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How to delete podcasts on an Apple Watch

Make space on your Apple Watch by deleting podcasts.
September 21, 2022

If you have the Apple podcasts app on your iPhone, and your phone is paired to an Apple Watch, you likely also have those podcasts downloaded onto your watch. This will obviously take up valuable storage space on your watch, so if you find that storage space dwindling fast, here is how to delete podcasts on your Apple Watch.

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To delete podcasts on an Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone and select Podcasts. To delete every podcast downloaded to your watch, tap Up Next in Add Episodes From and enable it. This will only make the current episode available. To delete one particular podcast show, go to to the Shows section, tap the podcast, and select Remove Show.

How to delete podcasts on an Apple Watch

First start by opening the Watch app on your iPhone, and navigate to Podcasts.

ios apple watch podcasts app

If you want to remove every single podcast show from your Apple Watch, tap Up Next.

ios apple watch up next

Enable Up Next to however many episodes you want downloaded from each show at the one time. The rest will be discarded. Once you have finished an episode, it will be automatically deleted from your watch.

ios podcast apple watch up next setting

On the other hand, if you want to delete only certain podcast shows, go back to the Podcasts app main screen and tap the show you want to tweak. Then specify how many episodes should be downloaded at the one time. The rest will be discarded. Alternatively, tap Remove Show to remove the entire podcast show from your watch.

ios apple watch podcasts app podcast setting

Unfortunately, you cannot pick specific episodes of a specific podcast show to delete from your watch. It’s either a specific number of recent episodes that get downloaded, or the whole show gets nuked.

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On Windows, you can subscribe to a podcast using the desktop iTunes. However, on the macOS desktop Music app, no similar function exists.

No, you currently cannot delete single episodes. It’s either a whole podcast series or every podcast downloaded onto your device. It’s all or nothing.

If you use another podcast app, such as Pocket Casts, you will need to check the app’s settings to see how to remove podcasts from Apple Watch. Some podcast apps don’t even have a Watch app, so you may not have downloaded podcasts on your watch at all.