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LG G8 ThinQ camera review: average all around

Edgar Cervantes 18 hours ago 59 shares

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold release, new launch date to be announced in the coming weeks

C. Scott Brown April 22, 2019 1042 shares

Huawei P30 review: High cost of entry

David Imel 22 hours ago 93 shares

From OnePlus 6T to OnePlus One: A week with a 5-year-old phone

C. Scott Brown April 23, 2019 231 shares
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Qualcomm brings its AI expertise to servers with the Cloud AI 100 platform

Qualcomm is leveraging its AI technologies for cloud computing with its new Cloud AI 100 platform.
Robert TriggsApril 9, 2019125 shares

That week-old Google AI ethics council? Yeah, already getting shelved

"We’re ending the council and going back to the drawing board,” a Google representative said.
C. Scott BrownApril 5, 201963 shares

Deal: Learn the basics of deep learning and artificial intelligence for $39

This four-part learning kit is a beginner-friendly guide to deep Learning and AI. It's on offer today.
AA PicksApril 1, 201942 shares

Jetson Nano review: Is it AI for the masses?

Review of the Jetson Nano, NVIDIA's new $99 development board in its machine learning range.
Gary SimsMarch 30, 2019160 shares

The Jetson Nano is Nvidia’s new $99 AI computer for everyone

Nvidia has launched the Jetson Nano, a $99 AI computing development kit that opens the way to a Raspberry Pi-like revolution.
Gary SimsMarch 18, 20191546 shares

Gboard can now understand your mumbling much better than before

Anyone without a Pixel smartphone is out of luck, for now.
Williams PelegrinMarch 12, 2019299 shares

Watch Google’s DeepMind AI play StarCraft II at 1:00 PM ET today

We know Google's DeepMind can rock the game Go, but now it's time to test a much more difficult game.
C. Scott BrownJanuary 24, 2019154 shares

Take a deep dive into AI and machine learning with this 4-part bundle

Machine learning and AI are the future, so experts in the industry are in increasingly high demand. You can get a solid 31-hour introduction for just $39.
AA PicksOctober 2, 2018136 shares

Google launches AI-powered flood alerts to save lives in India

Google's AI-powered flood warnings combine computational power with a ton of data to generate accurate results.
Hadlee SimonsSeptember 25, 2018393 shares

What is AI?

To fully appreciate the potential of artificial intelligence, you have to understand exactly what it is and what it is not!
PromotedSeptember 11, 20182435 shares
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