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Best quiz apps for Android

June 5, 2012

Solving mental puzzles can be a fun way to exercise your brain cells, as well as kill those idle moments when you’re at the office or waiting for the bus. If you often find yourself being bored on a particular subject like mathematics, chemistry or general knowledge, then consider yourself lucky, as applications these days are not just for mere fun and games. They are also here to help you achieve your goal in mastering those subjects and, at the same time, enjoy learning.

Test your knowledge in many different categories and sharpen your skills with some of the best quiz apps available on the Google Play Store. Here are some of the best quiz apps that will surely fire up your mental synapses.

Talking Kids Math and Numbers

Here’s an app that will surely  polish your kids’ mathematical skills, as well as entertain them in the process. Talking Kids Math and Numbers will certainly teach them all the basics of numbers and dealing with mathematical equations. The app is well-suited for young children who are at least 4 years old. Kids will be taught basic mathematical skills such as addition and subtraction, as well as counting numbers.

In Quiz Mode, the app will ask your child to do a simple mathematical problem to solve, while TV Mode offers a lecture mode. The app’s mascot comes in the form of a penguin that is child friendly with text to speech capabilities. Talking Kids Math and Numbers also offers high-quality 3D graphics that will suit many Android devices without sacrificing quality. The app also offers special sound effects that will surely amaze any kid on the block.

In times of boredom, there’s nothing better than to revitalize yourself with a few educational games to spice up those neurons. What better way to recharge your brain cells with National Flags Quiz, a clever little application that lets users test themselves in a game of identifying country flags. Nevertheless, National Flags Quiz is a fun and stimulating way to learn and identify a country’s flag with the use of images flashed on the screen.

Users can easily jump right into the game and try their luck in identifying a country’s flag from a host of different pictures. They can then identify the flag and choose the correct country name from a list of choices given. The app is only limited to identifying flags, but it is a great way to challenge a friend or student on their flag-identification knowledge.

Having problems with chemistry and the periodic table? This is just the application that will definitely teach you the basics as well as entertain you during your learning process. Periodic Table by Socratica, LLC, is just the right app do help you with all of your periodic element woes. For students who are just beginning to enroll in chemistry classes, Periodic Table is the best companion that you could ever have for studying.

Periodic Table contains a truckload of information by providing 30 different facts on each element. It also takes you one step further by adding audio clips to help users understand the correct pronunciation of an element. After you have mastered the elements, you can always test yourself with the built-in Quiz Mode that challenges you to evaluate the stuff you learned so far about the Periodic Table of Elements.

Learn interesting facts about the United States presidents with a fun approach with U.S. Presidents for Android. After every successful presidential election, it appears that it is more difficult to memorize the names of U.S. presidents in the order in which they were elected to serve.  It’s even quite challenging to find quick important background information about each president. That is why the developers behind U.S. Presidents made a handy application that lets you gain information while answering a set of questions behind each presidency.

The app features a Learn Mode in which users can learn more about each president and his corresponding background. If they felt they have already absorbed enough information, they can easily test their knowledge by selecting Quiz Mode. In this mode, users will be put to the test about their knowledge of U.S. presidents. This is also a great way to learn history without having to rely on bulky books.

Test your skills on famous brand names and logos with the Logos Quiz application. From the name itself, Logos Quiz is a fun interesting application that pits users in a guessing game on famous logos found all over the world.

There are a total of six levels found all throughout the game and each level corresponds to the difficulty of the logo you have to guess. Once you know the answer of that particular logo, all you need to do is input your answer in the text box found below the logo. Users can progress through the next level by fulfilling a certain number of correct answers for each level. If you have a keen eye and a curiosity for your surroundings, then answering the questions in Logos Quiz will be a walk in the park.

Considered as one of the best trivia games on the Google Play Store, Trivia Burst by E5 is definitely a worthy app that will entertain you during those dull moments at the office. Users will be enthralled by the numerous questions that Trivia Burst has to offer. Currently the app has over 22,000 questions in 22 categories in its database, enough to satisfy your thirst for earthly knowledge.

What’s best about Trivia Burst is the reward system that it has to offer. Make it to the top in the online ranking system and earn yourself a reward in the form of an Amazon Gift certificate. The app bases its questions on an open web source platform that contains user-submitted questions that may sometimes turn out incorrect. To play Trivia Burst all you need to do is to pick a category and answer a question by selecting the letter of your choice.

Who Becomes Rich, also known as Trivial Droid, is an interesting question and answer application that is best suited to be played with your friends and family. There are three modes to choose from: Normal Mode, Passive Mode, and Marathon Game. Just like any ordinary T.V. quiz show, the app also features a lifeline which will help users answer some of the difficult questions.

Choosing Normal Mode will give you a question that you need to answer in less than 20 seconds. You will be ranked afterwards. Passive Mode still features a question but progresses in later stages of the game. On the other hand, Marathon Game tests users on how fast they can answer questions in a limited amount of time. The sound effects in Who Becomes Rich is top-notch, adding the perfect mood and setting when playing the game.

Here’s an app that is light on frying your brain cells but fun and addictive once you get started. The Moron Test by DistinctDev is one of the top selling mobile games on the Google Play Store. Test yourself with questions that are downright easy and humorous in this epic game of question and answer. Graduate from a Moron to become a Genius as you breeze past questions that will tap, twist, and shake your mind through fun and wacky challenges.

The user interface of The Moron Test is wonderful and users will be amaze at how questions are beautifully rendered. The questions are pretty easy and, soon as you progress through levels, the game gets more interesting and challenging. Questions range from finding the smallest ball to solving jigsaw puzzles. If you have the knack for quiz-type games, then The Moron Test will definitely eat your time.

Test your mental prowess in a fun and exciting game that will pit you against waves of numerical questions in Math Workout. If you have been struggling with mathematics, then why not exercise your brain cells in juggling mathematical equations? Math Workout is perfect for users who want to learn math without straining their brain cells in the process. All you need is to spend a few minutes of each day to mentally train in the field of mathematics.

Math Workout features 8 different modes that let you test your skills in dealing with numbers. Users can go with simple addition and subtraction or go hardcore with Math Blaster Challenge. Each mode is different and focuses on specific areas in the field of mathematics. Learn to solve math problems mentally by using Math Workout for at least once a day.

The Doc is back in Brain Genius Deluxe, bringing a lot of enticing new exercises that will surely stimulate your brain cells. Become a genius and rise to the top with over 23 touch-controlled brain training games that will test your analytical skills, observation, memory, calculation, and reasoning abilities.

You can also track your performance and watch your statistics rise in a mental skills race every time you play. Compare scores with your friends as Brain Deluxe stores all of your accumulated points inside their database. If you want to take a break from all the mental workout, then take a break and play some light games with sliding puzzle and Sudoku.

With all these quiz apps on your Android device, your brain will never collect dust or get rusty. Download some, or all of them, to your Android device and keep your brain active.