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Best Android Apps for learning music

May 7, 2012

You’ve got dreams of being a music legend. You’ve rocked out to Guitar Hero, sung your heart out at the karaoke bar, and strutted your stuff in the shower. But, if you really want to perfect your singing skills, you’ll need to get serious. You have the option to enroll in music school, hire a music instructor or, if you’d rather walk the road by yourself, at least take your Android device with you. And, at least make sure that your Android device has an app that’ll help you polish your music skills.

There’s no limit to what people can find on the Google Play Store and if you’re aspiring to learn the medium of your passion, you’ll need something lightweight to carry around. Open your ears, flex those fingers, and get ready for our selection of some of the best Android apps for learning music.

Before you can embark on your journey to become the world’s next best musician, you’ll need to learn the basics. That may seem boring but Music Tutor Sight Read is here to make sure that you won’t have a dull moment learning how to read and write music. It’s a quiz game designed for music students for learning to read and write music.

Because it packs some games, Music Tutor Sight Read makes sure that you’re on your toes. Learn to read and write music staves and when the game asks for it, answer a key signature by choosing a key in the keyboard.

Some of the game modes include timed tests, a study option for you to answer questions without a time limit and learn, in which the user touches the answer panel and Music Tutor Sight Read shows the question corresponding to the given answer. Music Tutor Sight Read is a must-have for folks who want to build on their music foundations. Unfortunately, Music Tutor Sight Read doesn’t allow you to review your mistakes, so you’ll have to try to avoid giving the same erroneous answer.

It’ll take more than just strumming and hoping you sound at least half good. If you’ve got a guitar, you should learn how to play it. Though Chord! Guitar Chord Finder is primarily a guitar or fretted instrument chord finder, it generates chord diagrams in any tuning and with any number of strings. Hear how each diagram sounds by sweeping your fingers across the strings.

All diagrams are displayed in color so it’s easier for you to figure it out. With over 400 entries in its database, Chord! Guitar Chord Finder allows you to plot on a neck in any tuning or reverse search. You can find the scales corresponding to the notes you enter on a neck and explore the variations that the app gives you.

If you’re left handed, don’t worry because Chord! Guitar Chord Finder also supports left-handed instruments/people. Once you’ve got your chord progressions figured out, you can save them in PDF format and share them via e-mail. Chord! Guitar Chord Finder is available on the Google Play Store for a fee, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re a serious aspiring musician.

Round out your repertoire with some piano. It’s timeless and it’ll get you in the mood for some soulful music. With My Piano Assistant on your Android device, you’ll have a reference to piano chords and scales. Request a chord or scale, My Piano Assistant gives its formula and notes according to a selected root. It also shows positions of notes on the piano keyboard and allows you to listen to the selected chord or scale.

If you want to keep one of the tutorials easily accessible, tap on the star so you can access it later. For seasoned piano players, My Piano Assistant is also helpful to keep your skills sharp and to help you in composition. My Piano Assistant supports different screen sizes and can cater to the way you’d like to have your Android device by supporting both portrait and landscape modes. If you’re excited to get learning the piano, My Piano Assistant is available for your Android device for free at the Google Play Store.

If you need to practice on the go, take Mobile Metronome with you. Mobile Metronome is extremely handy for when you practice and when you want to keep pace especially when you play the clarinet or the drums. Pick the time signature, the amount of beats and the click sound.

Mobile Metronome is simple to use, robust and fully functional for Android devices. You have the option of fine tempo tuning from 10 BPM to 230 BPM as well as features like tap tempo, load and save presents, adjustable tempo signature for simple, compound and complex meters. The volume is also adjustable, packs a visual beat counter and Italian tempo markings.

If you’ve got an incoming call, don’t worry. Mobile Metronome automatically turns itself off when you’ve got a call. Unfortunately, Mobile Metronome can’t go any higher than 230 BPM and may not be able to keep a steady pace while other audio apps are running. Mobile Metronome is ad-supported and is available for free from the Google Play Store.

View guitar Tablatures on your Android device using Ultimate Guitar Tabs. But, more than just letting you view guitar tablatures and bass tablatures, Ultimate Guitar Tabs also lets you view drum tablatures and chords. It gives you an unlimited access to’s large database. View a huge collection of tabs and learn or practice new songs even when you’re traveling.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs has SD Card support, which means you can save not only this application on your SD card but also save tabs for offline access. The app allows you to find tabs by entering an artist’s name or song title as well as making your Favorite tabs available for offline browsing. Create a custom playlist of your tabs and view chord diagrams while reading chords. If you’d like to view the popular tabs for you guitar, drums or bass, Ultimate Guitar Tabs lets you view the Top 100 Tabs for each tab type.

