Paypal with Android Market

Paypal with Android Market

Nothing really much to say about this one. Paypal is going to be offered as an alternative payment option to Google Checkout via the Android market. Personally, I am not a big fan of PayPal and prefer Google Checkout if I had to pick between the two. However, Google Checkout is not as omnipresent as the established payment gateways of PayPal, and also it is not available in some countries where Android phones could be. As such, it is a reasonable addition to let in PayPal as a provider into the Android Market. I just hope that this does not stunt the growth of the Google Checkout industry (not because I particular love Google, or their checkout, I just dislike PayPal, a lot.)

We can expect to see these changes reflected in the next month or so. The countries supported will include the United States, Australia, Canada, France, UK, Italy, and the Netherlands.

[Via Gadget DNA]

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