Data is a precious commodity these days. The cost of using mobile web services can get high. Even if you have multiple options available, you must be smart about picking the best among the  unlimited data plans available. Factors such as pricing, signal and throttling caps tend to vary significantly.

In this article we will help you find the best unlimited data plans in the US. We’ve put together the best options we could find.

Note: The prices listed below are for single lines.

Postpaid options

unlimited data plans

Verizon – Starting at $75/mo

After years of telling folks they don’t need unlimited data, just ahead of Valentine’s Day 2017 Big Red surprised us all by reintroducing unlimited data plans after an eight year hiatus. As of June 18, 2018, Verizon is offering three different unlimited plans: GoUnlimited, BeyondUnlimited and Above Unlimited.

GoUnlimited begins at $75 a month for just one line on the account, and goes down to $65 a month each for two lines, $50 a month each for three lines, and $40 a month each for four line. Each line beyond that will cost $40 each. That price does not include taxes or other fees and it also assumes you will sign up to use AutoPay. If you don’t, that adds an extra $5 a month to the bill.

While Verizon’s GoUnlimited plan is supposed to offer users unlimited “4G LTE” data, the fine print confirms that Verizon could cut speeds temporarily “in times of congestion” regardless of how much data you have already used. Customers will also get unlimited talk and texting in the US. If you like to stream videos on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or any other similar service, be aware that video streaming is limited to just 480p resolution under this plan. It does offer unlimited mobile hotspot data, but the speeds are cut way down to just 600kbps.

Verizon’s next unlimited data plans, BeyondUnlimited, begins at $85 a month for just one line on the account, and goes down to $80 a month each for two lines, $60 a month each for three lines, and $50 a month each for four line. Each line beyond that will cost $50 each. As with GoUnlimited, the prices for the BeyondUnlimited plans do not include taxes or other fees and assumes you will sign up to use AutoPay.

Unlike GoUnlimited,  signing up for BeyondUnlimited will offer customers 4G LTE speeds at any time, even if your cell tower is considered congested with traffic. You may only get hit with slower speeds if you use 22 GB of data before your monthly billing period ends. Video streaming goes up to 720p resolution under the BeyondUnlimited plan, but smartphones that connect to the network won’t be able to get 1080p video streams; that’s reserved just for tablets on Verizon. The BeyondUnlimited plan offers 15 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot speeds use on each line, but those speeds will go down to 600kbps if that cap is exceeded before the month runs out. Finally, the BeyondUnlimited plan offers customers unlimited calls and texts from the US to numbers in Mexico and Canada. If you are vacationing in Mexico and Canada and are under Verizon’s plan, you also get access to 512 MB of free 4G LTE data roaming in those countries per day. After that cap has been exceeded, data is cut down to 2G speeds.

As of June 18, 2018, Verizon will have a third unlimited plan to choose from. This one is called Above Unlimited and begins at $95 a month for just one line on the account, and goes down to $90 a month each for two lines, $70 a month each for three lines, and $60 a month each for four lines. The biggest features is that speed slow downs from LTE data won’t happen unless you go over 75GB of data each month. You still get 720p video streaming, but mobile hotspot service goes up to 20GB of LTE data per month. Above Unlimited also adds support for storing up to 500GB of data on Verizon’s cloud service, and you will get five daily Travel Passes per month. This will give international travelers a way to keep their local talk, text and data features for up to five days in 130 countries.

Also as of June 18, Verizon is allowing familes under one account to mix and match the carrier’s unlimited plans, so that children can use the cheaper plans, while their parents can use the more expensive plans, all under one account

In addition to the three consumer unlimited data plans, Verizon also has a new choice for business customers, which begins at $45 a month per line. It offers the same 4G LTE deal as the BeyondUnlimited plan, but with just 480p video streaming on smartphones, and just 10 GB of LTE mobile hotspot data a month.

T-Mobile – Starting at $70/mo


The Uncarrier has a ton of unlimited data plans to choose from.  With T-Mobile you get four postpaid options – One, One Unlimited 55+, One Plus, and Plus International.

T-Mobile One

The basic version of T-Mobile One’s unlimited data plans charges $70 a month for one line, $50 a month each for two lines, $37 a month each for three lines, $40 a month each for four lines and $25 a month for each additional line. It offers unlimited talk and text in the US, and unlimited talk, texting and data while you are in Canada and Mexico. T-Mobile One also includes unlimited mobile hotspot data, but it’s pretty slow, with only 3G speeds available.

If you are traveling on a plan with Gogo internet service, T-Mobile One offers unlimited texting and 1 hour of free Wi-Fi data on those flights. Finally, if you want to stream video, T-Mobile One offers unlimited streaming, but just at 480p resolution. The standard One plan is perfect for both individuals, as well as families, who want the benefits of unlimited high-speed data, but can live without some features for a cheaper price.

T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+

A recently launched option to T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans is specifically for customers that are 55 years of age and older. The plan, which is geared towards older and retired couples, charges $50 a month for the first line, but just $10 a month for the second line. That means two people that meet the age criteria can get unlimited data for a total of just $60 a month (with the Autopay billing setup).

