JBL Link View review: Speaker first, display second

by Andrew Grush 23 hours ago0 comments

What’s your favorite weather app? (Poll of the Week)

by Jimmy Westenberg 24 hours ago0 comments

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera review

by Edgar Cervantes September 12, 20180 comments

Pocophone brings us the post-OnePlus era

by Tristan Rayner September 11, 20180 comments
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Xiaomi mocks Apple with Mi 8 mega bundle that costs the same as an iPhone XS Max

Unfortunately, the XS, XS Max, and XR sets are unfortunately only available in China.
by Oliver CraggSeptember 17, 2018

This week in Android: The good, the bad, and the beauty of OnePlus

This week Apple had its annual smartphone launch event and OnePlus made us both happy and sad.
by Adam DoudSeptember 16, 2018

Apple’s new pricing strategy: Is it good news or bad news for Android?

You're going to either be paying a lot less for great Android phones... or a lot more.
by C. Scott BrownSeptember 14, 2018

Apple won’t include a headphone jack dongle with its $1,000 iPhone XS

Apple is going the HTC route and removing the complimentary headphone jack dongle from the new iPhone boxes.
by Lily KatzSeptember 12, 2018

Everything Apple announced today: iPhone, iOS, Apple Watch, and more

Yes, it's Apple, but it's good to know what Android will be up against.
by C. Scott BrownSeptember 12, 2018

Why everyone is rushing to 7nm

Smartphone processor companies are racing to their first 7nm chips, and competition for foundry space is fierce.
by Robert TriggsSeptember 8, 2018

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple not interested in in-display fingerprint sensors, for now

Apple is happy to use its Face ID technology instead of in-display fingerprint sensors in its upcoming devices, a respected analyst reported.
by Duncan ElderSeptember 5, 2018

Apple, Shazam deal said to win European approval (Updated)

It looks like Apple is one step closer to officially acquiring popular music recognition service Shazam.
by Williams PelegrinAugust 23, 2018

Apple’s new iPhones launch next month: Here’s what Android is up against

Apple's next iPhone series could be here next month, but how will it stack up against the current Android competition? Let's take a look.
by Scott Adam GordonAugust 17, 2018

How to transfer music from iTunes to Android

In this post, learn how to transfer music from iTunes to Android.
by Ryan VergaraAugust 13, 2018
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