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Best Android card games

July 30, 2012

Card games are great past-times for people of all ages, whether you are still in your teens or way past it. Some card games entail strategy and quick decision-making skills. Slowpokes, they say, both in movement and thinking, will really have a hard time appreciating card games. But, if you have sufficient amounts of strategy and logic stored in your head, being fast will not be a requirement for you.

On the Google Play Store, there are numerous apps that cater to people who love playing card games. One card game I bet almost everyone has is solitaire, but, in this article, we won’t be including that. We have a separate article dedicated to solely giving you the best solitaire card game apps befitting your Android device. This time around though, we’ve listed card game apps that will surely make you and your friends sit down and play for hours.

Read on to see the best card game apps that you can download for your Android device. We are not promoting gambling but it all boils down to how you make use of the apps. Fun and entertainment is what we’re trying to serve you and with the apps in this list, we hope we can be of help if you are looking for best Android card games that will entertain and occupy your time.

Who doesn’t like poker? Well, I for one haven’t played the game with real chips and cards but with Live Holdem Poker Pro, people like me who haven’t played it can definitely learn the ins and outs of the card game.

Live Holdem Poker Pro is one of the most-played social poker. You get to play poker with millions of app players worldwide, as well as with players from Facebook. What makes this app almost similar to playing poker in real life is its live chat feature. You get to chat with other players during a game and maybe invite them to another one after your game has ended.

Live Holdem Poker Pro lets you choose between two game modes: the Shootout Tournament Mode and the Sit-n-Go Tournament Mode. You can also choose to play these tournaments or you can play Fast Tables as well. Gold and diamonds can be used to purchase virtual goods that you can send to the people on your table.

Live Holdem Poker Pro, despite having Pro in its name, can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

If you have a penchant for luck and chance games, this card game app is for you. Bingo Heaven – Free BINGO GAME lets you play Bingo wherever and whenever you want. Playing Bingo this time won’t require you to have a tangible bingo card because having this app on your Android device is as good as playing it in actuality.

This card game app will not only let you reach BINGO (and actually shout it) but you’ll be given a series of goals to achieve, which makes playing this game more fun. This card game app is not your everyday bingo because it has powerups you can use during the gameplay. These powerups will charge overtime, so when you want to fire one away, you’ll have to wait a bit before you can do so.

Do take note that Bingo Heaven – Free BINGO GAME requires an Internet connection for you to be able to play. And, of course, this card game app is absolutely free. Download it today and play the classic card game with better gameplay and prizes.

Texas Holdem or Hold ’em is one of the many variants of poker. If you are wondering if this variant came from Texas, then wonder no more for you’ve just hit the bulls-eye. Although it is another kind of poker game, playing it will still hook you, nonetheless.

Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe gives you classic gameplay of the poker variant. You get to play with over 3 million poker players on Facebook, Android, and other platforms. This app has stunning graphics that will surely give you the feeling of being in a luxurious casino. Hundreds of poker tables are accessible with just one click.

If you are a poker enthusiast and want to play poker anywhere, get this app. You can also play this app using your Facebook account, so whether you are playing the app using your Android device or through an app on Facebook, you can access your profile and continue playing. This app has an easy-to-use interface, so playing the game is top priority and navigating around the app is not a problem at all.

Blackjack, otherwise known as 21, is one of the most widely played casino card games. This card game’s rules have a number of variations, but the goal is to come up with a sum of 21. Face cards like the King are assigned 10 points, so if you have one of the face cards, your mission now is to come up with 21 without exceeding.

Whether you are still a beginner or a pro when it comes to playing this game, Live BlackJack 21 will help you get used to how the game works. You’ll have the chance to play with other players and maybe make some friends to help you understand the game more. Blackjack is not purely a game of chance because the game’s outcome will also depend on your decision-making skills.

You can start playing by logging in using your Facebook or Abzorba account. You may also choose to log in as a guest. This app has a large community of blackjack players, ready to test you out if you have the skills in playing the game. You can post your results via Facebook and Twitter, letting your friends know how good, or terrible, you are at playing blackjack.

Hearts Free is a card game app that lets you play a rather interesting kind of card game. The card game, Hearts, is an evasion type trick-taking card game. The card game’s main objective is to have the fewest points by the time the game ends.

This card game app has features like the option to play full Hearts with optional Jack of Diamonds rule, card passing options, 18 levels of difficulty for the CPU opponent according to skill, and 5 backgrounds to choose from. Hearts Free also has the hints and undo options, allowing you to have some idea of what to do next in the game.

