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As we’re seeing with the Nintendo Switch, demand for the PS4 is sky-high right now, with everyone looking to relieve their boredom. That means that stocks are low and deals are thin on the ground. We normally use this page to bring you the best PS4 deals available at the time, but on the consoles, it’s more a case of signposting you to where they’re still in stock right now. We did manage to find some nice savings on games and accessories though.

The original PS4 has been retired, but you can still check out the sleek PS4 Slim and powerful PS4 Pro. Check out your options below along with some of the best games and accessories you can find.

PS4 Slim deals

playstation 4 slim console

The PS4 Slim has become the go-to option since the original PS4 console was retired. The Slim is smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient than the original but it packs the same level of performance. The PS4 Slim also supports HDR gaming and streaming for better color depth and contrast.

You can even share games with your friends using Share Play as long as you have PlayStation Plus. The PS4 Slim also comes VR-ready and packs a 1TB hard drive to store all of your favorite games. Check out the deals and bundles below:

PlayStation 4 Slim
$374 .76 Save $4 .91
Buy it Now
PlayStation 4 Slim Only on PlayStation bundle
$419 .73
Buy it Now
PlayStation 4 Slim Spiderman bundle
$399 .75
Buy it Now

PS4 Pro deals

playstation 4 pro console

The PS4 Pro takes all of the great features of the Slim and turns them up to eleven. It also offers 4K gaming output and improved optimization for games like Call of Duty and Gran Turismo Sport. You can turn on Boost Mode to improve the frame-rate of games released prior to the launch of the Pro.

You can’t guarantee that a PS4 Pro will turn you into a better gamer, but at least anything you play will look next-level. Check out some bundle options at the widgets below.

PlayStation 4 Pro
$452 .94
Buy it Now
PlayStation 4 Pro Open World and controller bundle
$499 .90
Buy it Now
PlayStation 4 Pro
$449 .00
Buy it Now

Amazon often has great deals on the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, but they tend to change rapidly. Here is a link to the PS4 hub on Amazon if you want to see all of the latest deals. UK readers can also access the same deals right here.

PS4 Games and Accessories

Sony loves to boast about the selection of exclusive games that you can only buy on PS4, and for good reason. Games like The Last of Us and God of War are fan favorites that tend to do pretty well with critics too. We’ve grabbed a few of the best prices we could find. Don’t worry, the games are actually discounted, unlike the consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition
$18 .00 Save $41 .88
Buy it Now
The Last of Us: Remastered
$12 .99 Save $7 .00
Buy it Now
Lego Marvel Collection
$14 .99 Save $45 .00
Buy it Now
EA Sports UFC
$10 .99 Save $11 .00
Buy it Now
NBA 2K20
$19 .99 Save $40 .00
Buy it Now
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition
$24 .89 Save $25 .10
Buy it Now

If you’re happy with your game library already, you might be looking for some accessories instead. Here’s a headset, an extra controller, and a PlayStation Plus membership to complete your setup.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset
$84 .99 Save $15 .00
Buy it Now
PlayStation Plus, One Year Subscription
$31 .99 Save $28 .00
Buy it Now
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
$59 .99
Buy it Now

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