Moto X phone rumor round up – everything we think we know [Update]

by: Chris SmithJuly 15, 2013

Motorola X Phone Ad

As more and more Moto X rumors and reports keep on pouring in right alongside official mentions of the phone, we look at the big picture – here’s what you need to know about the future Motorola flagship device according to the information available before its official (second) announcement.

Update (July 15): Since this rumors collection has been published, we’ve seen a plethora of new Moto X reports, so we’ll update this post accordingly with the new information available including official images of the handset. (You’ll see the updates in italics below, under the initial information.)

Eric Schmidt using Moto X | Image Credit:

The phone has been confirmed back in May at the D11 event, where CEO Dennis Woodside talked about the device, revealing its official name and mentioning some of its features. But we didn’t get to see the handset, nor were we offered a complete list of specs for the smartphone.

Since then, we’ve seen plenty of rumors hitting the web, with more details being apparently revealed around July 4, a day Motorola chose to start its Moto X advertising campaign. After all, one of the company’s marketing pillars is the fact that the phone will be assembled in the USA, unlike its competitors, which are made overseas.

Is that just a cheap marketing campaign or is it actually important for Motorola?

Design and customization

Motorola is going to let users customize their Moto X handsets to a certain degree – this particular detail appeared in various rumors and was widely known by anyone following Android-related news well ahead being official – but buyers won’t actually be able to customize the hardware.

Sprint Moto X

Purported Sprint Moto X phone | Image credit: Sprint

That’s maybe something we’ll see in the future (something like what that Sony XTRUD concept phone proposes maybe?) but for now users will be limited to personalizing their device when it comes to case colors and materials, as well as wallpapers and preinstalled apps, if recent rumors are to be believed.

Taylor Wimberly from Android and Me, one of the first publications to publish Moto X details, said recently that users will be able to choose case material (rumored materials include plastic, metal, wood and carbon fiber) and colors. On that note, a leaked that followed Wimberly’s Google+ answers post on the Moto X, has shown purported case colors for the Moto X including red, purple and teal. A distant rumor did say that the handset will be available in 20 colors, although that’s yet to be made official.

Update (July 15):  The same Wimberly, talking about customizations options for the handset, said on Google+ at a later date that plastic and wood will be among the backplate materials available at launch for the device. Later on, materials including metal, ceramics and fabrics could arrive.


Purported AT&T X Phone | Image credit: @evleaks

As for the wallpaper and preloaded apps, users will reportedly be able to set up their handsets on a website, most likely in a similar manner HTC One and HTC One X+ buyers can personalize their device.

Additional details about customization options for the handset arrived via ABC News, which has learned from sources close to the matter that buyers would be able to “select from a palette of different colors” through a website – most likely Motorola’s – and choose a different color for the trim of the phone and the back case. Moreover, Moto X buyers will apparently be allowed to engrave a name of message on the back plate.

So while the fact that the phone will be assembled in the USA may be considered a marketing trick, it’ll also help Motorola ship customized Moto X handsets in a timely fashion. The same ABC News report revealed that the company will have orders shippped in a matter of days, which wouldn’t be exactly possible with a device made over in Asia.

Moto X Phone

Purported Google X Phone prototype | Image credit: Tinhte

The publication also mentioned that carriers will get “standard” versions, which sounds like carriers will have a certain model in stores, with users interested in customizing the handset having to order the handset directly from Motorola.

Update (July 15): In a leaked Rogers video, the carrier said it will have the handset available in white and black, suggesting that these colors may be among the “standard” versions carriers will get. 

An image of the Moto X is still not available yet, although various rumors and purported leaked photos seem to indicate that the phone could be similar to the handset that starred in a hands-on report for a Vietnamese publication a day before the Galaxy S4 was unveiled.

Rogers Moto X video leak

Rogers Moto X shown in leaked video promo

Update (July 15): In addition to even more leaks for the handset – the kind of leaks that can’t be confirmed just yet – we’ve seen the device in the hands of at least two Google officials, with one of them being the company’s chairman Eric Schmidt

During an event, he actually used a white version of the device for a phone call, while various photographers from different publications took photographs of the former Google CEO talking on the unannounced device.

Furthermore, the aforementioned Rogers video also showed the handset from various angles.

From the looks of it, the device is indeed similar to the handset spotted in Vietnam in mid-March.

(Check out the second part of the article.)

  • Infinite7154

    I, for one, am excited about the idea. It doesn’t have the highest end specs but the iPhone has proven if you have a quality build and use really good internals the specs don’t matter. I don’t care about 1080p because my eyes can’t tell the difference. I don’t care about quad and octo cores as long as the phone can play my games or my videos, I’m good to go. I can control the color combo and the storage size, and the price point starts at $299. I hope this works.

