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Google Pixel Tablet: It's coming soon and here's everything we know

Google is re-entering the tablet market in 2023, and here's what you can expect.
March 24, 2023

The last time Google launched an Android-based tablet was in 2015 with the Google Pixel C. After that one-and-done device, it switched things up by launching the Google Pixel Slate, based on Chrome OS. After that also failed to gain traction, Google formally announced it was exiting the tablet market completely. However, here we are writing about the imminent launch of a Google Pixel Tablet — a new Android-based tablet from Google.

This is an exciting new product regardless of Google’s start-and-stop history with tablets. In this article, we will tell you everything we know so far about the Google Pixel Tablet.

Google Pixel Tablet release date and price

Google Pixel Tablet Announcement IO 2022
YouTube / Google
  • The Pixel Tablet will be available to buy at some point in 2023.
  • We do not have any pricing information yet, but the tablet will probably not be super expensive.

Google revealed the existence of the Pixel Tablet during its annual Google I/O on May 11, 2022. However, Rick Osterloh — SVP of Devices & Services at Google — used purposefully vague language when discussing the device’s release date on stage. “We’re aiming to make it available next year,” were his exact words. On October 6, 2022, Google was a little more definitive during the Google Pixel 7 series launch, specifically giving a launch window of 2023. At the moment, a 2023 launch is all we know for certain about this tablet.

The Google Pixel Tablet will land in 2023, although we don't have an exact date yet.

Generally, Google launches hardware two times during the year. The first is in May during I/O, and the second is in October for its Pixel phone launch. We would expect the Pixel Tablet to land during one of these events, although it is totally possible Google could launch it at some other time.

We do not have any pricing information to divulge yet. However, we can speculate that the tablet isn’t likely to cost much. The first reason we think so is that the tablet’s leaked design and specs suggest it would not be very expensive. Second, the last time Google launched expensive tablets — the Pixel Slate series — they flopped hard. Third, Google’s relatively inexpensive Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series phones are selling incredibly well, so the company likely would try to repeat that success with the tablet. In other words, all signs point to mid-range pricing rather than iPad Pro or Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra pricing.

Google Pixel Tablet colors, design, and size

Google IO 2022 pixel tablet
  • Official renders show the 11-inch Pixel Tablet won’t borrow the design language of the Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 series.
  • So far, we have seen gray/green and white/beige in renders and a leaked pre-release black model.

Google showed off the design of the Pixel Tablet during I/O. There were no subtle hints, either: the company showed the tablet from all sides, giving us a very solid idea of what to expect.

Interestingly, the Google Pixel Tablet looks like it came from the “old” Google design room that created phones like the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 5. The new design language we see on the Pixel 6, Pixel 6a, and Pixel 7 is nowhere to be found.

In fact, the tablet doesn’t look very modern at all. The front has large bezels all around, while premium tablets from Apple, Samsung, and others have little-to-no bezels.

Google did not divulge the specific sizing of the tablet. Thanks to leakers, though, we are relatively sure the display will be 10.95 inches when measured diagonally, making it fit into the 11-inch tablet category. This is roughly the same size as the 2022 iPad.

As for colors, the only official ones we’ve seen are the gray/green you see in the images above and a white/beige. Leaks point to there also being a black model, but that is just speculation.

Google Pixel Tablet speaker dock

  • The Pixel Tablet will have pogo pins for connecting to accessories, including a speaker dock.
  • When connected to the dock, the tablet turns into a smart display.
  • It is unclear if the tablet comes with a dock.

At the Made by Google event in October 2022, Google confirmed that the Pixel Tablet will have pogo pins on the back that will connect it to a speaker dock. When connected to the speaker, it takes on a form looking somewhat similar to Google’s Nest Hub Max. This also keeps the tablet charged.

In other words, with the tablet connected to the speaker dock, it will be a smart display. When you snap it off the dock, it will act as a traditional Android tablet. This will allow it to perform double duty, making it ideal as a kitchen tablet.

In December 2022, the Pixel Tablet reportedly popped up on Facebook Marketplace. The listing appeared to show the device in all its glory and gave us a better idea of the look of the tablet and dock. However, this was almost certainly a prerelease device, so it’s unclear what would be the same when carried over to the retail model.


Another leak in January 2022, provided by leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, gave us a few more shots of the device. Even its About Tablet page showed up.

Images of the Pixel Tablet dock leaked again in March 2023 thanks to Twitter tipster SnoopyTech. The pictures, seen below, give us our clearest look yet at the dock from every angle. The images only lend more credence to suggestions that the dock design is derived from the Nest Hub Max.

It’s clear Google will emphasize that the Pixel Tablet can perform two functions, replacing both your current tablet and your smart display. Unfortunately, we don’t know if buying the tablet also gets you the speaker. It’s possible Google could sell the tablet on its own and charge more for the dock or force you to buy them bundled.

