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How to change your name on PayPal

It's quick and easy if you have the correct documents.

Published onMarch 29, 2022

There are many reasons you might want to change your name on PayPal, the most common one being marriage. As long as you can provide the correct documentation, you can do so easily. Here’s how to change your name on PayPal.

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To change your name on PayPal, log in to your account and click the gear icon. Go to the Account tab and click Change name next to your name in the profile section.


Change your name on PayPal

change name on paypal
Ankit Banerjee / Android Authority

Log in to your PayPal account and click the gear icon at the top right corner. On the Settings page, click the Account tab. Click Change name next to your name in the profile section.

change name reasons
Ankit Banerjee / Android Authority

Select the type of name change you want to do.

  • Change your legal name: To change your legal name, you will need to provide a government-issued ID, a copy of a marriage, divorce, or commitment certificate, or a copy of the legal document that shows your name change.
  • Update your name: You will need to upload an ID to update your name. You will also need to provide either a recent utility bill with your name and current address, the bank statement of the account linked to PayPal, or the credit card statement of a linked card.
  • Make a minor correction: Minor corrections are for typos, and you can change one or two characters at most. If there’s a more significant mistake, you will need to go through the Update your name option.

Change your business name on PayPal

Log in to your PayPal account, click the gear icon and go to the Account tab. In the Business Information section, click Update. Click Edit next to your company logo and tap Change under your business name. You will have to verify the legal name change of your business.

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Does PayPal show your name?

PayPal will show your name when you send money to someone. If you create a PayPal.Me page, anyone with access to the link will be able to see your name, business name, and profile picture.

Can I hide my name on PayPal?

You can set up an account with a fake name, a random email address and use a virtual credit card. The recipient will see the registered name and email address. This might work for small payments, but PayPal limits transactions on unverified accounts.

Can I use a fake name on PayPal?

You can sign up for PayPal with a fake name and a virtual credit card. However, there are a lot of limits in place with an unverified account. To verify your PayPal account, you will need to provide an ID and link to a bank account.

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