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Motorola Edge Plus display problems: How do you fix them?

For some, these issues might warrant a replacement of the $1,000 phone.

Published onMay 12, 2021

Motorola Edge Plus in window

Motorola’s Edge Plus marked the OEM’s return to the flagship market early last year, but it hasn’t been a smooth journey. There’s a lot to like about the device, from the punch hole camera to the 5G-ready chipset and impressive build quality. However, the huge 6.7-inch display has become a bit of a problem. Users have reported a bevy of challenges, and here’s what you need to know about the Motorola Edge Plus display problems.

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We’ll walk you through the issues that other users are facing, as well as what you can do to fix them. Unfortunately, the outlook isn’t great as the problem has persisted for nearly a year since the launch.

What issues are users reporting?

As you can see in the images above, the Motorola Edge Plus isn’t limited to just one display problem. Users have reported different issues involving either purple spots or green tints.

Purple spots

Those that have brought up purple spots have noticed that the problem only begins to appear after prolonged use of their phone. If the Motorola Edge Plus has time to cool down, the spots tend to dissipate. Unfortunately, the marks come roaring back once you hop back into prolonged usage.

To make matters worse, the strange purple spots seem to grow and multiply over time. The spots are most likely a hardware issue as the phone heats up and ultimately damages your display.

Green tint

The other Motorola Edge Plus display problem you can see in the shots above is a mysterious green tint. The best we can tell, the green tint is another heat-related issue, and users have been able to remedy it by giving the Motorola Edge Plus time to cool down. Unfortunately, a $1,000 phone isn’t much good when you have to let it rest.

The green tint may also come from an improperly connected cable, and it tends to appear worse on select shades of gray.

Blacked-out and whited-out displays

If purple and green issues weren’t bad enough, some users have found that their Motorola Edge Plus will randomly turn all black or all white. The problem can also happen to a small part of the display, even on phones that are fresh out of the box. It, unfortunately, follows the mysterious trend of the green and purple issues in that users have been unable to find a good source.

We do have to note that we did not see any of these display problems with our Motorola Edge Plus review unit. We noticed that the display darkens towards the curved edges, but that does not seem to be related.

Motorola Edge Plus display problems: Is there a fix?

Motorola Edge Plus display curve

Now you know that you’re not alone, but what can you do about it? Motorola has done its best to keep users updated in a very active forum that has unfortunately reached its 120th page. We recommend following along to get accurate information about updates and replacements, as the most recent comments are from May 2021.

So far, we’ve had a forum administrator respond to numerous comments promising software rollouts. Motorola has indeed pushed said updates, and they often fix the issue — though it seems to return after a few weeks or months.

Acknowledging that some Motorola Edge Plus units might be too far gone, the forum admin wrote, “We’ve seen this software clear up the problem, but in some cases, the “smudging” could be too advanced to resolve in this way.”

Your other option is to seek a replacement device from Motorola. However, this may not put you in a better position, as the issue appears universal. As a result, you may receive your replacement device only to find that the same issues crop up. If you think you may need a replacement phone, try updating the latest software patch first to see if it fixes the problem.

If you’re thinking of returning your Motorola Edge Plus flagship and switching to another brand, here are the best Android phones you can buy right now.

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Having other Motorola Edge Plus issues? Let us know!

The Motorola Edge Plus is not necessarily limited to display problems. Some users have found issues with the fingerprint sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bluetooth reliability. If you’ve experienced one or more of these, we would love to hear about it. You can check the forum to see if Motorola has come up with a possible solution, and we will add significant problems to this list as we find them.

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