over 9 million options, detailed route information, offline maps for areas with poor cell service, and bike-friendly features like route planning and real-time traffic updates. Its active community enhances the experience, allowing users to share rides and discover new routes. However, the free version is limited in features, requiring a subscription for premium offerings like turn-by-turn navigation. Some users have reported bugs and occasional issues, and map updates can be slow. The premium subscription could be worthwhile for dedicated cyclists, while casual riders may find the free version sufficient. 

If we missed any of the best GPS apps or navigation apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.
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