iPhone SE and new iPad Pro announced: What you should know about the latest from Apple

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 21, 2016
iPhone SE announced

Not everyone wants a giant smartphone, and that’s understandable. They’re not incredibly easy to hold, and sometimes they can be difficult to fit in the pocket of your jeans. Because of this, OEMs seem to be toning down the size of their smartphones as of late, and there haven’t been as many 6.0-inch smartphones announced as there were a year or two ago.

This is why Apple is launching a new iPhone today that will cater to folks who prefer smaller screens. Yes, I know this is an Android-focused website, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see what’s going on with the competition. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

iPhone SE specs and features

Apple has just announced the iPhone SE, which is supposedly “the most powerful 4-inch phone ever.” It looks like an iPhone 5s on the outside, but has upgraded internals that are more in line with the iPhone 6 and 6s. It features a 4.0-inch LCD display, an Apple A9 processor with embedded M9 coprocessor, a 12MP iSight rear camera with True Tone flash and a front camera with Retina flash. Unsurprisingly, it comes with support for Apple Pay, 3D Touch and sports a Touch ID-enabled physical home button on the front.

It’ll run the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9.3.

iPhone SE pricing and availability

iPhone SE pricing

The iPhone SE will be available for pre-order on March 24th starting at $399 for the 16GB version and $499 for the 64GB version. It will be available on March 31st.

New iPad Pro

New iPad Pro

The iPhone SE isn’t the only thing that was announced today. Apple also unveiled a smaller version of its iPad Pro. It has a smaller 9.7-inch Retina display that has the lowest reflectivity of any tablet on the market, and the company also says it’s the brightest tablet available. It comes with a True Tone Display, which Apple says will measure the color temperature of ambient light, and adjust the display to match.

New iPad Pro true tone display

Under the hood, it sports an Apple A9X chipset, a 12MP iSight rear camera, a 5MP front camera, and it runs iOS 9.3. Of course, since this is an iPad Pro, Apple is making it compatible with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

It will be available in Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Rose Gold color options. You can pre-order it on March 24th starting at $599 for the 32GB version, $749 for the 128GB version, and there’s also a new 256GB variant that will run $899.

So that’s the latest from Apple. I’m already bracing myself for the “Apple Authority” comments down below, but still, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you impressed by any of the new products? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

  • hindar

    I will get the 64gb iphone SE. At that price it is a steal for a small powerful phone. I love my Android phone but the not getting security updates unless you have a Nexus phone is getting old.

    • seven2k

      doesnt samsung do security updates?

      • Diego

        Only when they want to.

        • Kimbo

          you mean, only when they need to

          • gg

            only when others are doing it.

      • Scr-U-gle

        They follow Google T&Cs the most rigidly, one update per device lifespan.


      I thought they would price the SE ridiculously high just like everything else but they did a good job this time. I’m just too happy with Android to switch though. My sister is buying it.

    • Sammy Phillips

      The face of software updates in the Android world is rapidly changing. The short answer is: don’t willingly buy an Android phone from a carrier, and you should see more timely updates directly from the manufacturer.

      • Scr-U-gle

        I suggest you have look at the last AA report on update schedules for drone, it says the opposite.

        The drone T&Cs beg to differ, ‘up to 18 months’ are what Google sort of promise, not actually 18 months, but up to 18 months.

        • Sammy Phillips

          I have no idea what drone is.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Yeah, I bet your Android phone is filled to the brim with malware and spyware due to a lack of security updates.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      What!? Not getting security updates. Are you in the FBI, or hiding some shit or viruses running amok on your phone?
      I dunno… I have in all my years, which is 5 years, with Android I have never cared nor worried about security much. I have also never had a problem. I mean I’ve got nothing worth hacking or stealing. I don’t know what some people do with their phones.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      You probably read somewhere apple is secure and Android is not.. Now you are running with it.
      But it’s a free world and you can get whatever phone you like.

      • Josh

        Technically you cannot say that iOS is more secure than Android, and vice versa. They both have had the same amount of breaches. Apple just hides them so that their reputation sounds better.

        • Scr-U-gle

          Last time Googles CEO made a statement like that, he got a crowd of security experts laughing in his face.

          Guess what everyone is doing about your comment?


    • Alan Bynum

      I admit, updates are a very strong sacrifice that has to be made when coming to Android. In that, I can agree with you.

