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The best new Android games for April 2024

Go golfing, get partying, or enjoy a demon dating simulator this month.

Published onMarch 27, 2024

ghost in the mirror game 1
Sui Arts

Mobile gaming is ever-improving, and many new Android games are always available. Whether you’re a casual gamer, want something with a bit more meat on its bones, or want to challenge your new smartphone, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste. In particular, gaming over the holiday season is usually a great way to wind down after the year that passed or contemplate your plans for the year ahead. On that note, let’s look at the best new Android games.

Check out our picks for the best new Android games released in 2023.

Kiss in Hell: Fantasy Otome

  • Price: Free, with ads / In-app purchases from $0.99
  • Developer: StoryTaco
  • Genre: Simulation

Dating sims provide endless, and often mindless, fun. But what happens when four demon lords become your prospective suitors? That’s what Kiss in Hell aims to tackle.

Choose between Satan, Leviathan, Osmodeus, and Mammon, and romance your demon of choice within 30 days. The premise is great, and the game has a great story. While it’s free (supported by ads), you do need to spend in-game currency or real-world cash to unlock additional date scenarios.

There’s also some replayability here, as each demon has their own personality and motivations.

Pet Shop Fever: Animal Hotel

  • Price: Free / In-app purchases from $0.99
  • Developer: Tapps Games
  • Genre: Simulator / Management

Management simulators do not usually draw me in, at least not those explicitly made for kids, but Pet Shop Fever is an exception. The title takes place in an animal hospital, and you, as the omniscient overlord, must ensure that nurses, doctors, and administrators are all doing their job keeping the patients fluffy, well-fed, and healthy.

The animation and character models are decidedly cutesy and there’s plenty of hand-holding for those who require it. Oddly enough, it’s a great mindless timewaster for those who prefer their games on the easy side.

Atelier Resleriana

  • Price: Free / In-app purchases from $2.00
  • Developer: KOEI TECMO GAMES
  • Genre: JRPG

Koei Tecmo’s latest RPG forms part of the Atelier series, melding JRPG and gacha mechanics, a gorgeous world and beautiful graphics, with a surprisingly absorbing story.

The title centers on two characters, alchemist Resna and adventurer Valeria, who are targeted by a shady organization that plans to harness the dark side of alchemy for their own gain.

We did encounter several crashes during gameplay, which we hope are fixed in the forthcoming patches.

Ghost in the Mirror

  • Price: $3.49
  • Developed: Sui Arts
  • Genre: Adventure

Ghost in the Mirror is an endearing title that follows a boy in the 1800s on the run from the law. The app’s description is well worth a read. The developer notes that the plan was to create a decrepit horror game, but the “urge to laugh took over.” The result is a 2D game with pixelated graphics, laugh-out-loud scenes, and the occasional spooky.

It’s the only title in this week’s list that asks for a fee right off the bat, but the game is well worth it.

Ready Set Golf

  • Price: Free / In-app purchases from $0.99
  • Developer: PIKPOK
  • Genre: Sports

Ready Set Golf is an, uh, golf game. It can be played solo or with others over a best-of-five format. The title offers various courses, a rapid first-to-the-hole playstyle, and many customizations.

It’s not the most challenging title, but it’s incredibly fun if you ignore the microtransaction nags here and there.

Eggy Party

  • Price: Free / In-app purchases from $0.20
  • Developer: Exptional Global
  • Genre: Various

Finally, the last game on this week’s list is a party title. Eggy Party isn’t just one game but offers a host of potential games in a larger hub world. Think of it as a mesh of Splatoon, Among Us, Smash Bros., and Fall Guys, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this game offers.

Plenty of customizations are on offer, and the game is surprisingly smooth, even on older hardware.

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