Galaxy Note 20: BOGO with Verizon Unlimited!



Epic accuses Google of crushing Fortnite deals with OnePlus, LG

Adamya Sharma August 14, 2020 122 shares

15 best weather apps and weather widgets for Android!

Joe Hindy August 13, 2020 586 shares

Instagram sued for allegedly collecting face data without permission

Jon Fingas August 13, 2020 244 shares

Apple, Intel urge Trump to rethink WeChat ban

Jon Fingas August 13, 2020 178 shares
ยป Create your own app. Pay What You Want Android Developer’s Bundle: $1

10 best security apps for Android that aren’t antivirus apps

Tired of looking for security apps and seeing antivirus app listings? In this roundup, we have the best security apps.
Joe HindyAugust 13, 20201291 shares

10 best music player apps for Android

Music makes people feel good and there are tons of apps for it. Here are the best music player apps for Android!
Joe HindyAugust 13, 20201438 shares

5 best sudoku solvers for Android

Sudoku is a tough game to learn and master. Some people may need some help. Here are the best sudoku solvers for Android!
Joe HindyAugust 12, 202041 shares

Twitter’s new tools could lead to better third-party apps

They still won't have as much freedom as Twitter's official apps, though.
Jon FingasAugust 12, 202054 shares

Dropbox can now protect your passwords and sensitive files

A computer backup feature is also widely available.
Jon FingasAugust 12, 2020

5 best Android apps to transfer files from Android to PC and other ways too!

There are plenty of ways to transfer files from Android to PC. Here are the best apps and other methods to do it!
Joe HindyAugust 12, 20201626 shares

10 best checkers games and draughts games for Android

Checkers is a larger game than many know. There are also great ones on mobile. Here are the best checkers games on Android!
Joe HindyAugust 12, 202038 shares

Google Lens can now help students with difficult math homework

Google's added a new Search feature for students interested in STEM concepts, too.
Andy WalkerAugust 12, 2020308 shares

TikTok tracked Android user data despite Google privacy protections

The practice ended in November, but the news still comes at the worst possible time.
Jon FingasAugust 11, 2020856 shares

Google Maps comes back to Apple Watch after 3-year hiatus

Apple CarPlay users can finally use split-screen mode with Google Maps, too.
Jon FingasAugust 11, 2020
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