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Samsung's Galaxy Enhance-X app: What is it and how to use it?

Professionally edit your photos on a Samsung phone in just a few clicks.
August 9, 2023
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Even with the best camera phone in your hand, your shots may need a few touch-ups to look their best. AI-powered apps are making it easier than ever to customize and enhance images. Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X is one of these apps with various features that simplify photo editing. Today, we’ll explore what this app is all about, how the Enhance-X app works, and how you can use it to remaster your photos on your Samsung phone.


The Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app is an AI-based photo editing app that allows users to refine, tweak, and enhance images. If your device is compatible with the Galaxy Enhance-X app, download it from the Galaxy Store. Once done, you can give the app access to your photos and start editing them immediately.


What is the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app, and how does it work?

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X is a photo editor app that enhances and refines your photos on compatible Samsung devices. The app simplifies photo editing, allowing you to enhance your images in just a few taps without advanced technical knowledge.

Launched in mid-2022, the app uses AI smarts to analyze your photos for imperfections and applies enhancements accordingly. It can bring blurry photos into focus, adjust brightness, and even add HDR effects to bring out vibrant colors and details.

Don’t have the editing prowess to adjust each aspect separately? Apply the Magic feature that uses AI to adjust and enhance the image with just one click. The Enhance-X app can also fix lens distortion, remove reflections and shadows, and adjust smoothness, eye size, and jawline in portrait shots. It also offers a dedicated Portrait mode that applies a depth-of-field effect to your photos.

Where can I get the Galaxy Enhance-X app?

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The Galaxy Enhance-X app is exclusively available for download on the Galaxy Store, only on compatible Samsung devices. The app is currently compatible with various flagship models. These include:

  • Z Flip 4
  • Z Fold 3
  • Z Flip 3
  • Z Fold 2
  • Z Flip 5G
  • Z Flip LTE

To install the app, ensure your device runs One UI 5.1 or above. Samsung will announce the app’s support for Galaxy tablets, Galaxy A series, and Galaxy M series later.

You can’t use Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X on a non-Samsung or an incompatible Samsung phone. Even if you download an APK from a separate resource, it’s unlikely that the app will run on your incompatible phone.

How to use the Galaxy Enhance-X app

If you have a supported phone and are ready to enhance some of your images, here’s how to get started.

  1. Download the Galaxy Enhance-X app.
  2. Once the download is complete, open the Galaxy Enhance-X app and allow it to access your gallery.
  3. Tap an image from your gallery that you would like to enhance. The app will analyze the image for imperfections and offer various enhancement suggestions.
  4. Explore the tools available, like the Magic feature, HDR, Fix Blur, Remove Reflection, Remove Shadows, and more. Tap your desired enhancement tool to apply it and adjust the intensity of the effects as desired.
  1. Review the changes made to your photo. If satisfied with the enhancements, select Save to save the edited photo. The app will store both the original and enhanced versions.

Find your edited photos in the Galaxy Enhance-X album within your phone’s gallery. You can view, share, or further edit these photos as needed.


The app is currently available only on the Galaxy Store and runs on selected premium Samsung devices.

You can install the app through an APK on a non-Samsung phone, but there’s a high chance it won’t work. The app is optimized for particular Samsung phones and shows compatibility issues on other devices.

One good alternative to the Galaxy Enhance-X app is Snapseed. It offers various editing tools and filters to customize and remaster your photos.