Free Samsung Galaxy S10+ when you add a new line on Sprint!

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus announced: Cracking the 3GHz barrier

Hadlee Simons 2 hours ago 830 shares

Camera shootout: Sony Xperia 1 II vs Huawei P40 Pro

Robert Triggs July 7, 2020 356 shares

Is the Nord really a ‘New Beginning’ for OnePlus?

C. Scott Brown July 4, 2020 97 shares

Why have phone prices almost doubled over the past five years?

Eric Zeman July 5, 2020 658 shares
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Having trouble with your iPhone SE? Here are all the ways you can reset it

Here's how you can reset your iPhone SE using a bunch of different methods.
Adamya SharmaJuly 5, 20201 shares

Get a free iPhone 11 from Sprint, and more of the best iPhone deals

The iPhone is one of the top-selling devices in the world. Here's our list of the best iPhone deals that can be had now.
Ryan HainesJuly 5, 202010 shares

Here’s a look at how quickly many Android phones depreciate in trade-in value

Anyone who's ever wondered whether their Android smartphones retain trade-in value now has an answer.
Dave LeClairJuly 2, 20201235 shares

We asked, you told us: You hate the idea of Apple dropping the in-box charger

A resounding majority of our readers don't want Apple to skimp out on a charging adapter.
Adamya SharmaJuly 1, 2020310 shares

How do you feel about Apple dropping the in-box charger for iPhone 12?

To keep or not to keep the power adapter? That is the question.
Adamya SharmaJune 29, 20202652 shares

iPhone 6S getting iOS 14 is like the Galaxy S6 getting Android 11. Imagine that.

iOS 14 is going to land on a very old iPhone. Meanwhile, Android 11 will land on a handful of phones in 2020. Maybe.
C. Scott BrownJune 24, 20204039 shares

iOS 14 lets users set default email, browser apps for the first time

Here's why that's a big deal.
Eric ZemanJune 22, 20202117 shares

iPhone SE (2020) vs iPhone 8: Battle of the budget iPhones

One major upgrade makes all the difference.
Adamya SharmaJune 21, 2020202 shares

Apple iPhone SE (2020) review: Old is new, again!

The iPhone SE makes old new again with Apple's fastest processor and newest software.
David ImelJune 17, 2020614 shares

No, the police aren’t disabling smartphone cameras during protests

While we understand this is a tough time for people, we need to make sure we stay realistic.
C. Scott BrownJune 5, 2020136 shares
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