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The best cable organizers for keeping your cord clutter to a minimum

Cord ties and cable organizers aren't exactly what we call sexy, but they are important. Here's a list of some of our most recommended options.
March 8, 2017

We live in an age where mobile devices and other electronics litter our living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and even our automobiles. If you have multiple devices – computers, electronics, etc, then having some kind of organized system in place is a good way to keep your devices’ cords from becoming a cluttered, tangled mess.

Cord ties and cable organizers aren’t exactly what we call sexy, but they are important. And thankfully, they typically are pretty affordable too. There’s only so many ways to organize a cable, from your standard fastening ties to special desktop organizers, cable clips, and so forth. There are a few ‘higher-tech’ cord organizers and docks as well.

With all that in mind, here’s just a few options we found that are worth considering:

Maxnic 8-port USB charging dock and organizer

The Maxnic organizer is a perfect docking station for all your mobile devices, allowing you to plug multiple USB-powered devices into one simple dock, avoiding plugging up all your outlets and surge protectors with a bunch of cables. This particular dock/organizer supports a max of 2.4A power output out of 4 ports and has built-in smart IC that identifies your device and charges it at the maximum speed safely possible. There’s an additional 4 ports that are at 1A power output.

At $45 for the 8-port model, it’s not exactly cheap, but it is a high-tech way to prevent clutter. There are also cheaper variants that offer lesser ports, if you don’t need all eight.

Kingstar USB Power Strip Charging Station and organizer


The Kingstar is actually a power strip and not a organizer per say, but it does have a handy built in docking station and a number of USB ports that could help prevent clutter while offering a convenient way to charge up all your devices. There’s one port that outputs up to 2.1A, with the other three outputting 1A. For just $24, this is an affordable way to give you a convenient charging station for your mobile devices that could also help reduce clutter.

Reusable Hook and Loop Fastening Tie (50 Pcs)


There are several different ways to organize your cables in an efficient way, but the hook and loop ties are the best at conserving space. If you have a lot of cables running to the same outlet, you simply take one of these ties and fasten the cords together. It creates a “peel-off Twizzler” look, but it does wonders for your desk space. Better yet, if you have too many cables, you can attach more than tie together form a much larger one. This selection of 50 ties only costs $8.99 but will save you a lot of headaches when you do computer work.

Envisioned Eco-Friendly Desktop Organizer


Envisioned understands that there are a lot of different devices that require many different ways to charge. As such, you may keep a lot of cables at the ready for you to keep your technology up and running. This organizer sits solidly on your desk or nightstand with four holders. All you have to do is thread your cables through the holders and you’ve instantly got everything you need in one convenient place. If this product fits your needs, it’s available for purchase on Amazon for $14.87.

JOTO Cable Management Sleeve


JOTO takes the same route of the hook and loop ties but takes it a step further. The cable management sleeve functions like a cover that you slide over your mess of cords. The sleeves sit at 19-20 inches long, so they are perfect for managing the back end of your TV or family computer. Better yet, the zip-up design allows for easy access and flexibility whenever you need to shift things around. If the sleeves satisfy your fancy, then you can buy them in a bundle of four for $14.99.

iGotTech Cable Clips


iGotTech takes a very similar approach to Envisioned when it comes to organizing your cables. This time, however, the result is much smaller, and cheaper at a mere cost of $9.87. Instead of one unit that holds four cables, iGotTech made multiple small clips that hold two cables. This is a much quicker and more versatile solution, as it allows you to take care of excess cables in multiple places as opposed to just one.

Blue Key World Adhesive Cable Clips


There isn’t much to say about Blue Key World’s cable clips because they function just about the same as iGotTech’s models do. However, there are two major differences that you should consider: the first is that instead of two holders, these cable clips only have one. The second is that the bottom is fitted with an adhesive bottom that can stick to just about any surface. This is definitely for people that don’t use very many cables but still want to keep them in a convenient place at all times. You can now order a 6-pack for $8.85.