T-Mobile One Plus

If you want some extras, you can sign up for the T-Mobile One Plus plan. It costs $80 a month for a single line, $60 a month each for two lines, $47 a month each for three lines, $50 a month each for four lines and $35 a month for each additional line. In addition to all the benefits of T-Mobile One, the Plus plan boosts video streaming up to HD resolutions, and you can get free unlimited Wi-Fi access on any Gogo-based flight. Finally, mobile hotpot data is boosted to 4G LTE speeds for the first 10 GB on your billing cycle, before going back to 3G speeds.

T-Mobile One Plus International 

If you are a person who travels a lot to other countries, or just contacts many people overseas, there’s the T-Mobile One Plus International Plan. It offers everything in the One Plus plan, but throws in unlimited LTE Wi-Fi hotspot speeds (no going down to 3G on this plan) along with unlimited international calling to landlines in over 70 countries , along with unlimited calls to mobile numbers in over 30 countries.

Adding tablets, connected devices, and other things you should know

T-Mobile allows customers to add a tablet to any of its One unlimited data plans for an extra $20 a month. If you have a smartwatch or other connected wearable, it can also be added to any One plan for an extra $10 a month. All of the One plan prices include the use of the $5 a month discount when using AutoPay to pay off bills.

T-Mobile says that if a person uses over 32 GB of data before their monthly bill cycle ends, he or she may experience speed throttling if their cell tower is congested.

You will also have to purchase a T-Mobile SIM card kit for $25 if you don’t already have one. T-Mobile says that if a person uses over 32 GB of data before their monthly bill cycle ends, he or she may experience speed throttling if their cell tower is congested. This will likely only affect a very small fraction of T-Mobile’s users.

The company has bragged in its promotions for T-Mobile One that its unlimited data plans have prices that include no hidden monthly regulatory fees and sales taxes; all of them are included in the quoted prices. However, they may not include some other fees such as extra data passes, late or restore fees, device upgrade support charge, calling from foreign countries and more, so be aware of that.

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Not everyone needs unlimited 4G speeds, right? We happen to like this plan most, but T-Mobile also offers 2 GB, 6 GB and 10 GB options at lower prices. By the way, T-Mobile also has Data Stash, which allows you to keep each month’s unused 4G LTE data (up to 20 GB). Other Uncarrier offers include unlimited streaming of music and video (when using certain services) and more.

Sprint – Starting at $60/mo

Sprint store

Sprint has gotten a lot of criticism due to its network, but there are plenty of markets with good coverage and awesome data speeds. If you happen to live in one of them, you could save some cash and go with the Now Network.

Unlimited Basic

The carrier’s Unlimited Basic is the cheapest unlimited Sprint plan that’s currently being offered. At the moment, one line on the plan costs $60 a month, and two lines costs a total of $100. If a customer wants to add a third, fourth or a fifth line to the account, Sprint will throw them in for $20 a month each. All of these prices assume the customer will choose AutoPay as a payment option. Activation fees will be waived for lines three to five from now until July 31. While the plan does offer “unlimited” 4G LTE data, your speeds might get throttled if you exceed 50GB of data before your monthly billing period ends.

In addition to unlimited data, talk and texting in the US, the Sprint Unlimited Basic offers support for streaming video at up to 480p resolution, along with streaming music at up to 500kbps and streaming data for games at up to 2 Mbps. Each line on the plan can also offer 500MB GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot downloads. After that limit is reached before the billing month closes, mobile hotspot streaming goes back down to 3G speeds. The plan also offers unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of LTE data a month for people in the US who travel to Mexico and Canada, along with text and data (likely not LTE data) for over 185 other countries.

Sprint is also offering free access to the Hulu video streaming service for Unlimited Basic Plan customers. New and current Hulu subscribers who sign up for Unlimited Basic can get the standard Hulu Limited Commercials tier package for free, which normally costs $7.99 a month. 

Unlimited Plus

Sprint also offers an upgraded version of its Unlimited Basic Plan. The Unlimited Plus plan costs $70 a month for the first line, and a total of $120 a month for two lines. Lines three to five will each cost $30 a month. However, if you bring your own phone, or pay the full price for your new phone from Sprint, you will be able to cut the price of the Unlimited Plus plan down by $20 for each line. Again, while the plan does offer “unlimited” 4G LTE data, your speeds might get throttled if you exceed 50GB of data before your monthly billing period ends.

This Sprint plan increases your video streaming to 1080p resolution, and you also get 15GB of LTE data a mobile for mobile hotspots. Music streaming gors up as well to 1.5 Mbps. The plan also offers unlimited talk, text, and 10GB of LTE data a month for people in the US who travel to Mexico and Canada, along with text and data (likely not LTE data) for over 185 other countries. Finally, in addition to the free access to Hulu, Sprint Unlimited Plus plan uses can also access the Tidal Premium music streaming service, which normally costs $9.99 a month.

