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Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Fitbit Sense 2: Which should you buy?

Find out which top Fitbit device is the better pick.

Published onFebruary 12, 2024

Google Pixel Watch 2
MSRP: $349.99
Check price
Runs a snappy Wear OS 4
Added and upgraded advanced health sensors
New training features and automatic workout detection
Fast charging alleviates battery woes
Safety Check and other safety features
Only available in one size
Some health features feel underbaked
Fitbit app redesign oversimplifies
Flaky GPS recording
Setup isn't seamless
Fitbit Sense 2
MSRP: $299.00
Check price
Long-life and fast-charging battery
Amazon Alexa voice assistance integrated
Fitbits latest sensors installed
Unreliable GPS tracking
No Google Assistant support
No third-party apps

Falling under the same Google umbrella, the latest Pixel Watch 2 and Fitbit Sense 2 directly compete for a place on shoppers’ wrists. They’re also both in their second generation, though one smartwatch seems to be improving its line while the other feels like a step backward. Find out more in our Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Fitbit Sense 2 comparison.

Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Fitbit Sense 2: At a glance

Though both house Fitbit's health and fitness tracking suite, the Pixel Watch 2 and Sense 2 have a lot of differences to consider. Below are the major differences between the two smartwatches.

  • The Pixel Watch 2 runs Google's Wear OS 4, while the Fitbit Sense 2 runs Fitbit's OS.
  • Both devices showcase the top features of Fitbit's health and fitness tracking platform, but the Pixel Watch 2 adds the Google Play Store and more.
  • The Pixel Watch 2 also boasts the company's most advanced multi-path heart rate sensor.
  • Both devices feature temperature and cEDA sensors for advanced health monitoring.
  • The Pixel Watch 2 is available in Wi-Fi or LTE models. The Sense 2 does not offer Wi-Fi or LTE or support third-party apps or music storage.
  • Only the Fitbit Sense 2 is compatible with iPhones.

Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Fitbit Sense 2 specs

Google Pixel Watch 2Fitbit Sense 2
Google Pixel Watch 2
Always-on display
320ppi AMOLED display with DCI-P3 color
Custom 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Fitbit Sense 2
1.58-inch AMOLED
Always-on display
336 x 336 resolution

Dimensions and weight
Google Pixel Watch 2
41mm x 12.3mm
31g (without band)
Fitbit Sense 2
40.5 x 40.5 x 11.2mm
Google Pixel Watch 2
Fitbit Sense 2
4GB (OS only, inaccessible)
Google Pixel Watch 2

Proprietary fast charging cable
Fitbit Sense 2

Proprietary charging cable
Google Pixel Watch 2
Wear OS 4.0
Fitbit Sense 2
Fitbit OS
Google Pixel Watch 2
Blood oxygen sensor
Multipurpose electrical sensor
Optical heart rate sensor
Ambient light sensor
Electrical sensor to measure cEDA
Skin temperature sensor
Fitbit Sense 2
Heart rate
ECG (in select areas)
3-axis accelerometer
Skin temperature
Ambient light
Google Pixel Watch 2
5ATM + IP68
Fitbit Sense 2
5ATM + IP68

Google Pixel Watch 2
Bluetooth 5.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/Quasi-Zenith Satellite
Fitbit Sense 2
Bluetooth 5.0
No Wi-Fi
Google Pixel Watch 2
Android 9 or newer
Fitbit Sense 2
Android 8 or higher
iOS 14 or higher
Google Pixel Watch 2
Matte Black Aluminum case / Obsidian Active band
Polished Silver Aluminum case / Bay Active band
Polished Silver Aluminum case / Porcelain Active band
Champagne Gold Aluminum case / Hazel Active band
Fitbit Sense 2
Shadow Grey band / Graphite Aluminum case
Lunar White band / Platinum Aluminum case
Blue Mist band / Soft Gold Aluminum case

Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Fitbit Sense 2: Features

Starting with what the two devices have in common, both the Sense 2 and Pixel Watch 2 are technically Fitbit devices. That means a large percentage of overlap in terms of health and fitness features. Both devices pack the top tools of the brand’s platform, including activity tracking, detailed sleep monitoring, ECG, SpO2, heart rate tracking, and Body Response (cEDA) sensors that continuously monitor users’ stress levels. Both devices also feature temperature sensors for additional health insights. Notably, each also comes with a six-month Fitbit Premium trial at purchase for even more tools and insights.

