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10 best NEW Android games from November 2020

Joe Hindy November 26, 2020 2931 shares

10 best NEW Android apps from November 2020

Joe Hindy November 26, 2020 2635 shares

15 best RPGs for Android for both jRPG and action RPG fans

Joe Hindy November 26, 2020 1420 shares

10 best privacy apps for Android to keep your anonymity intact

Joe Hindy November 25, 2020 4147 shares

10 best running apps for Android

Getting into shape can make you feel good about yourself and live longer. Here are the best running apps to help you!
Joe HindyNovember 25, 2020117 shares

10 best TV remote apps for Android

TV remote apps on Android are rather hit and miss but we have a list of them here that should work for most people. Check it out!
Joe HindyNovember 24, 2020531 shares

The best alternatives to Chinese apps banned in India

Was your favorite app banned in India? You might end up liking these alternatives.
Dhruv BhutaniNovember 24, 2020424 shares

10 best meal planner apps for Android

Meal planning is tough to do. Your phone can make it easier with the best meal planner apps for Android!
Joe HindyNovember 23, 202065 shares

10 best keto diet apps and paleo diet apps for Android

The ketogenic diet (or, the keto diet) is picking up steam. Those who want to try it can check out the best keto diet apps!
Joe HindyNovember 22, 2020201 shares

15 best puzzle games for Android

Puzzle games have always been among the most popular and best types of games to play. Test your brain with the best puzzle games for Android!
Joe HindyNovember 21, 20203759 shares

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Android Apps Weekly

The 355th Android Apps Weekly is out! This week we talk about more Google Photos stuff, Hulu's price hike, and more.
Joe HindyNovember 21, 202069 shares

10 best German learning apps for Android

German is a surprisingly popular language and the official language of many Central European countries. There are also plenty of apps that teach German. We hand-picked a few of the ones ...
Joe HindyNovember 20, 2020125 shares

10 best Arabic learning apps for Android

Arabic is a popular language with 1.8 billion speakers. Learn to speak it with the best Arabic learning apps!
Joe HindyNovember 20, 2020266 shares

This popular messaging app poses a major privacy threat to millions of users

A security flaw in the Go SMS Pro app exposes private photos, videos, and other files of millions of users.
Adamya SharmaNovember 20, 202039 shares
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