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How to update Android Auto

Keep Android Auto up to date with the latest navigational features.
August 2, 2022
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Adam Birney / Android Authority

For the most part, Android Auto and all your other Android apps will automatically have the latest software on your smartphone. However, if you’re setting up Android Auto for the first time or somehow missed an update, you may have to take a trip to the Google Play Store to update it manually. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping Android Auto up to date.

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To update Android Auto, open the Google Play Store and type Android Auto into the search field. You can see when the latest version was released under the What's new section and tap Update if it hasn't already been downloaded.


How to update Android Auto

Android Auto should update on its own, and if it is not up to date, your vehicle’s display should ask you to update the app when you connect your phone to your car. To update the app manually, head to the Google Play store on your mobile device and search for Android Auto.

You’ll see when the latest version of the app was released under the What’s new section. If the app somehow missed that update, you’ll see an option to Update the app where the Open option is.

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Adam Birney / Android Authority

How to update Android Auto to a new beta release

As a beta tester, you gain early access to new Android Auto features before they release to everyone. However, beta testing versions of the app can be less stable, and some features might not work correctly. These features are in the testing stages, after all.

Want to be a guinea pig for Android Auto? Find the app on the Google Play store and scroll down to the beta section. Note that space is limited, and it may be full already, as it was at the time of writing this article.

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Adam Birney / Android Authority

You can check back at the Play Store to see if there is any open space for beta testing or stay posted on our site for the latest reports of when new beta programs go live.

If you are a beta tester and want to opt-out, you’ll see the option to Leave the program under the same section on the Play Store. You’ll then have to uninstall the Android Auto beta app from your phone to reinstall the basic Android Auto app.

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Since Android Auto is a smartphone app, you will have to update it from the Google Play Store on your mobile device. The app should update automatically to save you time.

Ideally, Android Auto should automatically install the latest software whether or not you are a beta tester. However, you may need to update manually if reinstalling the app.

Yes, the apps you connect to Android Auto will auto-update, just like the other apps on your phone. Nothing to worry about here!