AT&T – Starting at $70/mo

New AT&T customers subscribers can choose from two unlimited plans, and both come with at least a couple of nice offers.

AT&T Unlimited & More

The cheaper of the two AT&T unlimited plans is called Unlimited & More, and cost $70 a month for one line, or you can get a four-line bundle of $160.  Keep in mind that under this plan, your  4G LTE data speeeds could be throttled at any time if the carrier is getting too much traffic. You also can access WatchTV, AT&T’s new skinny internet live TV service, for free with this plan. It offers access to 31 channels, with more to be added in the coming months. Unlimited & More has a $15 monthly credit to use for DirecTV Now, which is AT&T’s full-featured live TV streaming service. It includes access to many more cable channels than WatchTV and a cloud DVR service.

AT&T Unlimited & More Premium

The more expensive of the two AT&T Unlimited plans, Unlimited & More Premium costs $80 a month for one line. The Premium tier will throw in 15GB of free high-speed mobile hotspot data a month, the free access to WatchTV,  a higher quality video streaming experience, and the use of the $15 credit for either DirecTV Now, the DirecTV satellite service or AT&T’s U-Verse internet service. Finally, the Premium plan lets users pick one premium cable or streaming service they can watch for free. The choices include HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, VRV, Amazon Music, or Pandora. Your 4G LTE data speeeds could be throttled if you go over 22GB before the end of your monthly billing cycle.

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Prepaid and MVNOs

Boost Mobile – $60/mo


The big carriers are known to be dependable, but there are plenty of good choices on the prepaid side of things… especially if you are looking to save some cash. Boost Mobile’s selection in the unlimited data plans competition costs $60 per month, and you can reduce the monthly payment down to $55 if you opt for Auto Re-Boost (automatic card payments).

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Subscribers get unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data, as well as 8 GB of hotspot data and unlimited music streaming with select partners. Much like the other plans, you’ll be de-prioritized after you use 23GB of 4G LTE data in a billing cycle. Just keep in mind Boost runs off Sprint’s network, so make sure you have good coverage in your area.

MetroPCS – Startng at $50/mo


MetroPCS has one of the best unlimited data plans available.

MetroPCS charges $60 ($55 if you select a family plan) and offers unlimited high-speed data, talk and text, as well as unlimited music streaming with certain apps. You’ll also get 8 GB of hotspot usage. Customers who use more than 25 GB in a billing cycle will have their data usage de-prioritized compared to other customers in that billing cycle when network congestion occurs.

MetroPCS also recently launched a new plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and data for just $50 a month. You can also add up to four additional lines for just $25 a piece, so a family of five can get all the wireless service they might need for just $150 a month, with all taxes and fees included. The catch is that MetroPCS will limit video streams to 480p if you sign up for this plan. What’s more, if you live in an area of heavy wireless congestion and you are using more than 32 GB of data a month, you might experience lowered speeds until your next billing cycle.

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You can also stream as much music as you’d like from Pandora, Spotify and a few other services without it counting against your monthly data allotment.

Cricket Wireless – $60/mo

Cricket+Store+-+Side+View Cricket

Cricket is also a good option for folks looking for unlimited data plans.

Cricket’s unlimited plan costs $60 per month ($55 with Auto Pay), and comes with unlimited high-speed data and nationwide talk and text. It also comes with unlimited texting to 38 countries, as well as unlimited calling and texting to and from Mexico, Canada and the US. There are no mobile hotspot capabilities with this plan though.

While Cricket doesn’t utilize any de-prioritization methods with a data cap, there are some things you should know before signing up. Cricket only allows customers to utilize download speeds of 8Mbps with compatible 4G LTE devices and 4Mbps with compatible 4G devices. This means that you’ll still get 4G LTE speeds on your mobile device, but they’ll be somewhat limited

Recently, Cricket launched a new unlimited plan specifically for accounts for two lines. The price for the entire plan is $80 a month. Basically, you will get the first line for $55 a month, and the second line for just $25 a month. However, the download speeds for this plan are capped at just 3 Mbps and video streaming is also capped at 480p.

Project Fi Bill Protection

Project Fi

Technically, Google’s Project Fi MVNO does not offer unlimited data plans, but recently the company announced what it calls “Bill Protection.” It’s basically a way for it to offer unlimited data for its customers. Fi already offers unlimited talk and text for $20 a month, plus $10 per gigabyte of data after that. However, Project Fi will now stop charging customers if they go over 6 GB of data a month. That means an individual line caps at $80 per month under Bill Protection, along with 10 GB for plans with two lines, 12 GB for three lines, and 14 GB for four lines. 

The only catch is that Project Fi customers who use more than 15 GB of data in a month could have their speeds slowed down. If they want to make sure those speeds stay up, they can still pay $10 per GB for their individual data usage after they exceed 15 GB.

Unlimited data plans – Conclusion

There you have it! Those are our very favorite unlimited data plans in the US. Are you signing up for any of these? Do you have any suggestions? Hit the comments to let us know.