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The best AI marketing tools

Use AI to make your company or organization run much more efficiently.

Published onFebruary 13, 2024

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Artificial intelligence is quickly making its way into many areas of our lives, and you can be sure the workplace is one of them. If you are looking for your business to catch more attention from customers, you best have a good marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the best AI marketing tools available.

The best AI marketing tools

Microsoft Copilot

microsoft copilot app 1
Andy Walker / Android Authority

If we had to pick between ChatGPT, Google Gemini, or Microsoft Copilot, Microsoft’s solution would be our top option. For starters, it uses the ChatGPT-4 model. This means it’s at least as good as ChatGPT, but it has some improvements, including access to the internet and current events. We also feel like Gemini still needs some polishing.

Copilot is one of the best AI marketing tools because it serves as a multi-purpose base service. You can ask it for information, have it write you emails, draft content for copywriting, specify the text’s tone, request marketing ideas, ask for possible social media posts, research current marketing tendencies, and more.

Additionally, it can actually create images for you, which is a massive advantage over its main competitors. It’s actually in our list of the best AI image generators.

It helps that the service is available on various platforms, has excellent support for other languages, and is entirely free. You will come across ads and the occasional sponsored content, though.


Writer AI tool

As its name implies, Writer is a generative AI text service. The difference is that it is made specifically for marketing and business. It is said to be used by big companies like Vanguard, Intuit, Dropbox, Pinterest, Cisco, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and more.

It offers some really helpful tools. You can use it to create all kinds of text, from product descriptions to social media posts, blog posts, emails, landing pages, and even social media communications. It can also help you generate and automate Google, Meta, and Instagram ads. All of this means it can also be one of the best AI tools for affiliate marketing.

The system will even start learning your brand, and adapt to your needs. Writer promises great accuracy, which is convenient to have in heavily regulated markets. And if you need any help, the support team is readily available for you.

Of course, this is not free. Pricing starts at $18 per month, per user. It’s a great alternative to regular text-based AI text generators, though. It’s especially tailored for marketing professionals and teams.

If you feel this is a bit much, you can also opt for one of the best AI tools for writing.


Grammarly for business

Are you constantly writing emails, blog posts, ads, social media posts, and more text-based content? Grammarly can be a lifesaver. It is one of the most popular AI text support tools in existence.

Grammarly analyzes your text and helps you improve it in various ways. It will detect and highlight grammatical errors, suggest corrections, detect the tone, and more. Furthermore, Grammarly offers a version dedicated to businesses. Grammarly for Business supports custom brand tones, a dedicated knowledge base, and your own style guides. It can also help with HR, customer support, sales, and marketing.

Grammarly is free, but the business version starts at $15 per user. By the way, this is also one of the best AI tools for businesses, in general.

Surfer SEO

SEO is crucial for a good online business strategy, which makes Surfer SEO one of the best AI tools for digital marketing. While paid ads can help you reach more eyes, it’s very important to also generate organic traffic. A good Search Engine Optimization strategy will help your website and other content rank higher. SEO is a complex art to master, though, and even the best SEO experts can take advantage of some AI help.

Surfer SEO can help you get ideas for content that will rank well. Then, you can use it to generate SEO-friendly titles and content. This text can be customized and optimized with a single click, and you can do it in various languages. The system will also check for plagiarism or signs of AI-generated content, to make sure the content doesn’t get penalized. It can even create outlines that both the audience and Google will be fond of.

You can imagine a business service like this won’t be free. Surfer SEO pricing starts at $89 per month. This price goes down if you pay for a whole year in advance. We know it’s expensive, but it is a great service. If you think it’s a bit much, you should take a look at our list of the best AI tools for SEO.


Manychat AI tool

While having a human respond to customers creates a personal connection, it can require a huge team. Manychat is one of the best AI marketing tools because it can communicate with your customers who have more basic needs. It works 24/7 to increase leads, expand your customer database, improve conversion rates, and more.

The AI chatbot communicates with your customers via Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email, and even text messages. Additionally, the AI assistant can also help you create campaigns and templates.

By the way, this service actually has a free plan! The free plan is limited to 1,000 contact interactions, though. It also doesn’t work with email and text messaging. If you want to unlock premium features, pricing starts at $15 a month.


Ocoya claims using its services is “like having ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite at your fingertips.” It can help you create engaging text for your social media posts, generate media for striking visuals, and automate posting across all main social media platforms.

The service also offers a nice variety of templates, and can provide relevant and trending hashtags to include. Additionally, you get access to real-time analytics, and can even automate posts to publish at optimal times for different social networks. These can apparently be schedules “for years,” too.

Pricing starts at $19 a month, but it can simplify social media management. The price can also be reduced if you pay yearly. It is definitely one of the best AI tools for social media marketing.


Video is a crucial part of marketing in the modern age. The issue with this is that video content is time-consuming and very expensive. Not to mention, it takes a long time to master, and requires some level of talent and creativity.

Pictory is one of the best AI marketing tools for creating videos. You can use AI to edit videos using text, convert scripts or posts into videos, and add captions with a few clicks. The AI tool can also grab longer videos and intelligently transform them into short clips for social media.

It’s not free, but will definitely cost less than a video team at a starting price of $23 a month. And you can save over 15% if you prepay for a whole year.

We know Pictory isn’t for everyone, so we also have a list of the best AI tools for video editing if you need more options.

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense AI tool for email

Seventh Sense is extraordinary, and it is definitely one of the best AI tools for email marketing. This email marketing service takes things to a whole other level, using AI to optimize delivery. It literally tracks every user’s habits to determine the best times and frequencies to contact each email contact. This will obviously increase attention and interaction, and likely create more conversions.

There is one significant downside, though. It only works with Marketo and Hubspot. You can’t take advantage of Seventh Sense if your organization or business doesn’t use those. Pricing is also very high, at $80 per month for Hubspot or a whopping $450 for Marketo. Not only that, but this is billed annually, so the entry price is very high. Some of you might not mind paying this if it actually increases sales, though.


Artificial intelligence is getting very good at writing code. While it’s something that can be done, we wouldn’t advise that you leave all your coding to AI. AI can make mistakes. That said, you can use AI tools for developers to help you speed up your workflow.

We don’t have a dedicated guide for design and photography AI tools yet. You might find some use out of the best AI photo editors, though, or you can use AI image generators to get some inspiration. If you need more help with design, you can also take a look at our favorite AI tools for graphic design.

AI marketing tools are mostly paid services, and very few of them are free. Among the free ones, most have very strict limitations if you’re using the free plan. These services are made for businesses, so they won’t come cheap, as they are meant to generate more profits.

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