  • 2gg

    #Slow clapping# You did it again Apple! Selling the same trash again! That’s basically the iPhone 5S with upgraded specs.

    • Diego

      and NFC.

      • Andreas Larsson

        Limited NFC

    • Wolf0491

      Isn’t that the point?

  • Diego

    That iPhone SE looks good for the size and price.
    Hard to pass on this one.

  • The one thing Apple has going for it is the ability to deliver security and OS updates to all phones- regardless of carrier. I Galaxy Note 2 was orphaned with the OS it was sold with. My G6S has received a minor . update, but no Marshmallow. It kind of really sucks to get a great phone and then feel like the manufacturer, and OS maker simply don’t care.

    • Ashish Patel

      that has to do with the carrier. but most carriers arent selling phones or giving two year contracts. so buying an unlocked phone and getting faster updates will be the norm for android.

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        It is true what you are saying about carriers. But my unlocked samsung is still getting slow updates. That’s a Samsung and in a lesser sense, Android problem. But still you have options at least. Get a Nexus or use a rom etc.

    • Alan Bynum

      Apple’s original agreement with carriers was that, If you want our device (which was bound to be very lucrative for both the carrier AND Apple) you will not be the middle man between our software and its’ users, and control of the software shall now and always be within the realm of Apple. Because of this agreement, no iDevice will contain carrier bloatware or branding, and carrier testing of software is skipped entirely. Good move huh? Often, like in my case, your manufacturer will release a major software update to your device, but your carrier will be decide to not push it out. It’s unfortunate. You can however curb this by purchasing a Nexus device. Google’s iPhone so to speak. No middle man between the user and creator. Updates from Google straight to you.

  • HobgoblinTruth

    iPhone SE is going to make huge dent on android phone sales especially in countries like China and India.

    • rc1138

      When I was in China I was surprised to see everyone with phones that were clearly too big for them. I think that the only country where Plus versions of Apple phones sold better that normal ones was China.

  • A.K. S

    I think their well ran dry a long time ago and this is an attempt to find a reason to have an announcement and stay relevant.

    • Diego

      What kind of logic is that?
      Apple did an event similar to this one last year.

      • Reed

        And the year before that. And the year before that. Doesn’t change his comment, which is likely.

    • Alan Bynum

      This was actually a very smart move for Apple, catering to a market that obviously still desires 4 inch iPhones. Sure, this is not in any way a threat to the Android flagsjips, but this will allow for the market who desires this screen size to have more modern hardware (new camera, new SoC, etc.) I think it will sell very well actually, as this is, for an iPhone, very cheap, and allows for a more affordable entry into the iOS ecosystem.

  • Eric

    The 64GB iPhone SE is really tempting. I can definitely see myself using it alongside my 6P.

  • Arol Wright

    Oh look, another iPhone coverage being reported by a website called ANDROID Authority.

    What’s next? An iPhone SE giveaway?

  • The Doctor

    There’s nothing impressive about the new products. They’re just a rehash of older products, but smaller.

    • Modest Mind

      …and more expensive…

    • Charlie White

      B…bu…but… my Apple logo?! That makes it worth the money right?

  • But.. but.. the Front Camera (1.2MP)

  • Looks good for secondary phone…

  • Nallaikumaran

    Why are you promoting Apple (iPhones)? This site and its writers are apple-biased? Apple Authority.

    • The Doctor

      Android Central and Droid Life are also covering the new iPhone.

      • Nallaikumaran

        But – Taking a look at the iPhone SE vs. some of Android’s best- androidcentral dot com/taking-look-iphone-se-vs-some-androids-best

        • Josh

          Yeah, Apple is so highly praised for their so called “innovation” yet there’s nothing innovative about the same looking device every year. Did you catch that quiet insult during the keynote: “Android has less than 2% of active devices running their latest software.”

          Yeah, phones running Android look better and are much more innovative because they don’t have the one sided perspective of what one company thinks a phone should be.

          Google is working on an easier way for companies to easily push updates. You just wait Apple.

          • BP

            You just wait… For your OS update.

          • Scr-U-gle

            …and wait, and wait, it’s taken eight years for drone to give you a whole ‘Up to 18 months’ of software updates.

            As opposed to the five years as standard with iOS devices. Someone doesn’t beleive in the hardware produced for Drone!

