I shot a number of photos of the HTC DROID Incredible for the review we posted a few days back on MobileBurn.com. My photos just went in yesterday, even though the review has been up longer, because I just got the device.

So you can see the photos after the jump.  They’re pretty nice, and show off the phone’s design.

But I’ve also come across a number of problems with the phone that Todd hadn’t detected when he did the review.  They mostly stem from the lack of an included microSD card and the fact that the built-in 8GB of storage doesn’t appear as a microSD card to running applications.  The end result is that any app that requires an SD card for storage, and there are very many of them, will have a problem. It might be minimal, such as Astro Explorer warning that it can’t create its cache file, or it could be much bigger – such as an app not being able to save settings.

In fact, the lack of an included microSD card is the official reason we were given that the HTC DROID Incredible does not ship with the Amazon MP3 Store app.

The phone’s built-in apps seem aware of the new storage option, of course.  Mail asks to which it should save attachments, photos and recorded videos automatically go into the new storage, etc.  But it is those thousands of 3rd party apps that have no idea about the built-in storage.  That’s a problem.

For those of you interested, the internal 8GB of storage on the phone is mounted at /emmc (r/w mode, of course) and microSD cards still shows up normally at /sdcard as expected.

On top of this storage issue, it appears that the current version of Google Voice can’t complete its verification SMS task when you go through the configuration wizard. You’ll have to add the phone through the Google Voice website.

In any case, those nice photos I mentioned are available after the jump.

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