Beyond these basics, the Pixel Watch 2 pulls ahead of the Sense 2 in features. For fitness tracking, the Google smartwatch adds pace and heart rate training tools to help users maximize performance during workouts. It also features the company’s most advanced heart rate sensor for optimal accuracy. In testing, this sensor proved very reliable during a variety of workouts, including running, cycling, and weight training. The watch also boasts onboard music storage and music streaming for further convenience while you train. The watch will utilize AI to provide personalized guidance based on users’ tracked wellness stats. Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Compared to the Fitbit Sense 2, the Pixel Watch 2 offers a more well-rounded smartwatch experience centered around its powerful Wear OS 4.

As far as what the watch has to offer in terms of smart features, the Pixel Watch 2 is a much more powerful device than the Fitbit Sense 2. While the Sense lineup gained some Wear OS-inspired tiles and design features, it’s still limited to a Fitbit OS. The Pixel Watch 2 is a full-blown Wear OS device with all the accompanying perks and services. Users will find everything from Google Home to Google Maps, Calendar, Gmail, and Google Assistant. They’ll also find the Google Play Store to access a broad library of third-party apps like Peloton, WhatsApp, Strava, and much more. Meanwhile, Sense 2 features few Google apps and zero third-party apps.

Likewise, while both watches support on-wrist phone calls, texting and notifications, only the Pixel Watch 2 features Wi-Fi support and comes in an LTE variant. The Pixel Watch 2 also offers a handful of safety features not found on the Sense 2, including Fall Detection, Emergency SOS, and Safety Check. It also adds plenty of smartphone integration tools, especially for users with a Pixel phone. In short, it’s a much more powerful device beyond tracking wellness stats.

Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Fitbit Sense 2: Design

At its launch, the Sense 2 was the most attractive Fitbit smartwatch to date. It features the company’s staple rounded square design with a 1.58 AMOLED display on a slimmed-down, lighter watch case. The device also reinstates the line’s physical button, eliminating the unreliable capacitive groove of the original Sense. For strapping onto users’ wrists, the Sense 2 ships with comfortable sport bands in various colors. It’s also compatible with those of the previous generation and Versa 3 bands. In short, it’s a good-looking watch with a smart design. Square watches, in general, typically offer more room for data and scrolling menus.

The Sense 2 offers a more functional design than its predecessor with a physical button and a lighter watch case, but it's not as attractive or unique as the Pixel Watch 2.

On the other hand, the Sense 2 isn’t especially unique looking. In fact, it looks fairly Apple-esque with its square form factor. Meanwhile, the Pixel Watch 2 boasts a unique, pebble-like design that’s 41mm in diameter. The round case is also highly reflective. Though the domed glass over the device’s colorful AMOLED display makes us nervous regarding durability, it carries the same aesthetic as the original Pixel Watch. It remains one of the most unique design features in the wearables market. We also found it extremely comfortable for all-day wear and sleep tracking during our review period.

google pixel watch 2 crown and button
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Like the Sense 2, the Pixel Watch also takes cues from Cupertino. The watch features a single physical button and a rotating digital crown with the same general functionality as the Apple Watch. The crown makes navigating the device’s Wear OS 4 very efficient and adds interest to the minimalist watch case at a glance. To further the clean lines of its design, the Pixel Watch 2 features a proprietary band mechanism that incorporates the device’s bands into its case. Just like we found during our review of the original Pixel Watch, the bands can be tricky to swap out. However, the impact is undeniably seamless.

Where the Fitbit Sense 2 maintains a lead over Google’s offerings is battery life. Despite its Fitbit integration, the Pixel Watch 2 falls quite short compared to traditional Fitbit devices in terms of battery life. During our review, the Pixel Watch 2 lasted about 25 hours between charges. Compared to the Sense 2’s nearly week-long battery life claim, this is devastating. During our Sense 2 review, the device lasted roughly 3.5 days with all its features enabled. On the other hand, the Pixel Watch 2 does offer fast charging capabilities to alleviate users’ charging woes.

Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Fitbit Sense 2: Price and colors

  • Google Pixel Watch 2 (Bluetooth + Wi-Fi): $349 / €349 / £349
  • Google Pixel Watch 2 (LTE): $399 / €399 / £399
  • Fitbit Sense 2: $299 / £269 / €299

The Sense 2 launched at $299, a surprising jump from its predecessor’s launch price. Though the device is cheaper than the Pixel Watch 2, it offers far fewer features. The single Sense 2 variant is available in Graphite, Platinum, or Soft Gold. Fitbit pairs these with bands in Shadow Grey, Lunar White, and Blue Mist.

Fitbit Sense 2Fitbit Sense 2
Fitbit Sense 2
Thin, light, and comfortable • Terrific battery life • Fantastic sleep and stress tracking
MSRP: $299.00
The Fitbit smartwatch for advanced health tracking
The Fitbit Sense 2 packs an EDA/cEDA sensor, ECG readings, heart rate, SpO2, and skin temperature monitoring and a fantastic sleep tracking suite. In addition to this extensive list of health-focused tools, the device also features built-in GPS, Fitbit Pay, and support for on-wrist phone calls.

The Pixel Watch 2, meanwhile, is available in Wi-Fi-only and LTE variants starting at $349. For just $50 more than the Fitbit Sense 2, users add tons of smart features and safety tools. For another $50 shoppers can add LTE connectivity. Pixel Watch 2 case colors include Matte Black, Polished Silver, and Champagne Gold, with bands in Obsidian, Porcelain, Bay, and Hazel.

Google Pixel Watch 2Google Pixel Watch 2
Google Pixel Watch 2
Runs a snappy Wear OS 4 • Added and upgraded advanced health sensors • Fast charging alleviates battery woes
MSRP: $349.99
Wear OS 4, advanced health sensors, and upgraded training features elevate the Pixel Watch 2
The Google Pixel Watch 2 retains the first model's successful features and refines several of the original's shortcomings. Added sensors, upgraded training tools, and a few key changes suggest a more finished product. Google's Wear OS 4 runs flawlessly, while advanced health tools from Fitbit join the lineup.

Google Pixel Watch 2 vs Fitbit Sense 2: Which should you buy?

google pixel watch 2 gold
Ryan Haines / Android Authority
Google Pixel Watch 2

We can’t in good conscience recommend the Fitbit Sense 2 to anyone shopping for a smartwatch. Fitbit has consistently rolled back key features of the lineup, including third-party app support, music storage, and Google Assistant. We also found existing features like GPS tracking unreliable during our review period. The one real advantage of the Fitbit Sense 2 is its fantastic battery life. The device doesn’t offer enough functionality to warrant its price tag.

With that said, the Fitbit Sense 2 is the only option of the two that are compatible with iPhones. iOS users looking for a Fitbit device are left with the brand’s original lineups. If you fall into that camp, we recommend the band-style Fitbit Charge 6 ($159.95 at Amazon). If your heart is set on a watch, we suggest the original Fitbit Sense ($168 at Amazon) over the newer generation.

Aside from its significantly shorter battery life, the Google Pixel Watch 2 is a much better smartwatch than the Fitbit Sense 2.

Meanwhile, the added sensors of the Pixel Watch 2 have closed the gap between the two lines regarding health features. The Pixel Watch 2 now supports Fitbit’s most advanced health monitoring, including sleep tracking, temperature tracking, and stress management. It’s also a much more powerful smartwatch with Wear OS 4, packing upgraded Google apps and the Google Play Store.

Do you prefer the Google Pixel Watch 2 or the Fitbit Sense 2? Let us know in the poll below.

Would you purchase the Google Pixel Watch 2 or the Fitbit Sense 2?

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Both the Google Pixel Watch 2 and Fitbit Sense 2 feature 5ATM water resistance ratings.

Neither the Google Pixel Watch 2 nor Fitbit Sense 2 can charge wirelessly. Both devices require their proprietary charging cables.

Both the Google Pixel Watch 2 and Fitbit Sense 2 offer built-in GPS.

Neither the Google Pixel Watch 2 nor the Fitbit Sense 2 can measure blood pressure.

The Fitbit Sense 2 can work with an iPhone, but the Pixel Watch 2 is only compatible with Android phones.

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