Get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro hands-on: Killer specs at a higher price

David Imel April 3, 2020 685 shares

Huawei P40 Pro review: Refinement done right

Ryan-Thomas Shaw April 1, 2020 50 shares

Samsung Galaxy S20 review: What more could you want?

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Huawei Watch GT 2e hands-on: The endurance smartwatch

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108MP camera shootout: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi Note 10

In our Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi Note 10 shootout, we assess which has the better 108MP camera.
Eric ZemanMarch 28, 20201507 shares

The best budget camera phones you can buy

It seems all great camera phones are expensive, but there are some great budget camera phones. Let's tell you about them.
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Deal: Learn to be a photography pro for just $12

Learn how to take pro photos with the Photography For Beginners Bundle. You can pick up $1,000 of training for just $12 now.
AA DealsMarch 22, 202071 shares

What is macro photography?

What is macro photography? The term is commonly thrown around in the photo world and now it's time for you to discover it!
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What is bokeh in photography?

Bokeh is one of the most popular effects in photography, but what exactly is it? Let us show you all about it!
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The best monopods for photography

Finding the best monopods for photography is no easy feat, especially when they all look alike. Let's find the right one!
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Don’t believe what smartphone manufacturers tell you about zoom

Today's smartphone marketing means you can't trust what manufacturers say about zoom, Hadlee Simons writes.
Hadlee SimonsFebruary 28, 2020550 shares

What are the M, A, S, P camera modes?

Figuring out camera modes can be a daunting experience, so let us help you learn all about them!
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The 10 best Sigma and Tamron lenses you can buy

Sigma and Tamron lenses are the best alternatives for buying third party camera glass. Let's show you the best options!
Edgar CervantesFebruary 26, 202095 shares

Best photo printers for photography

Good photography shouldn't only live on screens, but finding the best photo printers can be a daunting task. Let us help!
Edgar CervantesFebruary 26, 202065 shares
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