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5 best Spider-Man games for Android

Web spinning is out of the question, but you can still live as Peter Parker through Android!

Published onApril 11, 2022

best Spider-Man games

Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s oldest comics. Practically everybody knows the story of Peter Parker, the fated spider bite, and everything that happened afterward. There are movies coming out all the time and fans debating on what movie is the best. Thankfully, mobile gaming is a lot more simple than that. Here are the best Spider-Man games for Android! Unfortunately, this is mostly a copy of our best MARVEL games list.

Gameloft used to have the rights to Spider-Man games, but the developer recently unpublished all of them. Since then, the only way to enjoy Spider-Man is through general MARVEL titles since there are no longer any specific games for Spider-Man.

MARVEL Collect

Price: Free to play

MARVEL Collect is a collaborative effort between MARVEL and Topps. Yes, Topps as in the trading card manufacturer. This is a card collecting game and the whole point is simply to collect as many cards as possible. There are daily missions, daily card packs to earn, and you can even trade with other players if you want to. I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy this one, but it’s actually kind of a chill experience overall. Of course, Spider-Man is in the game so it counts!

MARVEL Contest of Champions

Price: Free to play

MARVEL Contest of Champions pits various Marvel heroes against one another. Yes, that includes Spider-Man. It’s a fighting game. That means it’ll be you versus an opponent one and one. It features online mechanics, alliances with other players, and more. There is also a campaign to fight through, various heroes to collect, and more content is added as the game ages. It’s a classic freemium fighter-style game. That means it’ll depend more on luck than skill a good percentage of the time. Still, it’s not a terrible experience among Spider-Man games.

MARVEL Future Fight

Price: Free to play

MARVEL Future Fight is one of the most popular Spider-Man games. Or at least, one of the most popular games that include Spider-Man. This one is a third-person beat-em-up game. You collect heroes, use them to advance through the storyline, and more. It also includes three vs three online PvP with other players. It’s a freemium game. That may disappoint some. However, it does fairly well at letting you play your favorite superhero while also mowing down bad guys. We’ll call this one satisfying rather than judging it on a scale of good or bad. Marvel Strike Force is another game that is a lot like that as well.

MARVEL Strike Force

Price: Free to play

Strike Force is another game that features MARVEL’s entire cast, including Spider-Man. Like most, it’s a gacha-style game where you collect various characters and squad them up against the bad guys. The game also contains action and RPG elements as well. It’s a bit run-of-the-mill, but fans of MARVEL will likely enjoy it at least for a little while. The free-to-play style is a bit more aggressive and you do get quite a few pop-ups with sales for various bundles. Otherwise, it’s a pleasant game.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest

Price: Free to play

MARVEL Puzzle Quest is pretty much like every Puzzle Quest game. It’s a match-three puzzle game. Each time you complete a match, your characters do damage to the opponents. It also has RPG elements, online multiplayer, alliances, and a storyline to play through. Spider-Man is one of the characters so it counts kind of. It’s a casual sort of game similar to ones like Candy Crush. It’s also a freemium game so prepare yourself for that.

Bonus: Emulators

Price: Free / Varies

There are a lot of good Spider-Man games on older consoles and you have access to them via emulators. There are emulators for many old consoles, including SNES, SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, PSP, and many others. Some apps, like Retroarch or Lemuroid, let you run multiple emulators out of a single app. After that, just find the games you want to play (legally, of course), and you’re off to the races. Mobile gaming has become a tad restrictive when it comes to MARVEL properties in general so this is a good way to break out of the free-to-play mentality of current mobile Spider-Man games.

If we missed any great Spider-Man games for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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