Google Pixel Tablet specs

Google Tensor G2 benchmarks feature image
Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • We know the tablet will have Android 13 and the Tensor G2 processor.
  • Other leaked specs suggest 6GB of RAM, 128/256GB of internal storage, and stylus support.

So far, one of the few things we know for certain about the hardware inside of the Pixel Tablet is that it will run on Tensor G2, Google’s 2022 chipset. This is the same processor you’ll find in the Pixel 7 series. Other than that, the only other thing we know for certain is that Android will power the tablet. Out of the box, it will come with Android 13. With Android 13, the tablet will have Google’s Material You feature that allows users to blend their apps with the color of the background. Consequently, this version of the operating system heavily suggests the tablet will launch before the Pixel 8 series in October, which will almost certainly land with Android 14 out of the box.

Although Google hasn’t confirmed much, leaks paint a better picture of what to expect. A Google-branded tablet codenamed “Tangor” was found on a list of Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) products. USI aims to create a standard for active pen input so that any supported accessory works with every certified device. A number of Chromebooks already feature USI support. This heavily suggests the Pixel Tablet could support a stylus.

Speaking of the stylus, an APK teardown conducted by 9To5Google revealed lines of code hinting that Google could enable Fast Pair battery alerts for the stylus when power gets low. Additionally, the outlet also found code suggesting there could be a note-taking that may work with any USI stylus. In other words, there is a lot of evidence for stylus support.


Elsewhere, code-sleuth Kuba Wojciechowski found evidence that very strongly suggests the Pixel Tablet is not designed to leave the house. According to the AOSP code, the tablet will lack a modem, GPS, proximity sensors, and a barometer. This would make the tablet pretty useless if not connected to Wi-Fi at home.

Late in September, another leak revealed what could be memory sizes for the tablet. According to Kuba Wojciechowski, the Pixel Tablet may have 128GB and 256GB storage options and come with 6GB of RAM.

Google Pixel Tablet battery and performance

Pixel Tablet and dock
  • There are no reputable leaks related to the battery capacity of the tablet or its charging speed.
  • Tensor G2 should make the tablet fast and reliable.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much information about the power specs of the Google Pixel Tablet. There hasn’t been a leak of the battery capacity, and we don’t know how fast the tablet will charge with a cable. We also don’t know how fast it would charge connected to the dock or whether or not it supports wireless charging.

Because of the existence of the dock and the confirmed pogo pins, we’re going to guess that wireless charging is not happening. However, with the tablet designed to live in the house at all times, it’s possible that Google could surprise us.

The tablet’s performance should be terrific. Tensor G2, combined with 6GB of RAM and Android 13, should provide a fast and reliable software experience. Android 13’s various features optimizing the use of large displays will be handy here, and Google has confirmed it is working with brands and developers to make Android apps more tablet-friendly.

Google Pixel Tablet cameras

The smart connector on the Pixel Tablet
Roger Fingas / Android Authority
  • The back of the Pixel Tablet has one camera. There’s another camera on the front.
  • We have no confirmed information about the specs of these cameras.
  • We don’t expect either camera to have exemplary hardware, as the tablet is not meant to be a camera powerhouse.

The official renders of the Pixel tablet make it clear that it has just two cameras: one on the front and one on the back. Unfortunately, we don’t know much else beyond this.

Of course, we always have leaks. According to some leaked code, the Pixel Tablet cameras could lack support for 4K video recording. It would also lack support for many of the photo/video features found on the Pixel 7 series. These omissions make a lot of sense when you remember that Google intends the tablet to remain at the house. This makes high-end photography features unimportant.

If anything, we’d expect Google to put most of its effort into the tablet’s front-facing camera. The camera on the Nest Hub Max has numerous features to improve video calls, and those features would likely carry over to the Pixel Tablet. However, don’t expect high-end hardware: Google will likely rely on its software tricks to keep the price of the tablet low.

Will the Google Pixel Tablet be worth it?

Pixel Tablet on table

Google confirmed that its main goal with the Pixel Tablet was to solve the biggest problem with tablets: they sit in drawers when not in use. Launching the tablet with a speaker dock allows users to continue using the hardware differently when they’re not playing games, watching movies, or scrolling through social media. This is a smart move and is something no other mainstream tablets offer — not even iPads.

This alone makes the Pixel Tablet an exciting product. Many Android enthusiasts have a tablet and a smart display in their homes, and this product could replace them.

However, the Pixel Tablet will almost certainly not be a powerhouse. Folks who want something like an iPad Pro will be unhappy with this device. Those buyers should stick to something like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra if they want an Android-powered workhorse.

Time will tell if Google can actually stick behind this tablet. After all, the company doesn’t have a great track record of creating and sticking to products. We are optimistic, though, because this device is innovative and fits in with Google’s ambient computing goals. If the price is good and Google continuously updates it with new features, the Pixel Tablet could be a terrific new addition to the portfolio.