Your stats will also be recorded, as well as your CPU opponent’s. You’ll get to compare your stats and probably be pushed to do better the next time you’ll play. Hearts Free has a smooth interface and no laggy gameplay. Get this card game app for free today and start perfecting your skills in playing Hearts. This app is ad-supported but worry not, the ads are unobtrusive. They won’t get in the way of your game.

Drinking gin or rum is probably not necessary for you to play this card game. Gin Rummy Free, developed by AI Factory Limited, is one card game app you should have if you are a die-hard gin rummy player. Play the card game even without real cards. All you’ll need is your Android device and an opponent.

Gin rummy is a fairly simple game. Its objective is to score an agreed number of points or form sets and runs of cards by the end of the game. Face cards’ points are 10 each, aces at 1, and the remaining cards’ points are scored using their numerical values. This card game does not bank on pure luck. Your skill strategy and decision-making skills are still key to ensure your victory.

You have 15 CPU opponents to choose from, each varying according to the skill level. If you are not confident enough of your skills, have a game with the beginner level of the CPU opponent and gradually level up to harder ones. Customizing the deck of cards is also possible, as well as choosing the background that will best suit you.

Here’s another poker card game app that is very famous among poker addicts. Zynga Poker also has an app for Facebook, allowing you to play the game with your Facebook friends. Now, you can continue the fun with the use of your Android device.

This card game app exudes a Las Vegas casino kind of feel with its impressive graphics and intuitive UI. In-game chatting is also one feature of this app, allowing you to converse with the other players at the table. You can play this game live with your Facebook friends, play one-on-one, or have 5 to 9 players at one table.

You can choose to play Zynga Poker as a guest or you can use your Facebook account. When you are a first-time player of the app, you get to have $20,000 worth of chips, enough to get you starting in the game. Zynga Poker supports languages like French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and more. Zynga Poker is surely one app worth downloading and playing in your free time.

Racing doesn’t only apply to cars. In this card game app, you do a lot of time beating. Speed Card Free will definitely test your brain and finger speed, demanding a lot of good hand and eye coordination. Being slow is a major no-no in this app because if you are not fast enough, you’ll get left behind.

This card game app only has one main aim — to get rid of your cards as fast as possible. You need to beat your computer opponent and every time you do, the level of difficulty gets higher, and the computer opponent gets faster.

Speed Card Free has a smooth and fast gameplay, perfect for those times when you are getting very immersed in the game and don’t want any lags. Being a fast-paced game usually calls for fast gameplay and fast rendering of the graphics, which this card game app didn’t fail to consider. What’s more, it has infinite levels, sure to satiate your hunger for more fun and more adrenalin rushes.

Speed Card Free is ad-supported but the ads don’t obstruct the game. It is downloadable for free from the Google Play Store. Download it now and test how long you can last with this fast-paced card game app.

Spades Free, based on the plain-trick game where the spades are always trumps, is a very entertaining app that will take much of your free time. In this game, the aces are ranked as highest followed by the face cards, and the lowest card is the number 2 (of any suit).

This card game app allows for full spades partnership play where you get to choose whom to play with and whom to play against. You can play with any of the 18 character opponents of varying skills from beginner to expert. With the variation of skills, you can practice and come up with strategies to assure your win.

We can always expect great game from AI Factory Unlimited, and being one of their products, Spades Free is not short of impressive in both its gameplay and graphics — smooth, classy, fast. And, just like the other card game apps mentioned on this list from the same developer, user and CPU player stats are available, may it be for encouragement to strive harder in the next games or for boasting to your friends at how good you are.

Game rules and help options are also included, aiding you if it’s your first time playing the game. Spades Free is a free card game app and has unobtrusive ads that will not disturb your game in any way.

To wrap our list up is a card game app that is pleasing to the eye because of its show of colors. UNO FREE is a fun card game based on color and number matching. Being a world-famous game, producing a mobile version of the game will surely keep fans playing it anytime, anywhere.

UNO FREE has an intuitive UI that allows you to drag and drop cards. You get to choose your avatar and your color prior to starting the game, giving you much identity especially when you want to play a multiplayer game. You also have the freedom to customize your own game by tweaking the draw types, UNO rules like 7-0, and Jump-in.

In multiplayer mode, you can play locally with your friends through the use of a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, given that your friends also have the same app installed on their Android devices. Playing online is also possible, if you want to challenge yourself with other players from other places.

We’ve just listed the best Android card game apps. If some of these apps piqued your fancy, get them now and have fun wherever and whenever, either by yourself or with your friends. Do check our article about the best solitaire games you can find from the Google Play Store.

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