JBL Link View review: Speaker first, display second

by Andrew Grush September 17, 20180 comments

What’s your favorite weather app? (Poll of the Week)

by Jimmy Westenberg September 17, 20180 comments

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera review

by Edgar Cervantes September 12, 20180 comments

Pocophone brings us the post-OnePlus era

by Tristan Rayner September 11, 20180 comments
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Essential talks Android Q, notch settings, and more in latest Reddit AMA

Essential's monthly Reddit AMA gives us a look at the company's future.
by Justin Duino5 hours ago

How to become a front end developer (and why)

Every good website needs a Front End Developer. Find out how and why you should learn these in-demand coding skills today.
by AA Picks8 hours ago

Wirelessly charge new Huawei AirPod ripoffs on the back of your Mate 20

Earbud battery running low? No charger needed, just poach some power from your smartphone.
by C. Scott Brown10 hours ago

iPhone XS camera reviews unfairly pit it against year-old Pixel 2. Pixel is still winning.

Even the few reviews that say the iPhone XS camera is better than the one on the Pixel 2, it's still a very close race.
by C. Scott Brown11 hours ago

The Google Feed might soon get rebranded to “Discover”

Could a simple rebrand get more people to use the Google Feed?
by Justin Duino12 hours ago

The OnePlus 6T looks a lot like a chunky OnePlus 6 (Update: Leaked video teaser)

As expected, the rear mounted fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be seen.
by Oliver Cragg13 hours ago

Is your mobile carrier costing you more than it should?

With Mint Mobile you can get unlimited calls, texts, and plenty of data from as little as $15 per month. Can your carrier match that?
by AA Picks13 hours ago

High-accuracy emergency service tracking coming to U.S. Android phones

Users don't have to do anything special to take advantage of the new service. It just works.
by C. Scott Brown14 hours ago

Master Raspberry Pi for under $20

The fun and possibilities are virtually limitless with a Raspberry Pi 3. This week you can get all the training you need for just $19.
by AA Picks14 hours ago

Samsung takes pity on us, makes it harder to activate Bixby on Note 9

Samsung isn't letting us disable the Bixby button completely, but at least it's making it harder to activate Bixby on accident.
by C. Scott Brown15 hours ago
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