Being a student almost always calls for juggling mountains of tasks from numerous subjects. Organizing assignments per subject is one way to keep track of the things you still have to do, and luckily, the Subjects app can be of great help.

Developed by Alex Lavrinenko, it is an app that lets you organize your class schedules, assignments, and tasks in one convenient place. You won’t need to scramble for your notebook just to check when your term paper is due or if the assignment you are working on is already complete. With the use of your Android device, all the tasks from your subjects can be neatly organized to help you keep track of the things you still need to accomplish.

Subjects can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and has no ads littering about.

Auto Speaker

Now you can toggle between turning the speaker on and off during a call without pressing your device’s Speaker option. Auto Speaker from HH Group is indeed automatic. During a call, the speaker option will automatically be enabled once you have your device away from your ear. Bringing your device near your ear again will turn the speaker option off.

A small icon during the call will appear, giving you the freedom to turn the service off or on. You can set where you want the icon to appear when you receive or make a call. Auto Speaker is downloadable for free and is absolutely ad-free, too.

Don’t forget – mind list

Making a list of things you need to buy from the groceries will actually save you time and energy compared to just randomly barging in and spending almost an hour trying to remember what you went there for. Stop forgetting and start remembering using your Android device armed with Don’t forget – mind list by Polo.

Don’t forget – mind list is a free and simple app that lets you make checklists of things — groceries, tasks, assignments, projects, and more. You can also opt to make your lists using the speech-to-text function of the app, especially on some days when you don’t really feel like tapping on your device’s keyboard.

Hidden Video Spy Recording

With the Hidden Video Spy Recording app by terobel, you can record videos for free without showing the viewfinder on your phone’s screen. All it takes is to launch the app. The app itself sits very discreetly among your other apps in the drawer, but if you know that HVSR stands for the app’s name, you’d know which icon to tap whenever you need to record videos discreetly. To stop recording, just tap the app’s icon again. Recorded videos are saved in your device’s external SD card, an added point to all the stealthiness going on.


Have your messages read out loud to you instead of reading them yourself with your tired eyes. Talkative, developed by Alex Richards, is a very useful tool for you to still know the contents of your SMS messages without actually reading them. The app can be a life-saver while you’re driving or cooking in the kitchen. Just activate the read-out-loud button in the app, and all your incoming messages will be spoken as they arrive. Give your eyes a much-needed break with the free Talkative app from the Google Play Store.

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(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez, Dan Evans, and Elmer Montejo; banner image uses Flickr photo “Andy’s day out” by Scott Akerman)

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