Some devices may have compatibility issues with Ultimate Guitar Tabs, as reported by some users, and may lead to force closes. Apart from this small snag, however, Ultimate Guitar Tabs is definitely handy.

Who says you need to be in front of a piano to practice? Keep those skills sharp with xPiano for your Android device. This simple piano app has a 4-octave piano keyboard, as well as 12 instruments. You can even adjust the keyboard width.

The app offers multi-touch capability for devices running on Android 2.1 and higher. Play one or both of the sample songs that xPiano comes with and if you’re feeling confident, xPiano also comes with a Record and Play option. You may not be cranking out any Mozart with xPiano, but it’s definitely fun and if you’ve got the motivation, xPiano can serve as your stepping stone to learning the actual piano.

You don’t need to be a seasoned piano player to enjoy this app; some users have reported learning songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” just by sound. xPiano is available for free for your Android device. If you want 5 octaves, 128 instruments, more functions, and more songs, you can purchase xPiano+.

If you’re not a huge fan of guitars or pianos, then Drum Kit might be for you. This multi-touch application promises to provide the best experience for finger drumming. With a top down view, you can play with a drum set with the tips of your fingers. Since Drum Kit packs multi-touch support, tapping on the instruments can mimic actually playing with a real drum set. Drum Kit packs features like movable drums and percussions, cool animation, Drum Editor, and a Composer so that you can create basic rhythms which allows you to play finesse beats while the rhythm automatically plays.

With the animation enabled, you won’t have a hard time determining which part of the drum set you’re tapping because the drum briefly enlarges. Users may find the ads to be obtrusive and obstructive, as some have reported that whenever they try to play the bongos, they end up redirecting themselves to the Google Play Store. Drum Kit is available on the Google Play Store for free; download it today and unleash your inner drummer.

Don’t have your guitar within arm’s reach? No problem. If you’ve got Robotic Guitarist Free on your Android device, you can enjoy playing around with your favorite string instrument. It’s handy for both learned guitar players and for students.

Robotic Guitarist Free is a multi-touch guitar emulator, but it doesn’t require you to have to put your fingers into position to get the sound you want. Pick a chord and hit the strings. Strum or enjoy any other techniques thanks to two picking modes. If you are learning to play the guitar seriously, Robotic Guitarist Free also packs a chord guide, so you can mimic where to put your fingers. If you do have a guitar with you but you’d like help in tuning your instrument, turn to Robotic Guitarist Free. Choose from acoustic and electric guitars, piano, chorus or flute and map them out to the guitar. Have fun experimenting with Robotic Guitarist Free, available, you guessed it, for free from the Google Play Store.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more complicated, Chordbot Lite allows you to create and play advanced chord progressions easily on your Android device. If you’re experimenting with songwriting or you need an accompaniment to your guitar solos, Chordbot Lite is a must-have.

You might be a songwriter in need of some musical help. Chordbot Lite will surely make your shower singing sessions more interesting and who knows, maybe you’ll finally get that song fully fleshed out and ready to be shared with your fans.

Chordbot Lite comes with 60 chord types in all keys with inversions, slash chords, transpositions, and more. Some users have had trouble with Chordbot Lite’s buttons since they are too small and the device lacks a few key features, such as more chords and octaves. Chordbot Lite is free to download, but unfortunately some features have been disabled. If you’d like to save or export your creations, you’ll need to purchase Chordbot Pro.

Don’t be fooled by its name. Musical Piano Pro is more than just a piano app; it’s also got a drum kit, a metronome, pipes, an autoharp, and more. You even have access to games to help you practice your piano, as well as piano and drum multi touch.

Flex those pianist’s fingers by playing the piano in practice mode and play along. Musical Piano Pro comes with over 20 songs, a 2-octave stacked piano, and 128 General MIDI instruments. Acapella singers might love Musical Piano Pro as it can give you backup pitching. Users may find a small lag between tapping and the sound produced, as well as lacking a wider variety of songs to play. Apart from that, Musical Piano Pro is definitely handy for anyone who needs to make a little music.

Described as a Swiss army knife for musicians, Musical Piano Pro is a must have for the musician, aspiring or seasoned, on the go. You can purchase Musical Piano Pro for a price from the Google Play Store.

What are you waiting for? Download one, or all of these music apps for your Android device and get jamming. If we didn’t include your favorite music app, share it with us in the comments and help out your fellow aspiring musicians.