            Just think, when you are all grown up you might get two whole years of software support…
            …and wait….

    • Diego

      Its sometimes good to report on the competition.

      • Nallaikumaran

        Waiting for another useless and brainless iSheeps troll. Hey…You’re here. We have been waiting for the iPhone SE (STUPID EDITION)

        • Diego

          Yet here you are, on an article about apple.

  • rc1138

    Iphone GR, Iphone EX,iphone LX and Iphone GT. That’s how they will name SE’s succesors.
    A nice phone that looks out of place at the picture above…. They should name it Steve Jobs custom because he never liked “big” phones.

  • Danny Davis

    Prices are WAY out of line!

  • pandicul

    should have made the screen size 4.7″
    everyone digs screen size that’s HD and 4.7″

    • rc1138

      You might be surprised but apple already has a phone wiht 4.7 HD screen, it’s called Iphone 6s

      • ddd

        Piece of junk iphone has less resolution like 720p. Most of phone has higher than 1080p.
        I am talking to stupid wall.

  • Modest Mind

    $ 599,- cheapest iPad Pro with only Wi-Fi? Are they out of their mind? Apple, Samsung, etc. keep your overpriced junk. I’m going for some other supplier with more realistic price for tabs and smartphones with the same specs.

  • Airyl

    It’s not that expensive, at least by iPhone standards.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      You should not count the useless 16GB version.

  • LastKings31

    500 for a 64? That’s just like 100 or 150 from the iPhone 6!

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    4 inch? What’s that? That’s the first thing to make me look past that phone. Second is iOs

    • Alan Bynum

      Then again, this product is only meant to cater to those who specifically kept buying into the 4 inch screen size well into 2015. Anyone else of course is going to look past this, myself included.

  • ddd

    Blah! Blah! Blah! This company(piece of garbage) release piece of junk products. LOSERS ARE TALKING ABOUT PIECE OF GARBAGE PRODUCTS. Why people care about piece of garbage products? Apple ran of ideas for new products forever because apple want to copy surface pro design for ipad pro(piece of junk) and iphone looks same and nothing new at all. It looks like flip phone which has no features.
    Apple’s innovations are copying other companies’ ideas because BIGGEST ASSHOLES Tim Cook and rest of workers are LOSERS. For example, iphone design exactly like htc phone design and ios 8 and 9 copy from all android os features. Apple doesn’t make display and camera, and processor and battery. Tim cook encrypt terrorist’s iphone privacy in san berdino. Tim cook and co workers are going to HELL IN A CELL(JAIL) very soon. People think apple is doing great, but I think apple is going down the hill. Does apple fans know about this shit? HELL NO
    I know trillion times better than anybody else.


    • Owen S

      Your right cus its not like Android copied the fingerprint scanner, multitasking, front facing cameras, voice assistant, actually decent front screens, good cameras, and the modern smartphone itself from Apple. You are right when saying Apple sometimes copies, but when they do it is a big improvement and they often set the bar for other smartphones. So yes both sides copy, but at least when Apple does it they do it well (s5 fingerprint scanner)

      • ddd

        Fingerprint scanner wasn’t from apple. Apple doesn’t have fucking innovation. First fingerprint scanner is from motorola. U don’t know nothing about technology.

        • Owen S

          Apple was the first company to successfully implemt a fingerprint scanner into the main stream market

          • Alan Bynum


          • Assefa Hanson

            not sure why you and owen start talking about quality of features or mainstream, when sailor’s argument was who did what first, he/she proved owen wrong about the fingerprint sensor being first for android no matter how you twist it the innovation goes to motorola, the arguement is who did it first

            but if i may add apple really does copy a whole lot more, with diversity of the many oems on android its only natural this would be so “retina flash”, is oppo’s innovation, the phone category “phablet” for all the big smartphones today was set by samsung, apple and all the world followed, design wise the antenna band that we see on the 6s was created by htc and if the iphone 7 gets dual camera like the rumours say….

            but since the discussion is amongst android and apple, there is no reason to bring in nokia’s front facing camera and many other innovative features into this

      • The-Sailor-Man

        ‘its not like Android copied the fingerprint scanner, multitasking, front facing cameras, voice assistant, actually decent front screens, good cameras’ ???WTF???
        What about voice assistant? Who had it first Android or Apple? Which is best Now?
        Fingerprint scanner? Who had it first Android or Apple? Which is best FPS now? Samsung’s or Apple’s?
        Multitasking? Who …again?
        Actually decent front screens? Who made the first front screen that Apple called with BS-name-retina? Samsung.

