1 Million More HP TouchPad Units Coming Before November

by: Carl ParkerSeptember 1, 2011

HP has announced its plan to produce one more batch of HP TouchPad tablets, due to reach store shelves before October 31.  Industry sources say HP might produce 500,000 to 1 million more units.

HP recently decided to kill the HP TouchPad and clear out the remaining units in warehouses through an absurdly marked-down price sale.  That did the trick, and stocks were cleared very quickly.  The HP TouchPad suddenly earned a great demand–thanks to the drastic price cut.

Analyst Shaw Wu told AppleInsider that HP’s decision is both “surprising and confusing.”

Despite the high demand that the lowering of prices has created for the HP TouchPad, sources say that HP’s announcement to manufacture additional units is not really entirely because of the high demand, but rather, because of existing agreements between HP and its component suppliers.

“While the company is stating it is doing so to satisfy stronger than expected demand, our checks with supply chain sources indicate another reason may be to fulfill commitments to component suppliers and manufacturing partners,” said Shaw Wu.

Android enthusiasts and programmers have taken advantage of the now more-affordably priced HP TouchPad.  Developers are currently working on ways to put Android on the HP TouchPad, which currently runs HP’s own operating system, webOS.

The TouchDroid project is one such effort.  The developers of CyanogenMod have also made inroads into a CyanogenMod port for the TouchPad, but have reportedly experienced some slowdown because of unavailability of test units.

When the new batch of HP TouchPad units arrive, will you be getting one?  And, which OS will you want it to run on–webOS or Android?

  • I’d been eying the TouchPad. I was bummed that I didn’t hear about the clearance prices till too late to actually take advantage of them. I’ll definitely get one, and keep webOS on it. It’s a far better OS than Android.

    • Fern65

      You work for hp, lol

    • Anonymous

      You better listen to him. He’s faculty at the prestigious and world-renowned Wayne State University!

    • dz1

      A lot of people, including me, have become frustrated with the Android OS experience. It sucks compared to Apple’s OS for a variety of reasons, so i fully understand why someone would want to keep webOS on the device. I hope Android dies a slow death.

      • OKNightOwl

        If you like to play things safe, stay within the boundaries your are told are out there, then yes Apple’s OS may be for you. But there are SO MANY Things AOS cannot currently do, that should be allowed, so why are you putting up with it?

  • Gissyt

    I will keep os

  • DP

    500,000 to 1,000,000
    That’s a fairly big range

  • Definitely getting one. Will run WebOS on it. WebOS gets my support until there is no reason to support it.

  • Jrstroud88

    android is dual boot, so it won’t matter, you can do both. However if it wasn’t I’d keel web is, way better than android. Much more stable, very smooth/slick interface w/ outstanding multitasking.

  • Newday2c

    I wanted one before the clearance price…so I feel I deserve one @ the clearance for sure :-)

  • Sk102704

    If it was a better OS than Android, it wouldn’t have failed. I’d like one though at that price!

  • ThinkB4Udo

    If the new batch stays at $99, yes. Otherwise it’s not worth it.

  • Randy

    I got one in the last round, and I plan on getting a couple more. I run WebOS and really like it. In think WebOS has a better user expericence than Android. It failed because there are only a handful of apps for the OS, it was too expensive to compete with the IPad/Android without the critical mass of apps.

    • Randy

      By the way, the details in this post are highly speculative (made-up). No one, not even HP knows how many they will produce, when, and what form factor. They lose around $200 for each one they produce and sell for $99. I find it hard to believe they’d throw another $200,000,000 down the drain. Also, many of the tablets they produce may be used to fulfill existing orders.

      • good point Randy, but in the same breath it all depends how many customers got refunds (which I’m assuming most people did) since once the TouchPad ran out of stock, if they did then all future orders would be considered “new” orders once again.

      • Anonymous

        exactly, they could pay off all the suppliers and manufacturers instead of actually building out products at a loss.

        I’m skeptical that there’s that many more on the way.

  • I wanted one so badly, but got thwarted at every turn. I’m still feeling the sting. I’ll try to get one when there are more…and i’ll be keeping webOS. I already ahve an Android phone (thanks to HP not working a deal with Sprint for the Pre 3). The day that webOS support dies, I might then entertain the thought of porting Android on it (which by then should be very stable and easy to do).

  • Guest123456

    of course, I will keep WebOS. Its cool after I fine tuned the logging level

  • Anonymous

    1 million units at a loss of $200 each = $200 million, I doubt this.

  • KeethStone

    If I can still get one at $99 I’ll do it. Then I’ll need to get an iPad to go with my Transformer and have tablet wars.

  • Mynameisj

    Android for Touchpad ALL THE WAY!!!

  • MariusMsd123

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  • Prashant

    definitely an android