    • WarGasm

      Internal specs really DO matter though. It is important for the longevity of the device….think about it, the more powerful the specs the more likely it is that the future updates will be compatible.
      Apple makes its devices just powerful enough to run its current release, but as soon as another release, it starts to run funny..slow…making the average consumer think its time for an upgrade…marketing at its finest.
      Not raving with that at all

      • Infinite7154

        I’m no iPhone fan but the truth is the phone can jump at least 1 update sometimes 2 with no issue. It’s no different from an Android going from ics to jellybean. Not all phones will be able to make the jump from ics to klp. A lot of that does have to do with specs but I’m willing to bet the Galaxy Nexus will make the jump jto klp ust fine with no where near the specs the Nexus 4 has

        • WarGasm

          Google released a statement that said KLP will be less resource reliant than its previous releases.
          iPhones can in go further than Apple stops their update cycles, but when it stops thats it….
          I installed Cyanogenmod 10.1 (thats 4.2.2) on a Galaxy S1 for a friend the other day, and believe me, it ran with no hiccups….I was absolutely surprised at this.
          Glad with Android we have an option if manufacturers decide to cut us off.

          • Infinite7154

            Exactly. That’s why I’m less concerned with “specs” and more concerned with build quality and battery life. Running Stock Android usually makes specs
            almost…note almost…a non issue. Now running graphic intensive games or multitasking will require decent internals.

        • SamsaraGuru

          You see there was method to Apple’s “madness” of not changing the iphone to any appreciate degree essentially for all its iterations to date – so it would be easy to update and thus they could avoid the “heartbreak of psoriasis” – I mean fragmentation not to mention: innovation, a bigger screen, faster processors and technologies that Android had for years but which might not have proven compatible with old time tech. Easy to stay current when you don’t change.

      • Alex Murphy

        I’m running a 4.2.2 rom on my GS2 (over two years old now) and I’ve yet to find a single app (besides the newest graphics-intensive games) that I can’t run. The OS itself is a little sluggish, but that’s because A) it’s a rom for an older phone that isn’t optimized 100% and B) Android 4.0+ performs subpar on older handsets. KLP supposedly fixes many of these issues…hell, I bet I could install a KLP rom on my old GS2 this winter and STILL have an acceptable experience.

        I’ve had laptops for 5-6 years that were still chugging along and could perform 90% of what I needed from it. My Mac Pro tower is over 4 years old and still does the professional work I need.

        As for iPhones though, there’s also a tremendous resale market for used iOS devices (much better than Android phones).

      • SamsaraGuru

        I agree. If I buy a phone I would like it to last at least 2 years without it faltering, falling and failing me because it doesn’t have the horsepower, RAM or ROM needed to keep up with new OS iterations.

        I do like to hear it is going to be made in the U.S. – as I try to avoid buying anything made in China on principle – on the principle I feel it is a mistake to buy from a totalitarian nation.

        However, will it have a removable battery & Micro SD card – these are deal breakers for me – lithium ion batteries in case you don’t know generally are only about 1/2 as strong after a year or so of use and if that sucker is seal inside and can’t be changed – doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know there are problems down the road.

        Of course, maybe that is why so many manufacturers are using sealed batteries – they know that it is one way to build in planned obsolescence and move you more quickly toward buying a new one. Nah, they wouldn’t be duplicitous that way would they?

  • Luka Mlinar

    I think the ring around the logo has a big story to tell since it seams to be moving. On one hand it could be a gimmick but on the other hand it could be this awesome notification ring that tells you what ever you want it to tell you. Different pattern for different messengers, battery charge level or simply a clock. We keep turning our phones on and off every XY minutes and wasting battery life just because the 2 or 3 LED light don’t tell you everything or exactly what you want to know. This thing could solve a lot of problems if it turns out to be what i think it is.

    • justsomeguy

      Wow you are quite observant, I never noticed that. That would be awesome if that was the case, and I can’t really think of any other explanation for how the ring changes

    • JSet12

      I’m not sure if there are moving, but more likely this is a identifier of each particular device. It would be used for tracking purposes.

      • turdbogls

        This, companies tend to do this quite often. the different “rings” indicate different devices…so if they wanted to, Moto/Google could see who is leaking this information.

  • rvichar


    • Bjajjull

      Dual-core Snapdragon S4 at 1.7GHz, Adreno 320, 2GB RAM and 1280×720 4.x inch screen.

      • turdbogls

        last i heard it was a 4.7″ device
        also, the CPU info app guy that the above CPU/GPU info came from came out and said it will be the Snapdragon 600 processor….which lines up with the benchmark scores we have been seeing.

        • v0ltaren

          Nah, Snapdragon 400.

          • turdbogls

            I’m just reporting what the dev of the CPU identifier app stated. not sure if he gets more info than what the screenshots show, or if he is just guessing from the benchmark scores or what….thats just what he said.

          • Alex Murphy

            It’s a 600.

  • Klatch

    I’d buy it. I’d rather have a new midrange phone every year, which I can pass down to my wife as I get a new one, rather than a top of the line phone every two years or so. If pricing is along the nexus 4 line and available through play store to Canada I’ll be buying this and giving my nexus 4 to my wife.

  • MrJigolo

    Don’t trust your source, AA.