        • Owen S

          Motorola’s finger print scanner was a joke. The retina screen was the first screen that was actually decent quality. I am not saying that the current androids do not have nicer screens now. The idea to have multiple tabs open at once (not on the same screen) was apples. Siri was the first voice assistant. Yes there was Google now but it was not much of an assistant. Also both fingerprint scanner are equal now if apples is not better. They also had the first flagship phone with a 64 bit processor

        • Owen S

          I do not understand androids fans hatred of Apple. I prefer Apple products but I think that Android have lots of cool features.

        • Alan Bynum

          Apple had deeply integrated OS voice integration first.
          Fingerprint scanner, Android, but credit should be given to Apple to producing something that was accurate, easy to use, and worked the majority of the time. They also made it mainstream.
          Multitasking-In a way iOS still does not have this, so Android (Samsung, LG).
          Apple designed the Retina display, Samsung only produced it because they could pump them out quickly and efficiently. They should not be given credit for the display itself.

    • BP

      Your inability to spell, type, or use any sort of logical reasoning really drives home the point.

      • Alan Bynum

        lmao, this is so funny.

    • DDD


    • ddd

      All bunch of people are bunch of assholes because people don’t know shit about piece of garbage products. U don’t know nothing about technology not even 100%. Apple doesn’t make shit and their innovation is copying other companies design and os.


  • Walter White

    I’m surprised Apple didn’t roll out a 3.5″ screen.

    • Bradley Oxbrow

      If anyone wants to complain about a 4 inch screen being too large, they are either over the age of 70 or a massive douche

  • Hans Pedersen

    Apple’s new tagline: “Whelp, we’re outta ideas! Let’s try selling the iPhone 5 again!”

    • Ermal Lamre Tahiri

      hahaha – That’s right . XD

  • Josh

    I just sold my iPad Air that was becoming an incredibly slow piece of crap despite how “powerful” Apple says it is. I was considering getting the new pro version if it was reasonably priced, but, once again, Apple decided they needed more money. Suck that Apple, you are dead to me.

    The thing about their products is their hardware is fine for the first 2 major software releases before it makes the user suffer because the processor suddenly cannot handle the new OS. Guess their stuff isn’t as “powerful” as they say so.

    I am happy with my Nexus 6P, one device that will not get slow from software updates. I have never had a device running Android get slow from updates.

  • Brian

    This is terrible

  • Mark

    Apple’s whole model in a nutshell “I want it because it looks better and I’m too lazy to look for the actually best.”

  • Bryant Park

    Let’s get it over with:

    • The-Sailor-Man


  • Owen S

    If you compare the iPhone 6s to a flagship Android like the s7 in a real life speed test they perform basically equally, and in the end there are just tons of minute differences that really just make the phones a matter of preference. IOS vs Android, 3D touch vs higher resolution, etc. So you can’t really say that one phone is better, only have a preference towards one.

  • BP

    Apple’s products for the most part are not the best choice for the majority of the readers here. On the other hand, not being able to recognize how much Apple has pushed the mobile industry, and the fact that their devices still are the best choice for a large amount of the population for various reasons… is just foolishness. If you’re so close minded that you can’t think of even one legitimate reason that the iPhone is a better choice for some people, then maybe it’s time to step back and re-evaluate. Seriously, reduce your ignorance.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Yes we know that iPhone is a better choice for some people. But not putting at least a bit bigger display on the 4years old iPhone5-body’s new iphoneSE( now is 2016)is nothing else but brutal mocking at their fans.

      • Owen S

        That makes no sense. The entire point of the SE was for people who wanted a smaller phone withoit sacrificing power. They copied the a feature on an old product that people liked and put it on a new improved product. There is nothing wrong with doing that they are not scamming anyone.

    • Assefa Hanson

      what world are you living in? people dont need to be legitimate or understanding or whatever, variation says so, we have to have conflicting and offensive opinions thats how the world works and ti will always be like this

  • YR

    Impressed?? Seriously dude???
    I don’t think there’s anything great or impressive about this.
    They just dun have anything new to give to there customers so they are doing this.
    And by the way, who would go for a 4inch phone now, lol
    Simply useless!!!.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    ‘front camera with Retina flash’
    Beg to explain, please ! What ‘retina’???
    And yes this is small phone , but the display is even smaller for the phone size(4 years old model). Besides, no OIS camera, no good rez display can’t count as high end specs.

