Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month it seems and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or you want something with a bit more meat on its bones, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste. Some months are better than others, but there is usually at least one great new game on mobile every month. Let’s take a look at the best new Android games from the last month! You can watch the videos on YouTube from previous months by clicking here! You can also check out our picks for the best new Android games for 2019 in the video above! 

Clash of Beasts

Price: Free to play

Clash of Beasts is the latest game from Ubisoft. It’s an online PvP game with strategy and kingdom building elements. You craft a base and set up your defenses against attackers. You then attack other bases and try to conquer their defenses. Combat is conducted in a top-down perspective similar to old bullet hell games, but you use mythical beasts instead of airplanes. There are many beasts to collect along with social elements to play with friends. There are also co-op PvP battles with up to six total players. It’s in early access beta right now so it may change a bit before official launch and it may not be available in all regions.

Clash of Beasts screenshot

Dead Cells

Price: $8.99

Dead Cells is the latest game from Playdigious, publishers of popular games like Cultist Simulator, Evoland, Teslagrad, and OK Golf. This one is a side-scrolling roguevania with hack-and-slash elements. Players make their way through various levels, jumping over obstacles and slashing bad guys as they go. The game isn’t too unique in its game play mechanics, but the execution is just outstanding. There are no time limits so you can explore the game at your pace. Additionally, there are some control options, including support for external controllers. The game is a tad pricey at $8.99, but there are no in-app purchases or other distractions.


Price: Free / Up to $3.49

Endurance is by the same developer as Ailment and it’s every bit as good. Players take a dive into the past to explore a ship (the Endurance) and find out how the virus spread out to begin with. You don’t necessarily have to play Ailment to enjoy this one, but it is recommended. Players explore the ship, shoot bad guys, collect tons of guns, and just enjoy the retro shooter game play. The execution on this one is outstanding overall and little extras like hardware controller support make it all the better. The free version contains ads and can’t be played offline. Meanwhile, the premium version removes ads and adds offline support.

Exos Heroes

Price: Free to play

Exos Heroes is an action RPG style game. This one is surprisingly decent. The game gives players an open world to explore, plenty of things to do, and an above average story line to enjoy. The combat experience is pretty standard and not bad in the slightest. There is a gacha element where players can summon heroes. We think Exos Heroes could approach that aspect of the game better, but some grinding and some patience should get you to the end of the game without too much of a problem. About the only other issue is the game’s translation, which is rough at times.

Griddie Islands

Price: Free to play

Griddie Islands is an idle game and a halfway decent one. Players put little Griddie creatures on the board and fleas jump all over them. The fleas produce money as they do so you can buy bigger and better Griddies. That’s about all there is to this one. The game scales up pretty well and there are over 50 levels of Griddies to collect, merge, and obtain. It won’t blow anybody’s mind but it’s a decent little time killer for those who want something low effort. The game had some pretty bad bugs upon its release but seems to have cleaned up most of them.

My Talking Tom Friends

Price: Free to play

My Talking Tom Friends is the latest game in the Talking Tom franchise. It’s a pet simulator like most of the others in the franchise except you can have six pets instead of just one. The game has a bunch of little mini-games, various customizations, and other stuff to do in order to keep you entertained. The mechanics aren’t difficult but they’re not meant to be. It’s also relatively kid friendly if you want to let your child play it. This one is the first game where you can play with all six characters at once so Talking Tom fans should enjoy this one.

My Talking Tom Friends screenshot from the Google Play Store for the 322nd Android Apps Weekly

Small Town Murders

Price: Free to play

Small Town Murders is a hybrid between a match-three puzzle game and a murder mystery. The game’s narrative tells the story of a murder and you have to solve it. You do so by solving match-three puzzles and completing levels. You then use the clues you obtain to interrogate suspects and figure out the murder. There are a ton of levels and it’s nice to see an additional mechanic besides just the usual match-three stuff. It’s free to play so expect some push for in-app purchases at some point.


Price: Free / Up to $5.99
WarQuest is a new text-based RPG. Players guide the actions of Tokar, a mercenary with a less than admirable past. You send him on quests, through the story, and to collect various things. It plays a bit more like an interactive story with RPG elements rather than a pure text RPG, but that’s okay if you like reading narratives. The game feels well thought out across the board, although some reviewers criticize the end of the game. In any case, it’s free to play so you can at least try it out without paying anything.


Price: $0.99

Whipsey is a 2D side-scrolling platformer. It uses a similar graphical style to 1990’s platformers so you get a bit of nostalgia when you play. The title character can run, jump, and move about as normal or use its hallmark whip to conquer obstacles. The biggest criticism for the game is that it’s short, but it only runs for $0.99 so it’s not all that bad. We hope the developer adds more to it over time, even if it increases the price.

Word Show

Price: Free to play

Word Show is a new word game. Players get a set of letters along with a game board. You simply swipe between the letters to create new words. You can reuse letters in a word. Thus, if you have L, E, T, and R, you can reuse the E and T to spell “letter”. The game includes 250 levels and no time limits. It’s a good time killer for people who like to play word games.

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