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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week and all the latest app news - Android Apps Weekly

This week was busy for Android apps with the launch of the first Android 15 preview and more.

Published onFebruary 17, 2024


Welcome to the 522nd edition of Android Apps Weekly, where we discuss the latest in mobile news and take a closer look at some of the most interesting new apps and games. Let’s jump right in and take a look at some of the biggest highlights from the last week:

Android Apps Weekly: New apps and games

Looking for some new Android apps and Android games to keep you occupied? This week saw two new apps worth highlighting, as well as three great games. 

High Seas Saga DX

  • Price: $7.49

The classic pirate crew strategy sim is better than ever on mobile with the release of High Sea Saga DX on Android. Just like the original, you can recruit your crew, choose your job type (nomad, sniper, cadet, etc.), collect treasures and other items, engage in battles, and much more. The biggest difference in this version is the removal of the free-to-play model, replaced by a one-time purchase price of $7.49. Additionally, it introduces several improvements, such as the option to buy medals with gold and the addition of new community and PvP features.

Ghost Survivors: Pixel Hunt

  • Price: Free with in-app purchases

Ghost Survivors dives right into the action with a straightforward plot centered around the release of demons and other monsters from the underworld. This game admittedly feels very familiar. If you’ve played Vampire Survivors or any similar games, you’ll know what to expect. That said, I honestly still had fun with this one, moving around the stage and firing arrows and other weapons at ghosts, creatures that resembled Mario-style Piranha Plants, and more. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but the art style is actually quite enjoyable, and I laughed out loud when I realized one of the characters in the brief cutscene images was essentially an Aang knock-off from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Disney Realm Breakers

  • Price: Free with in-app purchases

Disney Realm Breakers is a mash-up game featuring a wide range of Pixel and Disney characters that must come together to save the world of Noi from the Scourge Legion.  I’m cheating a bit by adding this to the list as it’s not out yet for most of us. Disney Realms Breakers is currently in its soft launch phase, available in the Philippines, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. As for the gameplay? It looks to be a combination of strategy and city-building, though there’s also combat and other components to the mix. 

NBA Infinite

  • Price: Free with in-app purchase

NBA Infinite is a real-time PvP mobile game that allows you to build your dream team from scratch and compete against others. One of the most standout features of this game is its excellent graphics for a mobile platform. However, the gameplay is currently a bit unbalanced, which, despite the game still being enjoyable, can lead to frustration at times. Thankfully, it appears the developers are well aware of these issues and are actively working on making improvements to enhance the gaming experience in future updates.


  • Price: Free with in-app purchases

Remember Wunderlist? It was one of my personal favorites until Microsoft bought it and retooled it as Microsoft To Do. While this is still a decent app to this day, I preferred the original Wunderlist. Feel the same? You’ll be excited to know Superlist is a new app from the creators behind Wunderlist. The new app is far from a clone of that early experience but it has some of that same spirit to its design.  I’ve been using this one for about a week for my own personal to-do lists and while i think it has room for improvement, I actually like it better than Microsoft’s current take.