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15 best Android games of 2018

by Joe Hindy 3 weeks ago201 comments
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15 best Android launcher apps of 2018

by Joe Hindy March 18, 2018238 comments
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10 best VR apps for Google Cardboard

by Joe Hindy February 1, 201835 comments
Apps & Games

15 best Android apps of 2018

by Joe Hindy 3 weeks ago122 comments

5 best apps for learning Dravidian languages (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam)

Dravidian languages are a bit tough on mobile. You will likely need to find real life courses with instructors because there aren't a ton of apps to teach these languages. There are a ...
by Joe Hindy2 days ago

10 best Arabic learning apps for Android!

Arabic is a popular language with an estimated 1.8 billion speakers around the world. A lot of people want to learn it. There are some great apps out there, but we can help find the ...
by Joe Hindy2 days ago

10 best filmmaker apps for Android!

More and more people are attempting to film things for real on mobile devices. It's not quite there yet. However, there are some decent apps that help for those who wish to try. Here ...
by Joe Hindy3 days ago

10 best Italian learning apps for Android!

Italian is one of the most popular European languages and even has minority status in a variety of other countries. There are a lot of options for learning Italian, and we can help you ...
by Joe Hindy3 days ago

10 best English learning apps for Android!

English is a tough language to master. However, it's popular all around the world. If you're reading this, you can understand at least a little bit of English. We can help you get ...
by Joe Hindy3 days ago

5 best American Sign Language apps (ASL apps) for Android!

American Sign Language is the main language of the Deaf community. It's also exceeding difficult to learn when you're not learning directly from a teacher. There are a few apps that can ...
by Joe Hindy3 days ago

10 best Russian learning apps for Android!

Russia isn't the most popular place in the world right now. However, its language is one of the most widely spoken. Those looking to learn have come to the right place. Here are the ...
by Joe Hindy4 days ago

10 best Korean learning apps for Android!

Korean is a surprisingly popular language for non-native speakers to learn. However, a ton of interesting things happen in Korea. It's where Samsung lives and US troops head there ...
by Joe Hindy5 days ago

5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

The 244th Android Apps Weekly is live! This week we talk about Steam Link's beta launch, YouTube Music's release date, Drupe's epic fail, and more Android apps and games news!
by Joe Hindy5 days ago

10 best upcoming Android games: Fortnite, Project Cars, Harry Potter and more

Fortnite, Westworld, and Project Cars GO are just a few of the great upcoming Android games that will be released soon. Check out the rest here.
by Mitja Rutnik5 days ago
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