    ‘It has a smaller 9.7-inch Retina’
    Again …What ‘retina’????
    Good, that at least you didn’t compare it with Surface or Galaxy Tab S Pro(W10), as Apple wanted to. LOL

    • ddd

      Retina isn’t from apple. Apple always say retina on ipad and iphone. This isn’t true. Apple’s products display are ips lcd. It is made from LG.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Well but here not Apple, but AA called them ‘Retina’. Why? Only brainwashed iboys use this iBS term.

        • ddd

          U don’t know nothing about apple. Apple doesn’t make nothing and copy other companies ideas. U are very far behind from knowledge.
          Basically, I am talking with stupid wall.

          • The-Sailor-Man

            ‘Retina’ is not even idea. ‘Retina’ is marketing blah-blah . It means nothing. Only tempting term for naive zombies. My question was why AA use it too. They suppose to be tech site. Not Apple marketing site. Right?

  • Sameer Pervez (Sam)

    Wait.. People who need a 4 inch smartphone need that kind of performance and hence price!! What is the use of such a beasty 4 incher! Apple is just exploiting people who need a 4″ smartphone

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Ppl that need iPhone 5 size phone , could have at least 4.3″ display on the same body.
      But that means less profit. Right?

      • Alan Bynum

        4.3″ for Apple would lead to OS fragmentation, and developers like myself would have one more thing to worry about. There is also no reason for Apple to introduce an entirely new design allowing for a larger screen size when the older 5/5S design fits market they had not yet reached out to. This of course is a business move which adds to profits, which is a smart move for them. You’re correct.

  • A guddi

    4.3 would have been much better considering that we had the sony z mini series bearing the same sized screen

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Samsung could perfectly fit 4.3″ screen on iPhone 5 body.
      But hey ,,,this cost money and Apple needs profit only.

  • JDMillest

    recycling old used and unused products to make them better for saving cost.

  • Swatha Agarwal

    This is the era of Big phones… I don’t know why apple released a 4 inch phone. at least they could release a minimum 5 inch version… really disappointed.

    • Alan Bynum

      Apple currently sells a ridiculous amount of iPhone 5S’s which are 4 inches in screen size. The iPhone SE was to cater to that audience that still desires that screen size, because they sell so well for them. They, just last year, sold millions upon millions of the iPhone 5/5S.

  • Guest Roy

    Does it really support 3d touch?

  • Pascal Julian Kilian

    It´s nice to see a maufacturer cater to people who don´t like big phones. The newest technology makes it kind of a “new product” again, simply because small smartphones like this basically don´t exist anymore.
    I myself love the 6 inch of my OPPO R7 Plus, however my girlfriend is still in love with her almost broken iPhone 4 from a thousand years ago because it´s small.

  • sunny

    Launching the all new iPhone Sheep Edition.
    “…the sheep know best”

  • Owen S

    People say Apple doesn’t inovate and all they do is copy. Yes Apple copies all the time, but so does Samsung, LG, HTC, huwai, etc. When Apple copies they do innovate, because there version of the feature often sets the bar for smartphones, instead of just falling in the middle. Also, they are often the first company to bring certain features to the main stream. I am not saying that other companies do not do the same, but saying Apple is worse than all the other companies is jsut wrong. They are most definitely equal, or some may argue better. Innovation is not always being the first, it is also setting the bar for everyone else.

  • jshag899

    They’ve already said that SE stands for “Special Edition”. But I’m sure we can think of some more appropriate acrimonious.

    Slouch Edition
    Stupid Edition
    Sucky Edition
    Sorry Edition

  • Assefa Hanson

    probably the worst phone yet, for one you are wasting your money, why?? the chipset is no doubt powerfull but because of the low res screen, you virtually never ever use all that power wso you are forced to buy what you dont have use for, this phone maybe cost 150 or less to make, and there is no way research and development played a significant if any role at all to make this and it is for 400$…

  • Stuart Lombard

    There is no 3D touch support on any of the devices released.

  • Sourav Bagchi

    Ambient Display feature is available on Cyanogenmod