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The best NEW Android games from April 2022

Looking for a fun, new Android game? We can help! Here are the best new Android games from the last month.
April 24, 2022
best new android games - Rovio Classics Angry Birds

Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month it seems and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you want something with a bit more meat on its bones, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste. Some months are better than others, but there is usually at least one great new game on mobile every month. Let’s take a look at the best new Android games from the last month! You can also check out our picks for the best new Android games released in all of 2021.

The best NEW Android games from April 2022

The Ancestral Legacy

Price: Free / Up to $3.99

The Ancestral Legacy is a visual novel game in the mystery-thriller genre. Players follow the narrative and enjoy all of the twists and turns. The story changes whenever you make a decision and it branches out as you play. It’s a text-heavy game so don’t expect any amazing graphics or anything like that. You play this one strictly for the story and the mystery. The developer, Buff Studios, has several other good games in this genre as well. It’s not perfect, but it’s inexpensive and how many developers are doing mystery-thriller visual novels these days?

Angry Birds

Price: $0.99

Rovio Classics Angry Birds screenshot 2022

Rovio re-released the original Angry Birds. The original game was on an old and outdated engine while the new one is on Unity. That means Rovio can maintain it long-term, unlike the actual original. The game is mostly identical to the original. The main differences are smoother animations, the Mighty Eagle mechanic, and support for wider aspect ratios. Otherwise, you get 390 levels to play with and no in-app purchases to mess things up. Honestly, for $0.99, it’s a good buy for nostalgia alone, but to be honest it still plays better than Rovio’s newer Angry Birds games.

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon

Price: Free to play

Brave Soul: Frozen Dungeon is a mobile RPG with gacha elements. It’s pretty much what you would expect. You summon a team of heroes to do battle against the bad guys. The heroes have upgrades that help you through the game. It boasts a roster of over 100 heroes. You also have quite a few things to do. For example, the game includes dungeons where you explore, solve puzzles, and beat up bosses. There is also a PvP section but like most gachas, you probably won’t do well unless you spend real money. It ticks most of the right boxes and it’s okay for free-to-play players. The developers are still working out some balancing and optimization issues.

Guns Up Mobile

Price: Free to play

Guns Up Mobile is a PvP-focused strategy game. It has elements in common with most mobile strategy games. You build a base and also an army. From there, you attack opponents and defend yourself from attack. Enemies can attack you without you there and you do the same against them. It’s primarily online PvP, but there are some single-player activities as well. For the most part, the game is pretty fun to play. However, it does need some balancing because it’s quite easy to overwhelm opponents.

League of Angels: Chaos

Price: Free to play

League of Angels: Chaos is an action MMORPG. Players have a choice between three classes, each with their own playstyles. You can also summon angels to help you out in combat. It has the usual array of MMORPG stuff like raids, cross-server competitions, and other activities. It does have an auto mode and that is good or bad depending on how you like to play your MMORPGs. There are some server connection issues still but hopefully, those should get worked out relatively quickly.

M&M’s Adventure

Price: Free to play

M&M’s Adventure is a hybrid match-three puzzle game. You match candies to get them off of the board until you achieve the necessary score. The game boasts over 1,000 levels, various rewards to earn, and seasonal events to keep things interesting. It’s family-friendly although you may want to put a lock on your Google Play account so your kids don’t make in-app purchases without your consent. In any case, it’s a fun time-waster that revolves around candy. Don’t take it too seriously and it’s otherwise a fun game.

Puzzle Breakers

Price: Free to play

Puzzle Breakers is an interesting game. It contains quite a few game elements from a few different genres. Players summon heroes to do battle against each other. There is a match-three mechanic to pull moves off, clans to keep in touch with friends, and raids where you fight big bosses with your clanmates. You also get a campaign mode with hundreds of levels. To be honest, there is a whole lot to do in this game. Some players don’t enjoy all of the mechanics, but that’s primarily subjective. It’s not a bad game overall.

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai

Price: Free to play

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is a mobile RPG and it plays like many others. There are heroes to summon, upgrades to earn, and you continue through the game as you earn more of both. There is a campaign to play through, a few different PvP modes, and some other stuff to keep you going. The game relies on some idle RPG mechanics and that kind of sucks the fun out of it a little bit. A lot of the negative reviews stem from the overzealous trailer and advertisements shown on social media and we get it. It’s definitely not as good as the trailer suggests, but it’s not terrible either.

Top Mech

Price: Free to play

Top Mech is a pretty typical mobile strategy game. You get a base to build, troops to train, and a hero-level mech that you upgrade over time. You’ve likely seen how this works before. You attack enemies with your stuff, upgrade your mech to do more things, and defend yourself against attacks. There are the usual things like alliances and all of that. In terms of pure mechanics, it’s very similar to other strategy games on mobile. The matchmaking needs a bit of love, but otherwise, it’s not bad for its genre.


Price: Free to play

Vikingard is our third strategy game and kingdom builder this month. This one also includes some idle game mechanics. Players build a city that then provides resources for you to train troops and conduct battles. There is a lot of tapping involved and, like most mobile strategy games, your kingdom provides passive income for you to build with. Combat is basically just your troops running through bad guys until they die or are victorious. There’s actually very little for players to do other than make decisions. Some may like it, others may not, but at least it plays pretty well with fewer bugs than most new releases.

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