Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera and logo with S Pen closeup

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 packs everything we want from a phablet in a smaller, more affordable form factor than the Note 10 Plus. If you’re still rocking Samsung’s powerhouse, keeping its beautiful display safe is going to be necessary, especially if you want to avoid high repair charges. Here are some of the best Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors you can buy right now!

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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen protectors:

  1. IQShield clear film
  2. amFilm tempered glass
  3. Armorsuit Militaryshield film
  4. Skinomi Techskin full-body film

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 10 as more become available.

1. IQShield clear film

iqshield clear film

The IQShield screen protector is made with an optically transparent film to maintain the viewing experience and touch response while keeping the screen from scratches. A wet installation method lets you align the screen guard perfectly and keeps bubbles away as well. A self-healing layer removes minor scratches, and the film doesn’t yellow over time either.

2. amFilm tempered glass

amfilm tempered glass

The amFilm tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy Note 10 are shatterproof and keep the display damage-free. It also works with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner (you’ll have to register your fingerprints after applying the protector). It’s one of the more expensive options on this list, but it’s worth it.

3. Armorsuit Militaryshield

armorsuit militaryshield tpu clear film

The Armorsuit Militaryshield is made with a scratch-proof transparent film. It’s able to heal minor scratches over time and manages to reduce smudges from fingerprints and oil significantly. It is also resistant to yellowing and provides edge-to-edge protection for the Galaxy Note 10 display.

4. Skinomi Techskin full-body film

skinomi techskin full-body coverage for the galaxy note 10

Like the other film screen guards on the list, the Skinomi Techskin is made with a scratch and puncture-proof TPU that won’t yellow over time. What makes this version stand out is that it comes with extra pieces to cover the glass panel on the back and the frame of the phone.

So there you have it for this roundup of some of the best screen protectors you can get for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10!