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10 best NBA apps and basketball apps for Android

There are a ton of ways to interact with the NBA, including streaming games to your phone.

Published onJune 17, 2022

This is the featured image for the best NBA apps and best basketball apps for android

There are a ton of ways to interact with the sport of basketball. Most of us watch it on TV or listen on the radio. Social media and the internet make it easier than ever to see scores and the latest trade rumors. It’s even easier than ever to interact with other fans (or trash talk them, as the case may be). There are a ton of basketball apps out there and the selection is truly daunting. We think we can help. Here are the best NBA apps and basketball apps for Android.

A pretty obvious choice here would also be SeatGeek (Google Play). The company didn’t sponsor this list, but they’re still a decent place to buy tickets for games.

The best NBA apps and basketball apps for Android

The Athletic

Price: Free / $9.99 per month / $60 per year

The Athletic screenshot 2022

The Athletic is an old-school idea with a modern twist. It covers various sports, including the NBA and college basketball. However, there are no ads or any other distractions. The Athletic uses a pay wall (with a free trial). Thus, it’s kind of like subscribing to the old newspaper again. You pay a monthly rate (or a yearly one), and you get unfettered access to an app full of writers who don’t have to write with advertisers in mind. It’s a unique idea and something a little different. Their coverage is decent, but it is still a young company. It’s still one of the great NBA apps.


Price: Free / $4.99 per month

ESPN screenshot 2020

ESPN is a giant name in sports and one of the better basketball apps. The main attraction here is news, scores, stats, and updates. You can find them for college basketball, the NBA, the Olympics, the WNBA, and various other organizations. Additionally, ESPN has one of the better fantasy basketball platforms. Those with TV subscriptions can use WatchESPN (with their cable provider login) to watch live sporting events on their game systems, tablets, and mobile devices. Finally, ESPN+ is a standalone streaming service with a bunch of sports, including some basketball. Between the news, the ties into your existing cable subscription, and the standalone streaming app, it’s hard to not put ESPN on a list like this.

NBA official app

Price: Free / $29.99-$124.99

NBA Official App screenshot 2022

The official NBA app is actually pretty decent. The normal NBA app includes scores, news, schedules, updates, trades, rumors, playoff brackets, and more. Since the writers work directly for the league, you can often get news here before it hits anywhere else. The UI is decent and you can define favorite teams to get more targeted news at stuff you care about. This app also houses the NBA’s official streaming service. It’s a bit expensive but includes a ton of stuff, including games from previous seasons. You can go with a single-team pass, the full league, and a commercial-free version. There is also a $9.99 per month radio version if you just want to listen.


Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $24.99 per year

Reddit screenshot 2021

Reddit is an excellent app for basketball fans. The service has a bunch of subreddits for basketball, including r/NBA, individual team subreddits, r/CollegeBasketball, r/Basketball, and many others. You can interact with fans, get news, rumors, and other information. You can usually find stuff from a variety of news sources as well. We saw a variety of sources during our testing. A lot of it is word-of-mouth stuff, but it’s still a good place to interact with other fans of the sport. The app is entirely free with ads. There are monthly and annual subscription options to remove ads and add other features.


Price: Free / Up to $2.99

SofaScore screenshot 2022

SofaScore is an excellent app for sports fans. It keeps track of scores across various leagues and you can check them whenever you want. It includes a simple UI, some extra features depending on the sport, and it covers dozens of leagues around the world. For basketball fans, the app shows a score graph so you can see visual representations of how much a team is led by at any given point in the game. Plus, it includes a heat map of where players took shots. The app is also cheap and super effective.


Price: Free

TheScore screenshot 2022

theScore is an excellent sports app for NBA fans. It has all of the usual stuff, including scores, updates, standings, stats, and news. It also gives you the option to personalize your feed with only the sports and teams you want to hear about. The UI is quite good for a sports news app and the customization makes it even better. The only real gripe are the ads. They can be disruptive at times. However, for a free service, it’s difficult to complain too much since it could be way worse. Some people have some gripes, but no service is for everybody. This is a good one for people who don’t have a massive, heavy experience like ESPN or Yahoo Sports.

Team apps

Price: Free

Cleveland Cavalier Audios apps screenshot 2022

Each NBA team has its own official app where fans can follow that team specifically. The apps contain the team’s schedule along with box scores, standings, play-by-play tracking, live stats, and more. Sometimes, you don’t want to follow anybody other than the home team and these apps make it pretty easy. They also include SeatGeek integration for those who buy tickets and there is even a merch store. It’s unreasonable to download every app for every team, but it’s a good choice if you only want to follow one.


Price: Free

Twitter is a truly awful place most of the time. However, it’s where all of the NBA, college basketball, and general basketball bloggers and players hang out (well, Twitter and Instagram). You can also follow the NBA itself, individual teams, all of the blogs and news sites we’ve mentioned so far, and many other personalities. Instagram is similarly good for following individual players, but not so much individual teams or writing personalities.

Yahoo Sports

Price: Free / $6.99 / $99.99 per year

Yahoo News screenshot 2022

Yahoo Sports is one of the biggest NBA apps and basketball apps. It is also ESPN’s rival. It covers most sports, and that includes college basketball, NBA, WNBA, and women’s college basketball. That’s basically all of the basketball that most people would want to read about. The site has some customization features, notification alerts, and also schedules, scores, highlights, news, trades, and more. Yahoo also has a robust fantasy sports platform with its own app. Both of them are free with advertising.

Live TV apps

Price: Free / Varies

Sling TV screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

You no longer need a cable subscription to watch live TV. There are about half a dozen live TV apps that you can subscribe to, often for a fraction of the cost. Most of them include local TV stations and that should include your local sports channels as well. Most of them also have ESPN packages and other sports packages for additional basketball games and coverage. We can’t recommend any one in particular because they all function properly and after that, it’s all preference. We have our list of the best live TV apps linked at the button above and a huge comparison of the top five competitors linked in the widget just below.

If we missed any great NBA apps or basketball apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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