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5 ways phones can still be unique in the bezel-less age

by Robert Triggs 7 hours ago0 comments

After Assistant dominated CES, what’s next for Bixby?

by Robert Triggs 13 hours ago0 comments
Android Development

Let's make a simple Star Wars quiz!

by Adam Sinicki 2 hours ago0 comments

Best of CES 2018: the most impressive products from the show

by Jimmy Westenberg 1 week ago0 comments
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Italy’s antitrust body is investigating Apple and Samsung over planned obsolescence

The watchdog believes Apple and Samsung purposely slow down their smartphones with software updates in an effort to push people toward newer smartphones.
by Williams Pelegrin17 hours ago

In China, the iPhone is only second-best

The list of best-selling smartphones in China during 2017 features two Apple devices, but neither of them makes the number one slot.
by C. Scott Brown2 days ago

Best smartwatches (January 2018)

With so many smartwatches on the market, we understand choosing the right one can be a bit daunting. To help you make that decision, we've rounded up a list of the best smartwatches on ...
by Team AA6 days ago

Apple’s Batterygate is great news for consumers

The Apple Batterygate debacle is horrible news for the company, but it's incredible news for smartphone users as well as the environment.
by C. Scott Brown3 weeks ago

Samsung and LG say they don’t slow phones with degraded batteries

Samsung and LG join Motorola and HTC in confirming that they do not slow down the processor in phones with older and degraded batteries.
by Matt Adams3 weeks ago

We don’t throttle performance on our Android phones like Apple, say HTC and Motorola

Two Android heavyweights confirm that Apple's decision to dumb down iPhone performance over time isn't standard industry practice.
by Oliver Cragg3 weeks ago

How to switch from iPhone to Android

Have a shiny new Android device and are making the switch to Android? Let's show you how to switch from iPhone to an Android phone without losing all your goodies.
by Team AA4 weeks ago

Apple sanctioned in Qualcomm court case for withholding documents

In an interesting occurrence, Apple has been fined for not releasing evidence against Qualcomm to the FTC.
by Logan Garner4 weeks ago

Google might want to follow Apple’s lead and force developers to disclose loot box odds

In a move that could set a trend moving forward, Apple's revised App Store guidelines force developers to divulge item odds for loot boxes.
by Williams Pelegrin4 weeks ago

iPhone CPU throttling is another argument for replaceable batteries

Revelations that Apple is slowing down iPhone processors to prevent battery shutdowns is just another reason to bring back replaceable batteries.
by Robert Triggs4 weeks ago
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