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investment is one of the best ways to make money. By being smart, taking a few risks, and by knowing the market, you can easily earn yourself a ton of money that you can use for all kinds of things. Many use it to build themselves a retirement fund. It’s tough to get into, but we think these apps can help. Here are the best investing apps for Android. Those looking for cryptocurrency stuff should check out our best cryptocurrency apps list, linked just below! We also have an app list just for the stock market just below as well!


Price: Free / Varies

Acorns is a unique business that allows you to investment money using little, tiny bits at a time. The premise is fairly simple. It takes the spare change from your everyday transactions and then invests them in various businesses and markets with the idea being to make you money. That means if you spend $15.50 on something, Acorns will round it up to $16 grab up that other $0.50 to invest. It’s a fun way to get into investment without having to take it too seriously. It’s also insanely easy for beginner’s and it’s a fun way to save up a few bucks over the course of time for something much later on. The app is free to download and use. The app likely makes money on the investments it makes with your money (that you also make too).

Acorns screenshot 2020 investing apps

Price: Free / $39.99 per year has two excellent investing apps. The first is a typical stock market app. It features news about stocks, forex, and all kinds of other stuff. The second focuses more on cryptocurrency. That includes exchange rates, news, and it also tracks stuff other than Bitcoin such as Ethereum and many others. It’s a good, solid option for tracking prices, currency exchange rates, and stock prices throughout the day. They are also both excellent apps for those who want to be in the know when it comes to other financial things. They both also have decent, simple designs and tons of information. The apps are free with advertising. There is an optional subscription that removes the ads.

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Price: Free with in-app purchases

JStock isn’t the most popular, but it’s still one of the more solid investment apps. It supports 28 different stock markets, features to analyze your stocks, and even a charted history dating back ten years so you can check stock histories. Of course, you also get options to manage your portfolio and dividends as well. If you go premium, you’ll get cloud storage integration, unlocked features, and unlimited amounts of some features from the free version. There is also a news section if you want to keep up on the latest news. It’s definitely worth a shot.

M1 Finance

Price: Free

M1 Finance is about as simple of an investment app as we’ve seen. You simply input your portfolio and the company itself manages everything. You can do things like set automatic deposits, review all of your portfolio’s statistics, and even transfer stuff like 401Ks and IRAs. Some other features include a loan service, stats about various stock prices, retirement planning, SPIC insurance, and more. It also boasts no extra fees or commissions on the money you make. Of course, you are dealing with investments so there is a chance you could lose your money as well as make a lot more. That’s just the risk you run with stuff like this. However, this app is actually really good aside from the occasional crash or bug.


Price: Free / $4.99

MyStocks is one of the more recently released investment apps. It offers a plethora of features, including real time quotes and charts of stocks, funds, ETFs, currency exchanges, futures, and more. You can also have it alert you if a certain stock reaches a certain price for better or for worse. It uses Material Design which helps make it easy to rummage around the app. You can download the app for free or get the pro version for $4.99. The premium version adds a few additional features.

NetDania Forex & Stocks

Price: Free with in-app purchases

NetDania Forex & Stocks is among the highest rated and most popular investment apps on this list. With 12,000 ratings, it sports a very respectable 4.6 out of 5 rating in the Play Store. The app provides information on 10,000 stocks, 2,000 currency pairs, and 20,000 financial instruments overall. With this app, you can also set alerts, see country-specific economic news, and save information on the stuff in your portfolio. It’s also cleanly designed and efficient.


Price: Free

Robinhood and M1 Financial have a lot in common. They both feature no commissions and no fees on your stock trading. They also feature intelligent stock buying options, tons of information, and various tools to manage your portfolio. M1 Financial is better at automating a lot of that stuff. However, Robinhood does a better job of empowering the investor with information. It has a swath of graphs and stats to help you make better investment decisions. Additionally, it supports cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as the usual stock market stuff. The app has the occasional bug and that can matter when you’re making quick trades. We recommend proceeding with just a little bit of caution.

Robinhood screenshot 2020

SigFig Wealth Management

Price: Free

SigFig is kind of a mix between Acorns and MyStocks. You can use the application to check up on stock prices and track your investments or you can simply invest with SigFig and let them manage your portfolio. They charge a 0.25% per year fee with no trading fees. That may be a good deal for some people. The app itself is cleanly designed and manages to push a lot of information very efficiently without compromising good looks. It’s not among the most popular investing apps, but it’s not half bad.


Price: Free

StockTwits is one of the more beautifully done investing apps out there. It features a clean Material Design interface that is very enjoyable to use. On top of that, the app features the ability to create stock watchlists, check trending stocks, and sort stocks by their gains and losses over a set period of time. It also has support for Robinhood if you happen to use that. Comparatively speaking, it’s a bit more simple to use than most investing apps since it keeps everything rather streamlined. The app is completely free to download and use.

StockTwits is one of the best investing apps for android

Financial companies investing apps

Price: Free

There are many finance companies out there with individual investing apps. E*Trade, Scottrade, Ameritrade, and many others have official apps. The apps are usually free. However, investing with those companies usually requires some legwork. Those who invest with companies like these should probably at least try the official apps. It should give you some decent insight into your portfolio, earnings, losses, and other financial data.

ETrade is one of the best investing apps for android

Bonus: Finance blogs, news sites, and aggregators

Price: Free (usually with ads)

There are tons of financial blogs and news sites out there. Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Business Insider, MSN Money, and Forbes are a few of the most popular. Most of these have their own apps on the Google Play Store. We can’t tell you the right ones to follow. That all depends on who you trust, what you need, and the apps that work best for you. However, we can tell you that there are a ton of them out there. Most of the financial ones also includes stats on things like the stock market and other markets. They’re usually free as well. Feedly is another excellent news app that can pull articles from the big financial publications like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, etc.

Yahoo Finance screenshot 2020

For our international folks

The majority of our readership is from the United States and most of the apps we listed work best there. However, we don’t want to leave our worldwide friends high and dry.

If we missed any of the best investing apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments!

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