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Lenovo Chromebook C340 review open lid

There’s no doubt you’ve seen the name Lenovo come across your screen if you’re searching for a new laptop. After all, the manufacturer is the leading worldwide PC vendor, just ahead of HP, according to Gartner. Lenovo has crafted high-end options of all shapes and sizes, and today’s list covers the best Lenovo Chromebooks.

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We’ve tried to cover the full range of options in our list — tablets, 2-in-1’s, and a few traditional laptops. Our picks are arranged by price to help you stick to a budget, but it’s far from a conclusive list. Here are a few other resources that may help you make a decision:

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The best Lenovo Chromebooks:

Editor’s note: We will update our list of the best Lenovo Chromebooks as new options launch.

Lenovo Chromebook 3

Lenovo Chromebook 3

The Lenovo Chromebook 3 is a fast, light option that won’t hurt your wallet much at all. You can work all day on the bright HD screen with up to 10 hours of battery life. Although it’s not a 2-in-1, the Chromebook 3 has a carefully designed hinge that opens up to 180-degrees to become a collaboration space. You can also attach plenty of peripherals with two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports to boot.

An Intel Celeron N4020 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of memory hold it all together and a two-tone onyx finish brings a touch of class.

$229 .99
Lenovo Chromebook 3
Buy it Now
Lenovo Chromebook 3 Buy it Now
$229 .99

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Lenovo 100E Chromebook


The Lenovo 100E Chromebook is another affordable entry-level option. It’s built to withstand the unpredictable life of students both in and out of the classroom and just keep going. With 10 hours of battery life and a MediaTek processor, the 100E is a quick and easy way to access Google’s G Suite of apps. Lenovo put extra care into crafting a drop-resistant and spill-resistant design that’s ready for just about anything.

$230 .00
Lenovo 100E Chromebook
Save $430 .00
Buy it Now
Lenovo 100E Chromebook Buy it Now
Save $430 .00 $230 .00

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Lenovo 10E tablet

10E tablet

Lenovo’s extensive catalog of Chromebooks doesn’t stop at just laptops. The company also offers a variety of touchscreen Chromebook tablets, one of which is the 10E. It’s yet another student-friendly option — Lenovo specifically recommends the 10E for early elementary students. The 2MP front-facing camera should be more than enough for Zoom lessons if students continue to practice remote learning in the fall.

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On the technical side, the 10E is rocking a MediaTek processor, 10.1-inch screen, and 32GB of storage. It’s a smaller, more student-friendly version of the Lenovo Duet Chromebook, which has been left off of this list only because it’s impossible to find right now.

$239 .00
Lenovo 10E Chromebook Tablet
Save $30 .00
Buy it Now
Lenovo 10E Chromebook Tablet Buy it Now
Save $30 .00 $239 .00

Lenovo Chromebook S330


The Lenovo Chromebook S330 is larger than the previous options on the list, offering a 14-inch HD screen with extremely narrow bezels on the sides. It comes in Business Black so your coworkers will know right away that you’re prepared for even the toughest presentations. You can easily work all day with up to 10 hours of battery life and 64GB of storage.

$239 .00
Lenovo Chromebook S330
Save $60 .00
Buy it Now
Lenovo Chromebook S330 Buy it Now
Save $60 .00 $239 .00

Lenovo Chromebook C330

lenovo chromebook c330

The Lenovo Chromebook C330 is a powerful 2-in-1 option with a 10-point IPS touchscreen and 64GB of storage. Unlike most boring black laptops, the C330 Chromebook comes in a dazzling Blizzard White that will help you stand out from the crowd. It’s also a great work from home pick, with a 720p webcam and two 2W speakers. The 11.6-inch screen may be a bit small depending on your work, but the C330 is a small and light option that’s great for portability.

$310 .48
Lenovo Chromebook C330
Save $59 .51
Buy it Now
Lenovo Chromebook C330 Buy it Now
Save $59 .51 $310 .48

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Lenovo Flex 5

lenovo chromebook flex 5

The Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook comes with a bit of a price hike over the last few options, but it makes up for the cost with a Full HD screen and Intel Core i3 processor. It’s a powerful 2-in-1 touchscreen Chromebook with processing power that MediaTek options can struggle to match.

The dual front-firing speakers, 10-hour battery life, and slim bezels make bingeing your favorite shows or wrapping up your latest work project even easier. You can add peripherals to the USB port to replace a few of the lost ports and add extra compatibility.

$409 .99
Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5
Buy it Now
Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 Buy it Now
$409 .99

Yoga C630 Chromebook

lenovo yoga chromebook

Lenovo’s Yoga line has gone hand-in-hand with 2-in-1 flexibility for years. The Lenovo Yoga C630 Chromebook is the most expensive option on this list — primarily because it’s decked out with the best options you can get on most Chromebooks. It’s not only rocking an Intel Core i5 processor, but it also has 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a large 15.6-inch touchscreen.

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Where many Chromebooks are made of durable plastic, the Yoga C630 splurges for an aluminum build with sleek 360-degree hinges and minimal branding. It’s even equipped with Intel UHD 620 graphics for a truly high-end experience.

$629 .99
Lenovo Yoga Chromebook
Save $69 .01
Buy it Now
Lenovo Yoga Chromebook Buy it Now
Save $69 .01 $629 .99

That does it for our list of top picks, but there’s much more to read if you’re interested in Chromebooks! Check out a few of these resources while you’re here:

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