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How to delete your Peacock account

Peacock doesn't want you to take your data and run.

Published onMarch 29, 2023

Peacock has surprised some people by becoming a legitimate force in the streaming world. That’s partly thanks to originals like MacGruber and the South Park specials, but more than anything, it’s a stable of classic shows like Frasier, The Office, and Parks and Recreation. That said, if none of these things have a hold over you anymore, it’s time to split. Here’s how to delete your Peacock account for good — which is harder than it should be.


To delete a US-based Peacock account, you'll have to submit a form request to NBCUniversal including your name, state, and email address. When filling it out, remember to select Delete Information, and list "Peacock" as the applicable brand. Cancel your Premium subscription first if you have one. If you're outside the US, you'll have to use a separate form or email the company.


How to delete a Peacock account

The form to request Peacock data deletion

If you’re here, it’s probably because you found Peacock’s Help Center singularly unhelpful. Their “how do I delete my account” article links to a generic NBCUniversal privacy portal, and it’s not clear what to do next.

What they really want you to do is fill out this form, petitioning NBCUniversal (Peacock’s owner) to scrape your data completely. You’ll need to supply your first and last names, your email address, and the state you live in (the form is US-only). Be sure to select Delete Information as the reason for the request, and list “Peacock” as the applicable brand.

If you live outside the US, you’ll need fill out a separate form instead, or as a last resort, email It’s not explained what you need to send to this address, but you should at least be in touch with a human being able to help.

Either way there’s no guarantee that your Peacock data will be deleted, unless you live somewhere it’s legally required — like California — and it could take some time to receive confirmation if and when it happens. In the meantime, make sure you cancel Peacock Premium if you’re currently paying for it.

Why can’t I delete my Peacock account myself?

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That’s a legitimate question, especially since many other services let you do it, and it’s your data they’re holding onto.

From Peacock’s perspective, there are two reasons. The first is that because basic access is free, leaving your account in place makes it easy to return on a whim, at least as long as you can remember your login or reset your password. Your watchlist and preferences remain intact, encouraging you to get streaming again and generate revenue. Even if you never upgrade to a Premium plan, Peacock still makes money from ads.

The second reason involves marketing in general. According to the NBCU Privacy Portal, Peacock may share demographic info not just with third-party advertisers, but other NBCU brands and unspecified partners. Your data benefits the company financially, so  putting up a barrier keeps the treasure trove from slipping away.


No. Your account data is saved in the cloud, not just for Peacock’s own benefit, but so you can instantly access your watchlist and preferences wherever you sign in.

Simply put, NBCU/Peacock isn’t obligated unless local laws require it, like the California Consumer Privacy Act. The company will probably comply with most requests regardless, since stonewalling too often would raise the threat of lawsuits.

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